NYGC PBreeding: SGT.Bone's Bud Bunker

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Just a quick update. The soil dressing seems to of been well received by the girls. Two days and there is considerable growth happening. It won't be long before I can start tying them down.

On a side note, I noticed tiny white bugs crawling around the lip of my pots. After close examination under the microscope they appear to be mites. I'm still trying to get an identification as to what type, as they appear to me to be predatory mites. I managed to get a decent video of one crawling around, so hopefully that will help ID them. Also found a single gnat flying around the room. I'm positive they came from the top dressing. Build a Soil lists 3 different types of compost among the ingredients of the topdressing mix, so I'm sure one or more of them is the likely source. I've got some Doctor Zymes at the ready if needed, but I'd prefer not to have to use it. My understanding is the enzymes can be harmful to beneficial bacteria as well as the pests. If these are indeed predatory mites, then I certainly want to keep them around. The challenges sometimes feel like setbacks, but they do create opportunities for learning.

👍 ❤️ 

Cannabis Grow IMG 3212
Cannabis Grow IMG 3216
Cannabis Grow IMG 3215
Cannabis Grow IMG 3217
Cannabis Grow IMG 3213
Cannabis Grow IMG 3218
Cannabis Grow IMG 3214
Cannabis Grow IMG 3219
Cannabis Grow IMG 3220


Posted : 02/18/2020 10:11 pm APACHEBLACKHAWK, Pope_Weazl, CocoNoko and 3 people liked
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Here's a short clip.



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Did some LST this evening so I thought I'd post a few before and after pics. If I didn't know better, just by looking at some of the pics, you'd think there was serious defoliation happening. It's quite amazing how much bending and twisting they can handle.

As far as the mites go, the numbers have either drastically gone down, or they have moved lower into the soil. I don't see near as many as I did a few days ago.  Without a food source, is their life cycle cut off this quickly?

It was also time to get the clones into some soil. I may have waited too long, as the Breeder Cake is looking sad and yellow. Most all of them showed strong root development, with the exception of the two NERC tops. The funny thing is the four extra cuts I took of NERC#1 (from the lower nodes) all did exceptionally well producing roots. We'll have to wait see if they can all bounce back.

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Cannabis Grow IMG 3221
Cannabis Grow IMG 3222
Cannabis Grow IMG 3224
Cannabis Grow IMG 3225
Cannabis Grow IMG 3226
Cannabis Grow IMG 3227
Cannabis Grow IMG 3228
Cannabis Grow IMG 3230
Cannabis Grow IMG 3231

Posted : 02/20/2020 8:19 pm APACHEBLACKHAWK, CocoNoko, Jay and 2 people liked
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The girls were resisting their training a bit. After the LST I did a few days ago, they decided they didn't like to be bent over and spread. 😲 At least not without buying them dinner first! 😉 So I decided it was time for the cuffs to go on. Accidentally broke a branch on NERC#2 and tried to patch it up as best as I could with some grafting tape. Nokita is still a bit behind the others, so I left her with just another LST until she grows out more. And BC#2 only got a four way tie down on her secondary branches, as compared to the NERCs which both have all eight of the new mains tied down. Both of the Breeders Cake have thicker stems compared to the NERCs, but not as vigorous of growth. It will be interesting to watch how that difference affects the training and the structure of each strain.

🌼 ❤️ 

Cannabis Grow IMG 3239
Cannabis Grow IMG 3242
Cannabis Grow IMG 3234
Cannabis Grow IMG 3235
Cannabis Grow IMG 3244
Cannabis Grow IMG 3237

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Just a few more pics as the training continues. Nokita still needs more time before I can tie her down, but everyone else is doing well. Tightened down the ties as they tried to reach upwards and did some more LST. It's crazy how fast they can turn and grow. A few of the clones are starting to look much better, but I'm afraid some of the others don't look like they're going to make it. We'll see how strong their desire is to hang on. Welcome to Thunderdome! Two clones clone roots! 😲 

