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These have been germinated since Feb 22!  Slow and Low that is the tempo they said once.  Hopefully they will become some beastie girls soon...

I just re-potted them 3 days ago (apr 17) into 1 gallon pots and fed them some Whole Earth #1 and #4 with extra Wallace microbes and gave them a good soak. 

I also flipped them to 12-12 from their 12-1 veg schedule but only until they stretch and reveal their sex, then I will flip them back to 12-1 to re vegetate a bit more if needed or maybe just leave them in flower if they stretch enough before sexing occurs.  I always sex them early in smaller containers to avoid a male taking up real estate for 2 months and also have a less risky flip into the flowering time.  I will also re-vegetate them again like my previous grows. 

Hoping for at least two females (the 50 50 split) and will be really happy if one of the 2 F1 seedlings is female, so I can witness the F1 vigour.  The other 2 are parent S1's and the new kid is an Orange Kush bag seed which has actually been the healthiest looking of the bunch. 

Cannabis Grow 20230417 202705
Cannabis Grow 20230417 202715
Cannabis Grow 20230419 000627
Cannabis Grow 20230420 232810

Super Lemon Haze parent and it's F1 cross (Stupor Purple Haze) share the white pot.  Orange Kush was moved to the back from front, Trudeau F1 cross (doonesburry) on the right and Trudeau parent on the left.  Parent of the F1's is Ever5st strain which is a Mendo Purps crossed with OG said to have skunky traits.

Posted : 04/20/2023 9:17 pm PuffyD liked
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A week after transplant and flipping with food and microbes brought on some decent progress.  They all showed their sexes and about doubled their size.  The Super Lemon Haze and her little F1 cross beside her in the front are taking their time revealing sex as they usually did before, but close ups look a bit promising.

On the right hand side the Doonesburry F1 from the Trudeau cross is showing clusters of balls now.  Males always show up quicker from my experience, however in the back Orange Kush bagseed is showing pistils along with Trudeau on the left.  

I fully watered them when dry yesterday, after giving them small top ups on the 3rd and 5th day to help the roots and microbes take a bit.  By day 8 they still dried right out and started wilting just about, but I like watering when dry and wilting now as I have seen great results even with living soil, and no sign of fungus gnats.

Cannabis Grow 20230426 223408
Cannabis Grow 20230426 223454
Cannabis Grow 20230426 223538
Cannabis Grow 20230426 223621
Cannabis Grow 20230426 223756
Cannabis Grow 20230426 223841
Cannabis Grow 20230426 224008

Posted : 04/27/2023 12:42 am PuffyD liked

Today the Super Lemon Haze and her small F1 cross both displayed their pistils as well!  I removed the other F1 male and replaced it with the Super Lemone Haze F1 cross which I had to surgically remove from the same pot.  An hour later after a good watering and they still look happy despite the separation and root damage.  

Now with the 4 lucky females out of 5 plants I will flip them back to 12-1 lighting (12on-5.5off-1on-5.5off) for more vegetative growth and training for an even canopy.  This process can sometimes be quick from this beginning stage of flower back to veg and still continue vegetative growth.  Unlike after a harvest it takes around 3 weeks to start growth again, but when they do they take off into the infamous "monster crop mode"

Very excited to have the F1 cross of Super Lemon Haze and Ever5st (Mendo Purps x OG).  Orange Kush will be new as well.  Super Lemon Haze and Trudeau will be great to grow again, or see if variation may occur or if they are S1's true to the parents again.

Cannabis Grow 20230427 233131
Cannabis Grow 20230427 233156
Cannabis Grow 20230427 233220

Posted : 04/27/2023 9:22 pm PuffyD liked

Trouble with the other and last F1 cross of Super Lemon Haze now, she maybe wilting away but hoping for the best.  Must of damaged the roots badly from the separation and transplant.

The others are responding okay to 12-1 lighting back to vegetation and put on some more height and size, but that may still be the stretching induced by the flowering stage.  Not sure, so for now I just gave them some twist bending to expose the lower nodes and slow down the tops and thicken them up.  I will have to decide if I want to tie them down or top them next.  I think I may keep them all at 1 gallon size for this grow if I don't end up using the 4x4.

