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Multi Strain photo grow

Fox Farms Ocean Forest

Roots organic dry/liquid amendments


Party cup will most likely be a sunset sherbet clone which i will attempt to bonsai


Posted : 09/06/2020 10:35 am Rusty liked

Darkhorse Genetics Chemberry D reg photo 14 days

Posted : 09/06/2020 10:44 am

Some "rescue" Jelly Breath clones i recieved....nursing them back to health.  roughly 2 weeks old

Posted : 09/06/2020 10:52 am

resuce attempt (hopefully pic eventually loads)

Posted : 09/06/2020 11:40 am

Sad samoas clone im attempting to ressurect

Cannabis Grow DSC 0238

Posted : 09/06/2020 11:46 am

Darkhorse genetics Chemberry D reg photo day 14

Cannabis Grow DSC 0237
Cannabis Grow DSC 0234
Cannabis Grow DSC 0235
Cannabis Grow DSC 0236

Posted : 09/06/2020 11:52 am Rusty liked

Jelly Breath Resue clones roughly 2 weeks old almost back to where they need to be

Cannabis Grow DSC 0240
Cannabis Grow DSC 0239

Posted : 09/06/2020 11:55 am

all plants but samoas clone received day old tap water first feeding tonight (liquid)

Roots Organic buddha grow 5ml/gal

Roots Organic Surge 3ml/gal

Fishsh!t 6ml/gal

Roots Organic Cal Mag 3ml/gal

light topdress of Great White

Cannabis Grow DSC 0256
Cannabis Grow DSC 0254
Cannabis Grow DSC 0253 LI
Cannabis Grow DSC 0252 LI
Cannabis Grow DSC 0252
Cannabis Grow DSC 0249 LI
Cannabis Grow DSC 0248
Cannabis Grow DSC 0247

Posted : 09/07/2020 12:03 pm Rusty and Drew liked

18/6 light schedule continues.....both jelly breaths are well into recovery!  The pitiful Samoas cut has also started to perk up a bit!  the monster cropped sunset sherb clone has slowly been adjusting to her new home as well.  All four Chemberry D's are growing great, will transplant into 2 gallon smart pots tonight and moove all plants to the floor of the room.  i believe i'm going to move the samoas and sunset into my veg tent and focus on the chemberry and jelly breath so thing don't get too crowded!  i will be taking a clone of the sunset tonight as well for my party cup challenge plant! perhaps another sunset clone to fill the inevitable loss of 1 or 2 chemberry (reg photo seeds here, boys are a thing!)

Cannabis Grow DSC 0283
Cannabis Grow DSC 0282
Cannabis Grow DSC 0281
Cannabis Grow DSC 0280
Cannabis Grow DSC 0279
Cannabis Grow DSC 0278
Cannabis Grow DSC 0276
Cannabis Grow DSC 0275
Cannabis Grow DSC 0274

Posted : 09/09/2020 1:21 pm Rusty liked

chemberry ds are happy in their new larger pots (wish i had taken pics of roots before transplant.....STRONG!) transplanted into 2 gallon smart pots with ocean floor amended with 8 tbs down to earth bio live.  Jelly breaths are growing stronger everyday.  sunset sherb got topped and cropped to knock her down a little height wise.  And our sad lil samoas clone is starting to pray and greening back up!  18/6 light still.....will top dress jelly breath 1 and 2, sunset sherbet with roots organic foundation and grow tonight.

Cannabis Grow DSC 0294
Cannabis Grow DSC 0293
Cannabis Grow DSC 0292
Cannabis Grow DSC 0289
Cannabis Grow DSC 0288
Cannabis Grow DSC 0287
Cannabis Grow DSC 0286
Cannabis Grow DSC 0285

Posted : 09/10/2020 1:45 pm Rusty and CrackBabies liked

update!  top dressed all plants with 1 tsp roots organic grow, 1 tsp roots organic foundation, and a spinkle of great white.  also started regular liquid fert rotation.  15 ml roots organic buddha grow 5 ml roots organic surge 6ml fish sh!t 3ml cal mag.  regular water every other day.  I also cut a round of clones as i'm unsure which of the chemberry ds are ladies and i plan on keeping the best of the bunch.  Samoas clone is on the up swing and producing new growth.  Decided to top the chemberry d both for yield and for solid clone (pics were prior to topping)

Cannabis Grow DSC 0323
Cannabis Grow DSC 0321
Cannabis Grow DSC 0320
Cannabis Grow DSC 0319
Cannabis Grow DSC 0318
Cannabis Grow DSC 0317
Cannabis Grow DSC 0316
Cannabis Grow DSC 0315

Posted : 09/17/2020 8:05 pm Rusty liked
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Trucking right along!  they will all recieved their weekly top dress of 2 tsp roots organic (R.O.) grow/foundation combo, Great white myco with 6ml fish sh!t added to that days water. I have also continued the every other day liquid feeding upping the dose to 10 ml R.O. surge 30 ml R.O. buddha grow per gallon.  I lollipopped the Jilly Breath (1 and 2)and the sunset sherb.  Removed minimal lower veg on the chemberry d's.  Clones are starting to show decent roots as well. 

Cannabis Grow DSC 0327
Cannabis Grow DSC 0328
Cannabis Grow DSC 0329
Cannabis Grow DSC 0330
Cannabis Grow DSC 0331
Cannabis Grow DSC 0332

Posted : 09/23/2020 4:07 pm CrackBabies liked

Overdue update!  Got the best worst problem with the chemberry d plants.......ALL 4 are ladies!  Gonna be a crowded run for sure.  Flipped to 12/12 Oct 1st.  Jilly breath 1 and 2 are off to the races and packing pistils at an impressive rate for being only a week in.  Only training ive done so far is topping and cropping where needed when needed.  aside from topping the chemberry d are mostly unmolested as i want to continue to see each phenos individual structure.  Samoas is now over a ft tall and happy in the veg tent ready to be cloned.  All except samoas recieved RO bloom and grow dry ammendments as well as bi weekly liquid budda bloom and budda grow liquid as well as weekly fish sh!t.

Cannabis Grow DSC 0364 (1)


Posted : 10/07/2020 9:41 pm Rusty and CrackBabies liked

I'm bad at journals...part who knows.  All plant have been lollippoed and defoliated.  Top dressing with RO uprising bloom weekly with 6 ml per gal fish sh!t.  alternating plain water and RO buddha bloom 25ml/gal every other day.  Jilly Breath was definitely the fastest to bulk up flower wise.  Have two fairly distinctive phenos out of the four chemberry ds, with #5 looking like the strongest and quickest to flower.  Sunset Sherb is also coming right along.  All is well in the garden!  I donated the samoas to the friend (i took cuts naturally) its over 2ft tall and about to get flipped.

Cannabis Grow DSC 0385
Cannabis Grow DSC 0384
Cannabis Grow DSC 0383
Cannabis Grow DSC 0382
Cannabis Grow DSC 0381
Cannabis Grow DSC 0380


Posted : 10/17/2020 9:01 pm Rusty liked

Back again for another update.....all is well in the celtic closet!  Switched from heavy dose dry amendments and light liquid to the opposite.  Using RO grow, bloom, surge, trinity, hp2, hpk, cal mag, and fish sh!t.  Did final major delfoiation yesterday.  Chemberry 5 is still looking like the winner out of her sisters...and chemberry 3 has a polyploid top! 

Cannabis Grow DSC 0386
Cannabis Grow DSC 0387

Posted : 10/23/2020 4:22 pm CrackBabies liked
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