Cannabis Grow IMG 3260
Cannabis Grow IMG 3261
Cannabis Grow IMG 3262
Cannabis Grow IMG 3263
Cannabis Grow IMG 3267
Cannabis Grow IMG 3268
Cannabis Grow IMG 3270
Cannabis Grow IMG 3271
Cannabis Grow IMG 3269
Cannabis Grow IMG 3273
Cannabis Grow IMG 3272
Cannabis Grow IMG 3274
Cannabis Grow IMG 3265
Cannabis Grow IMG 3266
Cannabis Grow IMG 3264
Cannabis Grow IMG 3277

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Figured it was time for another update. It was a busy weekend in the bunker. The LST continues on the big  girls, more bending and tying down. Added a top dress of Craft Blend, kelp meal, and insect frass. Everything got a good watering, including YAC juice with added bennies, plus a bonus of Thrive-N from BaS. The clones got a simple top dress of  worm castings. Prepped my 7 gal. pots with amended soil from last run and have them waiting in the flower room for the final transplant. I plan on seeding them with a cover crop about a week before I do the transplanting to get everything warmed up and ready to receive the new residents.

Tonight I cleaned up some lower leaves, but only the ones that were dying off and touching the soil. Also cleaned up some of the damage around the clones. All but one is showing life, so there is still hope. A couple of them have some interesting new growth sprouting up, a rounded out looking leaf structure. Very deformed looking and quite odd. Mutations seem to be the norm around here for some reason. Otherwise I'm very happy with the success rate of the cloning. Next time I'll be more diligent on attending to new clones and getting them transplanted promptly.

On a side note, Nokita has somewhat grown out of her strangeness, or at least a lower level of strange anyway. Her newer growth is looking more uniform, with symmetrical leaves and an even hue of color. The serrated leaf edges still have a jagged, sharp look, but at least they are all looking the same. It seems every week brings new curiosities. Observations are a critical part of learning and understanding, and I enjoy spending time with the girls, sometimes just sitting and staring. Does anyone else talk to their plants too?

Depending on how things progress this week, I'm getting close to final transplant and then the flip. From watching others transition into the flower phase, it seems these NERCs want to stay low and bushy already. Knowing there's not going to be a lot of stretch, I am leaning towards vegging a bit longer than others have done so far. I'm also contemplating giving them a week or so with the same 18/6 light schedule when I move them into the flower room, just to allow them to get used to the new red spectrum lights, before changing the cycle. Maybe the red will help them stretch a bit more as well.

Happy Growing! 🌼 ❤️ 

Cannabis Grow IMG 3280
Cannabis Grow IMG 3284
Cannabis Grow IMG 3281
Cannabis Grow IMG 3285
Cannabis Grow IMG 3293
Cannabis Grow IMG 3291
Cannabis Grow IMG 3289
Cannabis Grow IMG 3292
Cannabis Grow IMG 3290
Cannabis Grow IMG 3283
Cannabis Grow IMG 3295
Cannabis Grow IMG 3294
Cannabis Grow IMG 3298
Cannabis Grow IMG 3287
Cannabis Grow IMG 3288

Posted : 03/04/2020 12:45 am APACHEBLACKHAWK, Zagz, CocoNoko and 3 people liked

Got some pot risers and saucers today. Did a little LST work to keep up with growth. Checked on the pots in the flower room as I put them on the new risers and saucers. Lots of mycelium growing across the top of the soil and even growing through the sides of the fabric pots. I'd say we have a good start with the beneficials. 👍

 🌼 ❤️

Cannabis Grow IMG 3299
Cannabis Grow IMG 3300
Cannabis Grow IMG 3301
Cannabis Grow IMG 3302
Cannabis Grow IMG 3303
Cannabis Grow IMG 3313
Cannabis Grow IMG 3311
Cannabis Grow IMG 3305
Cannabis Grow IMG 3306
Cannabis Grow IMG 3307
Cannabis Grow IMG 3308


