SAFC Misfits: Window shelf/Outdoor

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SAFC Misfits: Window shelf/Outdoor
SAFC Misfits: Window shelf/Outdoor

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I don't have much space indoors. I grow in a small grow box - approx 16" x 13" and have a run going in there currently.

So, these autos will have to hangout in the window until I get a lil green house or cold frame going outside. 

I will be trying Strawberry Punch Auto and Moby-wan Chemoby Auto by Butterbean Birdseed.

Posted : 04/19/2023 8:59 pm briguycny, BitterEnvy, Soil Sheppard and 1 people liked

Moby-wan Chemoby Auto

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Here's my makeshift cold frame set up. Growing in a 7 gal pot, I put a plastic container over the strawberry Punch, then a tomato cage, and finally an extra piece of poly I had laying around.

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Moby-wan Chemoby sitting in the window shelf. I got it in a peat pot in the hopes of an easier transplant. Not sure when I'm going to throw it outside yet.

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Posted : 05/03/2023 2:28 pm BitterEnvy, DEEBOOF, PuffyD and 2 people liked

I'm still learning the ins and outs of this forum. Here's the pictures for the strawberry punch auto, I think lol.

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Moby-wan Chemoby has been transplanted into a 16 gal (approx.) Tote. The medium is the same super soil I mixed for the strawberry punch auto. She'll remain outdoors from now on, too. Protected by the same sort of tomato and 6mm poly shelter. 

I'm thinking of doing some LST on both of them.

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