Cannabis Grow 20230430 142145
Cannabis Grow 20230430 142316

Posted : 04/30/2023 2:14 pm PuffyD liked

Well I had to get back in there since the twist bending training was recovering straight again within and hour so I decided to top them.  I will train and tie them down horizontal once they recover.  They get about 3L of water between the 4 1 gallon pots before slight runoff.

Decided to take the wilting F1 out of direct light for some easy recovery.  The others are only around 220-230 max ppfd with Photone on Android. 

Cannabis Grow 20230430 215918
Cannabis Grow 20230430 215941
Cannabis Grow 20230430 220537

Posted : 04/30/2023 8:38 pm PuffyD and BitterEnvy liked

Fully saturating the soil when watering until runoff when dry.  Great vegetation temps and better humidity lately too.  I decided to tie them right down now to get the bottom shoots full light and even out the canopy with 8 branches or so.  Lowered lights to keep around 240 avg. ppfd with photone on andriod.  Once they are caught up I will flip back to flower.  

Cannabis Grow 20230505 231828
Cannabis Grow 20230505 231838
Cannabis Grow 20230505 233613


Posted : 05/05/2023 9:16 pm PuffyD and BitterEnvy liked

They have adjusted to the horizontal tie down and bending and the lower side shoot branches now catching up.  Temps and water needs are way up now and they should even out the canopy soon enough and maybe make a few clones for friends come May 24.  Then for a top dressing of Bokashi Pro-Gro and flip them back to flower once the clones are good. 

Cannabis Grow 20230506 212023
Cannabis Grow 20230507 235135
Cannabis Grow 20230510 232300

Posted : 05/10/2023 10:08 pm Nochmonster, PuffyD and LuckyDuck liked

Coming along.  Got some work ahead of them still with some LST twist bending of the tallest tops and tucking the fan leaves down.  The bottom branches will catch up after a few repeats.  Lots of water until runoff once dry keeps them happy and gnat free.  Don't be afraid to let them droop, it's harmless and safer than over watering.  Slow and steady

Cannabis Grow 20230514 230405

Posted : 05/14/2023 9:06 pm PuffyD and BitterEnvy liked

Been busy for a while and haven't had the time to get at the plants much or post in the last 4 weeks.  These shots are from May 31 when they finally started growing again after about 2 weeks from the re-vegetation and with the typical single count leaves that occur from that or monster cropping.  I will update again with the most recent photos soon.

Almost every time I get to watering them they are completely dry and wilting.  I need to topdress with bloom nutrients asap and most likely flip to flower asap as well.  Once watered they recover fine from the wilting and seem to like that style while keeping gnats and pests away

Cannabis Grow 20230531 221917
Cannabis Grow 20230531 221940
Cannabis Grow 20230531 221946
Cannabis Grow 20230531 221957

Posted : 06/11/2023 3:16 pm BitterEnvy and PuffyD liked

I have been so busy neglecting this grow and gotten into a bad habit of watering late until the leaves are all drooping.  I raised the light to prevent burning but they stretched some, as well as some really monster crop growth happening.  I figure I will prune them in the next few days as they adjust to being flipped and top dressed with a hearty batch of needed extra top soil.  No training has been done yet either, just let the monster crop wield the horror.  Next time I will aim to take clones for sexing instead of this route as I am tired of the extra maintenance this can create, and unwanted density. 

This pic is from June 18th in between my drooping watering periods 

Cannabis Grow jume 18

And this is from today, starting to show neglect from being too close to the light and out of water too long, and needing a major leaf pruning.  The soil had really compacted over the past two months and now dries up too fast so I added a healthy top dress of Bokashi Pro-Gro and handfulls of soil into the 1 gallon planters to top them off and hold up their water needs for final stretch after this flip.  Lights max 450-550 ppfd on Photone app for android. 

Cannabis Grow july 6

Just going to keep it minimal still in the 1 gallon planters.  See how the plants come out of flower before I decide what to do next grow.  Looking for a better location still and some better luck to come folks!

Posted : 07/06/2023 9:18 pm BitterEnvy and PuffyD liked

I can keep up with the watering better now with the extra soil and top dressing added.  I should of fed them at least a week or so before I flipped to flower so the nutrients can get in there better for the massive final stretch that always happens when flipping to 12 on 12 off in the timer to flower.  