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Almost 2 weeks since last update, so feeling a bit guilty. The LST continues, and everything is getting thicker and fuller. Nokita is almost completely grown out of her initial weirdness now, with a very similar structure like her sister, but she is a bit behind. I have let her go without any ties holding her down in hopes of allowing her to catch up a bit. I do try a bit harder on the bending and spreading with her, but she is stubborn and wants to turn back up every time I look away. Both NERCs are filling in nicely, with lots of secondary tips up at canopy level. Some of the leaf tips have a slight yellowing with some even tipped brown, which looks a lot like nute burn. Perhaps the Thrive-N was mixed too strong at last feeding. They've only had a compost/wc tea since, and I'm close to moving them into the 7 gals soon. The clones are doing amazing, with some needing to be topped already. I'll have to make a decision soon on what to keep when the big girls get moved. The 7 gal fabrics have had about a week under lights with the clover seed sprouted. Hopefully we have a nice thriving rhizosphere waiting for the girls to tuck right into. 

Still feeling like we're far behind and could do better somehow. Maybe I shouldn't compare my grow to others, but that's one of the reasons I joined this challenge. It's a bit humbling to still be weeks away from even beginning the flower cycle, while watching others with big frosty flowers close to harvest already. I just try to remind myself that I'm growing for quality and self sufficiency, and that takes priority no matter how long it takes me. Baby steps before I learn to run.

Thanks for stopping by and listening to my ramblings.

Happy Growing!

🌼 ❤️ 

Cannabis Grow IMG 3349
Cannabis Grow IMG 3350
Cannabis Grow IMG 3351
Cannabis Grow IMG 3352
Cannabis Grow IMG 3353
Cannabis Grow IMG 3354
Cannabis Grow IMG 3355
Cannabis Grow IMG 3359

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Slow and steady as we grow. Watered the girls with Coconut/Yucca and Thrive-N along with the micros tonight. Removed a few old dead leaves from below and tightened a few tie downs. Cleaned up the clones lower leaves too. They are showing very impressive growth. Everything just looks thick and green and I couldn't be happier. At this point I'm thinking about when to transplant. They're in 1.7 gal. pots now and will move up to their final 7 gal fabrics next. I'm hoping to get them a lot bigger before making the flip, and I think giving them more room should help. The transplant will move them into the flower room under the red spectrum logics, but I'll be keeping the same 18/6 cycle. The bigger pots, higher wattage, and warmer color should be enough to get some extra growth going.  Once they're out of the veg room, I'll use the space to move the clones up into 1.7 gals and begin their training.

Thanks for stopping by & Happy Growing!

🌼 ❤️ 

Cannabis Grow IMG 3366
Cannabis Grow IMG 3381
Cannabis Grow IMG 3367
Cannabis Grow IMG 3382
Cannabis Grow IMG 3368
Cannabis Grow IMG 3379
Cannabis Grow IMG 3369
Cannabis Grow IMG 3380
Cannabis Grow IMG 3383
Cannabis Grow IMG 3372
Cannabis Grow IMG 3373
Cannabis Grow IMG 3377
Cannabis Grow IMG 3378
Cannabis Grow IMG 3374

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It's been a busy week in the bunker! I discovered a faulty dimmer on the flower lights last week while prepping the room for the transition. There was a separate potentiometer for each driver, which each run 3 pucks, and it was always difficult to tell when they were dimmed to equal levels.

Cannabis Grow Dimmer

Instead of spending the money on a light meter to measure each side, which honestly I wouldn't use often enough to justify the cost, I instead purchased a $13 KillAWatt meter. I could then read the actual watts being drawn as I dimmed each side.  Surprise!!  One of my dimmers was only putting out 50 watts max. I had one of these go bad on my blue pucks before so it wasn't a total shock, but that one was noticeably flickering. I never noticed the difference this time as there was no flickering, and I haven't run them past 50% since the last grow. I wonder if I would of caught this if I hadn't had the watt meter. So I figured this was a good time to upgrade the set up. This time I used a 50K Ohm potentiometer and connected both drivers together. This one also has a sweet looking dial and it looks nice when mounted in a junction box.

