SAFC Seedsman: Seedman Freebee Auto Seeds

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SAFC Seedsman: Seedman Freebee Auto Seeds

Growing *NLA for the second time along with *Lemon AK and *Jackpot. All seeds provided by Seedman as freebees but there is an * by them. They are sold by Seedman, but might/are from other seedbanks? Possible loophole but in my defense, if I need one, is that I love Seedman's selection and they gave them to me to try so I'm selecting this forum to journal about products you can get from Seedman.


Germination in shot glass. RO water. Copper dome. Vivosun heat pad.

Step 2:

Mychorrhiza dusting of seeds and tap root. 3"x3" peat pots filled with buffered coco and perlite. Peat pots set into humidity dome under defused light from Mars Hydro SP150. Not sure what the current draw is on that but I'll include it in the journal entries.

1st Transplant:

One gallon fabric pots with pro mix as a medium. Pretty much is going to be a steady diet of kelp and aminos.

Final pots.

7 gallon fabric pots. 3/4 super soil mix. Water only? At least for half of them. If I see some plants go south I'll amend as needed but I'm not going to add nutrients to all just to see if there is a difference. That's going to be hard to do because it will go against my instinct. 

Growing in:

Vivosun 4'x5' tent. Using AC infinity programable 6" extraction fan to help regulate temperature and humidity. Using a Crane humidifier for veg. Two 4" generic clip on fans for circulation. 6" Hydrofarms in line fan for air input. Shop vac filters for intake air filtration. I don't need the carbon scrubbers until the dank starts to smell so why waste the limited lifespan. Also, I don't see the need for a carbon air scrubber on the intake side so I'm not using one this round. We'll see if this works. Light for the tent will be a Spider Farmer 4000. After finally getting a Hydrofarms par meter late into flower I was able to see what the par actually was that was hitting and penetrating the canopy. lets just say I need to dial this beast down a bit so I can get it closer to the canopy. 

Other variables:

Using an infrared temp gun last time helped me to dial in a nice 75 degree leaf temp. Will try and duplicate that process. Govee temp/hydrometer gave me wifi access to monitor via phone. Blumat system worked great last time and will be used once we are in 1 gallon pots. Water being use is municipal water that surprisingly comes out of RO/DI filter at 6.2 pH. 6.2 to 6.5 seems to be fine but without knowing the pH of the soil I feel like I'm just guessing. Really all I'm trying to do is steer this grow in a steady direction without having to change much using as little input as I can. NYGC just wrapped up and my first order of business is housekeeping. That's going to involve a deep clean of the tent and the air handling systems.


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It’s time! It’s time! It’s time! Dropped these beans about an hour or so ago.

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Cannabis Grow 858FC9E8 8ED1 4C29 A269 0D0FC56BD385
Cannabis Grow 057DDB2A B913 4D8F B464 710B6984A135

Let’s grow!

Posted : 04/20/2020 6:21 pm

One AK has taken off and was full tap root to floppy round leaves in 2 days compared to 4 other seeds that popped and just seem to be stagnant. Tap root just poking out. Dropped all seeds into buffered peat, perlite in peat pots. Pots placed in Humidity dome. tried the paper towel method this time. Think I'll be falling back on shot glass float and pop straight to coco once tap root is out.

RH 80-90% temp set at 79 deg F.

Posted : 04/26/2020 1:06 pm

It is with some regret that I am updating this journal today. I will, baring no additional bad news, be able to continue participating in the SAFC but only with 1 out of the 5 beans dropped. 1 solo Lemon AK Auto is all that is up and going. I'm officially calling it on the other 4 seeds. RIP 2nd lemon AK. It was nice growing you on the NYGC Northern Lights Auto. It appears to be too late to hot the Jackpot on this run. Will Keep you posted on the Lemon AK>

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My sole Alaskan Purple (I started a few seeds and had one that sprouted.) was just sick looking. Stunted so I finally pulled it. The lemon AK from the first batch of seeds got sick too and died a week earlier. Time to get some fresh seeds and get ready for the next grow challenge. Looking forward to starting a new journal in general. Good luck and happy growing .

Posted : 05/13/2020 1:25 pm

Hey Lights , what do you think happened with your sprouts?  

Posted : 05/14/2020 5:35 am

Bad timing. I had to take my tent down which made it hard to regulate the environment. Spring was crazy going between cold and hot temps. Since I was recording data I could see that sometimes the temps were getting down as low as 61. I over watered. That just exacerbated the cold temps in the humidity dome. I tried starting the first 6 Autos in coco that I buffered. I don't think I did the buffering correctly or used a calcium that had too much magnesium in it. Don't really know but I wound up dropping 4 more seeds on the 12 of May and transferring them into promix. That didn't help much. Had really slow growth in humidity dome. Got the tent back up and dropped some photos on the 21st of May. Four of the second 5 dropped were hanging in there. Got one white widow that is failing to strive. My three dropped on the 21st are barely 2 nodes behind the ones dropped on the 12th. All doing well in the tent and in 3 gallon pots. Will be topping this week down to the 3rd node on the ones that reach the 6th node and probably the same next week when my Watermelon Mamas catch up. Looks like I'll have to circle back around tom the Autos next year. I've got some Star Queen Fem hemp I'm doing next for cbd extraction and some freebees from Jinxed with a  9lb hammer cross. Learned a bunch though. Wish I hadn't wasted so many good seeds.

Back to 100% propagation.


Posted : 06/07/2020 5:18 pm

Am now growing Shark Shock CBD (Seedmans), Gorilla Candy (Eva), Alaskan Purple (Seedmans) and Watermelon Mama (Jinxed Genetics). That White Widow (Seedmans) is all sorts of stunted and showing all kinds of funky leaf structure. It's been over a week since transplanted and it still having struggles pushing out the new leaves. Think I'm going to take it off life support soon.

Have high hopes for the strains from Jinxed. His pricing, customer service and speed of shipping is on point. I'm on my second go around with my Gorilla Candy and that is some serious hard hitting cannabis! 

Posted : 06/07/2020 5:34 pm