PTGC Mainlines: Quicksilver by Snowhigh

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PTGC Mainlines: Quicksilver by Snowhigh

Hey All! First post here, figured I'd have some fun with this and do my first attempt at a mainline. After years of searching I finally got ahold of some beans from my favorite strain of all time: Quicksilver by Snowhigh/Legendary Genetix. They're photo regs, and from old stock so I'm gonna start with 7 of em and see where we end up.



I'll be growing in DWC with the Gen Hydro Flora series under my new Mars TS1000's

Starting off with a soak. They're old seeds so I scuffed pretty aggressively with a nail file, and put em in a shot glass with 50/50 water and 3% hydrogen peroxide. One other thing I like to add especially with old seeds is the tiniest, tiniest amount of soap to break the surface tension of the water and allow the seed to absorb it better. I will put just a film of soap on my pinky and rub it on the walls of the shot glass. 


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Cheers everyone, Happy growing!

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Well, this grow is off to a "fantastic" start. Had car trouble so I was stuck sleeping at work for a couple days, 6 out of 7 seeds popped and some of them got a little too big for my liking. But I popped em in rockwool, hopefully we'll get some strong root development so they can get moved to my DWC tent before I go away once again for the weekend.

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Alright we are finally off to the races. Got 5 popped seeds, one is gonna go into the party cup, got the other 4 in this DWC bucket. Once they’re a little bigger I’ll put two of them in my second bucket. 

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long overdue update time! Between life going to hell in a hand basket and having a rough first time ever starting seeds directly in rock wool, I’m left with one plant out of the many attempts.  But it’s a girl! Usually I start in jiffy pellets and keep a small mother plant in soil.  Then sex unrooted cuttings in water in a small tent. 

So here we have a vaguely mainline shaped plant, broke a couple of the stems but some of the smaller branches stepped it up to be slightly smaller tops. Despite all the setbacks this is probably one of the nicest looking plants I’ve grown so far. Germinated 9/8, flipped 10/25.  Looking forward to actually growing along with everyone in the NYGC, hopefully will have some time tomorrow to have a look around at how everyone else’s grows are going on this go around! Grower love 🤙

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