Monster cropping them caused excess growth and nodes I finally started getting around to defoliating.  They were hungry and maybe bleached a bit up top from the late feeding before final stretch, but I adjusted the lights and they are looking better today.  Now that the growth spurt is about done the white caps are starting to appear.  I plan to do a lot more cutting back of excess shoots and leaves by next update, since I am only in a 1 gallon still for this grow.  

Cannabis Grow 20230713 233200
Cannabis Grow 20230713 233209
Cannabis Grow 20230720 225223
Cannabis Grow 20230720 225231
Cannabis Grow 20230720 225242


Posted : 07/20/2023 8:46 pm PuffyD and BitterEnvy liked

3 weeks into flower onto week 4 now:

I had them a bit close to the light for final stretch, so I added a few inches to the lights again until I brought the PPFD on the photone app for android down to 460-480 from 580.  The lights are running at half power still to keep the heat proper, so they are much closer than normal.  

I also went down to 10 on 14 off for the light, since these are indica or hybrid strains.  That will take any stress off them.  Gave them a bit more Bokashi Pro-Gro flower, and plan to look at their new Pro-Gro bloom formula that just came out, although they originally said the regular Pro-Gro is good for the entire grow, as does the Bruce Bugbee from Apogee, who states a balanced formula performed best from start to finish in his studies.....  They should be good to go with a bit of Jobes and Whole Earths organic bloom top dressing when I get the chance, ideally I should of had that in there already for the last 6-8 weeks for flower.  If not Ill make a Pro-Gro tea soon instead for a sure feeding.

I just removed a lot of under growth and excess fan leaves, including a bunch that were starting to yellow out from the demand of the final stretch growth in the last three weeks, about 1/3 of the lower plants.  For my future grows I am going to avoid any Monster cropping style growth due to the excess work and large waste of growth.  Now they're done bolting and the buds are really starting to puff out with the white hairs already.  The late trim and feedings should give them a bit more size still and keep the plant from being stressed or prone to mold or bud rot as well down the road, and gives you a chance to scan for any male parts easier in case they get stressed out too much.

Cannabis Grow 20230730 213411
Cannabis Grow 20230730 213417
Cannabis Grow 20230730 213428
Cannabis Grow 20230730 213456

5 or 6 weeks to go from here Fellas!  I will raise the lighting slowly again after a week or so until week 8.

Posted : 07/30/2023 7:42 pm PuffyD and BitterEnvy liked

Progress is going good, buds are still enlarging. Wild beautiful colours already due to having the lights too close sometimes along with letting them dry out and weep still. Good thing the soil has a good base, time to start using some seaweed to raise the Phosphorus and Potassium ratio for a nice natural PGR effect as well.  

You can see the closest plant (Orange Kush) weeping then perking right back up a couple hours after watering.  Super Lemon Haze on the right and Trudeau on the Left, a very happy camper everytime!  Growers love fellas!    

Cannabis Grow 20230807 001057
Cannabis Grow 20230807 042900

Posted : 08/07/2023 5:11 am PuffyD liked

The buds are really starting up now, a couple nice close ups, even more colours.  Fed them again with some liquid seaweed 2-2-7 for some good bloom boost and the natural PGR it has.  I added a bit 1/4 of the 2-3-0 fish meal at the beginning of the feed as well.  Ending week 4, with 2 or so to go.  Time to add a bit of 3-7-4 jobes if they keep drinking really fast for the last 4 weeks.  I could make a tea again as well. 

Cannabis Grow 20230810 225527
Cannabis Grow 20230810 225553
Cannabis Grow 20230810 225616
Cannabis Grow 20230810 225634

Posted : 08/10/2023 8:21 pm

Ending week 5 it was in the last post, not 4 sorry.  Been a distracted grow for me hence the fading and stressed leaves earlier in flower.  I hope they fill in a bit more for the last 2 or so weeks.  They have increased and are filling out the trichomes some now.  An old friend suggested I add some epsom salts so I will add a touch just for the heck of it lol..   I have them fairly well fed for week 7 and 8 so it's just water from here onwards, maybe a bit of sugar to balance out the salts next water... 

Cannabis Grow 20230818 205804
Cannabis Grow 20230819 023632
Cannabis Grow 20230818 205818
Cannabis Grow 20230818 205832
Cannabis Grow 20230818 230352
Cannabis Grow 20230818 230409
Cannabis Grow 20230818 230416

Posted : 08/19/2023 12:11 am
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