PTGC Mainlines: Girl scout cookie seedlings! Week 1

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PTGC Mainlines: Girl scout cookie seedlings! Week 1

Right now these seedlings are one week old, They're in regular miracle-gro potting soil under a 265W LED light. They will be transferred to the main grow tent in about another week or when their third set of leaves come out. The main grow tent is a 60in x 60in x 80in with a 1000W CO2 pro Photontek LED and AC infinity products to control the climate. The plants will be repotted in a 5 gallon cloth grow bag, with a coco coir, worm casting, living soil, mycorrhizae, vegetative fertilizer (then bloom fertilizer at the flip), and rice hull blend. The strains being grown are feminized Girl Scout Cookies, which I am planning on crossing with white runtz pollen that I harvested from a male prior.

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Posted : 09/22/2021 7:58 pm