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SAFC Seedsman: The GoodShit Amensia Express

Budget LED Light

Argo Max 4x4 tent

These will join four others, two of each, currently in veg.


Posted : 04/23/2020 9:05 am smotpoker liked
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Cannabis Grow 20200429 132039
Cannabis Grow 20200505 162319
Cannabis Grow 20200508 153304
Cannabis Grow 20200508 153314

Really haven't posted, I have four in the tent and I am wondering how I will fit these next two and how that all will work in general. They went into the water on the 25th.  Soil, Coast of Maine, then I have Fox Farm, and I will got from there. But when to put them in the tent with the rest?

Posted : 05/15/2020 7:50 pm

I now have two of an earlier four plants drying with two left to in the big tent with the two I am documenting here.

Cannabis Grow 20200531 201627
Cannabis Grow 20200531 201653
Cannabis Grow 20200626 071950
Cannabis Grow 20200626 071946

I needed to super crop one, but snapped the stem when I did. I simply let it be and it has healed rather nicely. See pics. 

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