Cannabis Grow IMG 3424

Since I've been researching lighting so much lately, I've become interested in UV and more specifically UVB. I found these AgroMax Pure UV bulbs that fit an old T5 fixture I had, so I rigged up way to mount in between my rails. I think it came out fairly well and I'm anxious to try it out for increasing resins.

Cannabis Grow IMG 3425
Cannabis Grow IMG 3426
Cannabis Grow IMG 3428

Before moving the girls into the flower room, I took the opportunity to give the room a thorough cleaning. Filters, fans, ceiling, walls, floors. Success doesn't happen by accident, but by putting in the work. A clean bunker is a productive bunker! 😉 

Cannabis Grow IMG 3423

The transplanting was a breeze, with absolutely no stress to the girls or to me. Having the pots prepped beforehand made everything go smoothly.

Cannabis Grow IMG 3413
Cannabis Grow IMG 3414
Cannabis Grow IMG 3415
Cannabis Grow IMG 3416
Cannabis Grow IMG 3418
Cannabis Grow IMG 3419
Cannabis Grow IMG 3420
Cannabis Grow IMG 3421

The clones will get up potted tomorrow, but for now they are enjoying their new uncrowded space. They have shown awesome growth these past few weeks.

Cannabis Grow IMG 3429

And finally here we are, all settled in and basking under the new deep red spectrum. Running at 70% power or about 400 watts until we see how well they take to the different lighting.  I'll give them some time to stretch a bit more before I start tying them down to the new pots again. We'll get to flower sooner or later, but we want big strong girls first. 👍

Cannabis Grow IMG 3432
Cannabis Grow IMG 3433
Cannabis Grow IMG 3435
Cannabis Grow IMG 3436
Cannabis Grow IMG 3437
Cannabis Grow IMG 3438
Cannabis Grow IMG 3444

Thanks for stopping by,

Happy Growing Everyone!

🌼 ❤️ 



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Just a quick update. Clones have been moved into the 2 gal. pots now. Lot's of new growth happening and they are really stretching without having been topped yet. I'm not sure how to handle this next stage, since I don't really have the space to keep more clones going yet. One of my hopes is to try to keep the clones that were taken from the main apical stem going forward. These are the symmetrically spaced nodes that only come from the main stem, and I want to see how far I can continue cloning without losing the symmetry. But with 6 clones already, I'm pushing the limits of how much I can fit into the flower room, at least with the bigger 7 gal. pots and the longer veg time. Topping will help slow some of the vertical growth, so maybe it's still possible. Otherwise I'll just have to cull a couple of them and only save 4 for the next flower cycle. leaving me space for the next generation of clones. The timing of keeping a perpetual grow going is dependent on the length of the flower cycle, so when the clones are taken is critical in having enough time to get them trained and spread out. I suppose if I wasn't concerned about using the main stem as my next clones it wouldn't matter as much, as I could take cuttings from lower branches later in the veg cycle. But these next clones are in need of topping already, and I'd prefer to use the tops for the next cycle. Should I try to keep them going or cut the cycle off and start new seeds after this? Decisions, decisions! 😵

Cannabis Grow IMG 3453
Cannabis Grow IMG 3454
Cannabis Grow IMG 3459
Cannabis Grow IMG 3458
Cannabis Grow IMG 3457

Meanwhile the new cover crop in the big pots is coming in thick.

Cannabis Grow IMG 3466
Cannabis Grow IMG 3468

Breeders Cake

Cannabis Grow IMG 3463
Cannabis Grow IMG 3465

New England Rock Candy

Cannabis Grow IMG 3461
Cannabis Grow IMG 3462

We're getting dense growth and lots of bud sites!

Cannabis Grow IMG 3460

Two days into running the UVB for 30 mins. in the middle of the light period. No signs of stress or burn, so that's reassuring. I plan to keep a minimum of exposure to them for a hardening off to the new light until late into flower, where I'll then carefully increase the amount of time under the UV. Sounds crazy, but then I'm the one who began this journal with the words "welcome to my insanity"! 🤪 

Thanks again for you're interest and comments along the way.

