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Strange weather again this week. A little sun. A little fog. A little rain. It's kinda gloomy outside right now but I can still smile when I look out at the garden.

Cannabis Grow 20230607 092805

Posted : 06/07/2023 9:53 am Soil Sheppard, BitterEnvy, PuffyD and 1 people liked
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It's hard to believe that in a few short weeks it will be time to harvest these autos. I have a couple very leafy/bushy style plants and a few that are more sparsely filled out. I had just moved over to bloom nutes and started adding Rock Resonator to the feed. A couple may be ready by as early as June 17th. Ohhhhhh BOY!

Cannabis Grow 20230614 172043
Cannabis Grow 20230614 172109
Cannabis Grow 20230614 172154
Cannabis Grow 20230614 172014
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Posted : 06/14/2023 7:04 pm Soil Sheppard, BitterEnvy and PuffyD liked

I guess we'll have to see what these girls can pack on in the next couple of weeks. At least Orion and Amnesia Haze have the thin leaf branching structure that I prefer. Several of the Purple City Genetics plants have a real bushy, leafy structure that is really a pain to trim and usually results in leafy buds. Maple Bar, Melon OG and one of the Sour Citrus have the leafy structure. And oddly they all have presented with one branching and one single cola type plants.

Cannabis Grow 20230618 094746
Cannabis Grow 20230618 094803
Cannabis Grow 20230618 094619
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Posted : 06/18/2023 5:27 pm Soil Sheppard, BitterEnvy and PuffyD liked

This is likely to be the last time all of these plants are together. Very soon I will be selecting the first harvest choices. I have been picking slugs and worms off a few and I don't want to spray more just before harvest. There appears to be a spot of bud rot on the thick leafy cola of a Sour Citrus. I hit it with Lost Coast in hopes of holding off a full scale spread. This one has been pulled from gen pop. Also, I started the late season autos. Auto Fuel (PCG) Bride Cake (G13 Labs) and Lemon Larry (Seedsman). And I added a late season photo period Bubba Kush (Seedsman).

Cannabis Grow 20230625 081215
Cannabis Grow 20230625 081125
Cannabis Grow 20230625 081042
Cannabis Grow 20230625 081021
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Cannabis Grow 20230625 080935
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Posted : 06/25/2023 10:47 pm Soil Sheppard, PuffyD and BitterEnvy liked
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Here is my real smallest auto this year. Maple Bar (Purple City Genetics) It was actually started before 4/20 so I could not enter it in the side challenge. Barely 13 inches tall. The other plant shown is the only auto that I have ever topped. It turned out quite nice. Melon OG (PCG)

Cannabis Grow 20230704 082743
Cannabis Grow 20230704 082823


Posted : 07/04/2023 2:58 pm Soil Sheppard, BitterEnvy and PuffyD liked
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Here's a couple parting shots of the Spring 2023 auto grow. Left to right - Juicy O - Amnesia Haze - Orion. All are hanging and awaiting trim and cure. Just enough to add some spice to the rack on the way to Croptober. The late season selection of Auto Fuel, Lemon Larry, Bride Cake have settled into their final pots. And the rest of the garden carries on. 

Next up PTGC. See ya next time!

Cannabis Grow 20230718 100429
Cannabis Grow 20230718 100458

Posted : 07/20/2023 8:33 am BitterEnvy, Soil Sheppard and PuffyD liked
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