Happy Growing!

🌼 ❤️ 


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NYGC PBreeding: SGT.Bone's Bud Bunker

Finally moved into our flower cycle! 420 just felt like the right time both physically and spiritually. The girls have adjusted to the new lights very well and have gotten considerably thicker and larger. They are drinking more and the tip burn hasn't gotten any worse, leading me to believe the issue was just a slightly hot soil mix when we did the transplanting. Apparently a couple weeks with the cover crop growing in it wasn't long enough to cool it down sufficiently. A couple weeks ago I noticed some yellowing of the older lower leaves, and initially thought I had a deficiency of nitrogen, or maybe a lock out of some kind. I gave them a good drenching of plain RO water and waited. After a few days there was no increase in discoloration and things seemed to be back on track.

The change in lighting spectrum has shown node spacing growing slightly further apart with a noticeable vertical stretching as well. Training continues as we try to open the canopy up to further light penetration, and the NERC's have responded quite well, sending many more tips up into the light. We adjusted the light timer from our 18/6 veg cycle to our new 13/11 flower cycle. Implementing the far red lights for an extra 15 mins. after lights out, giving us the benefit of a decrease in dark period, thus a bonus of an extra hour of light energy. That's the theory anyway. We also changed the timer on the UVB as well, going from a 30 min. exposure mid day, to three 20 min.exposures spaced an hour apart. As we move deeper into the flower cycle I plan to increase the exposure time and decrease the recovery period between events, until we have a full 3 hours of exposure mid day for the final 3 or 4 weeks.

The clones have been neglected as far as training goes, and just left to their own devices. I'll be taking clones from them soon though, and the process will begin again. As much as I'm eager to try new strains, I defiantly want to continue with these genetics for another couple runs and see what I can accomplish. So far I'm extremely impressed with the NERCs vigor and train-ability. 

I'm sure I'm the last NYGC'er to make the flip, and I've felt impatient as I watched everyone else moving into flower and nearing harvest, but I am hopeful the extra time will pay off in the end. If you're still reading my ramblings after all this time, I want to thank you for your interest through my inaugural journal. It's been as much fun as it's been informative, and I am appreciative of all your support and best wishes.

Stay safe and Happy Growing everyone!

🌼 ❤️ 


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NYGC PBreeding: SGT.Bone's Bud Bunker

 Photos wouldn't load. Let's try again.

Cannabis Grow IMG 3500
Cannabis Grow IMG 3496
Cannabis Grow IMG 3495
Cannabis Grow IMG 3494
Cannabis Grow IMG 3493
Cannabis Grow IMG 3499
Cannabis Grow IMG 3497


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NYGC PBreeding: SGT.Bone's Bud Bunker

Things are coming along slow but sure. No more issues have arisen, so that's a plus. The nute deficiencies or lock out seem to be under control now. Switching from the nitrogen formula to the bloom mix with the extra P&K may have been the answer.

No sign of flowering yet, but should be visible any day now. They have started stretching more and I've got a plan to help with the training. Stay tuned for further updates on my scrog net substitute (if it works).

The clones got some lower vegetation removed and will be getting topped later this week. I'll be keeping more cuts of both NERCs and maybe the BC as well, depending on how the next cloning goes.


Cannabis Grow IMG 3509
Cannabis Grow IMG 3515

Fuzzy Glitter

Cannabis Grow IMG 3517
Cannabis Grow IMG 3520


Cannabis Grow IMG 3522
Cannabis Grow IMG 3526


Cannabis Grow IMG 3528
Cannabis Grow IMG 3530

The Line Up

Cannabis Grow IMG 3532
Cannabis Grow IMG 3534

Veg Room

Cannabis Grow IMG 3543

Flower Room

Cannabis Grow IMG 3553


Cannabis Grow IMG 3555

15 mins. on, 45 mins. off for 3 cycles during middle of light period. Increasing by 15 mins. each week until a full 3 hrs. straight for final 4 weeks. 😎 

Happy Growing Everyone!

🌼 ❤️ 



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