NYGC PBreeding: Rd 3 Time to Dial it in

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Will be growing in coco with auto water and drain setup. This will be my 3rd go around with this setup and I am hoping to dial it in a bit better this go as far as runoff amount goes. I also have a no till grow going in a separate tent with two autos. 

Posted : 12/31/2019 9:06 pm Sgt.Bone, FurrySparkle, Lp_burnout_dgc and 1 people liked

My NERC sprouted and one is dealing with a light call mag issue so I have begun a foliar spray.


Neither of my first two Afghan cherries showed any signs of life so I dropped two more and seems they have started to sprout. 


My LOS soil is going well too, just trying to get used to the slow pace compared to hff in Coco. 

Cannabis Grow 20200112 101639
Cannabis Grow 20200112 101655



Posted : 01/12/2020 12:27 pm Vaportrai1s, Dr Coco and Sgt.Bone liked
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Went through a  it of a cold snap and I wasn't prepared. It has been in the 60-70s here, then for 3 days it got to the freezing point. Tent temps got down to the mid 60s with the led on full blast near the top of the tent. My two Afghan cherries (green tag) are a week behind my NERC (blue). The small thing that doesnt know if it wants to live or die is the other NERC.


Temps are back to normal, low 80s in the temp and humidity around 60 so hopefully they'll  pick it up some.

Cannabis Grow 20200127 194414
Cannabis Grow 20200127 194405

Here is a pic of my first soil (LOS) grow and first attempt at super cropping 

Cannabis Grow 20200127 195954

Posted : 01/27/2020 6:05 pm Sgt.Bone and Chefomj liked

All have been topped and trimmed. The little NERC that wouldn't die has some new growth and root is showing at the bottom of pot.

Cannabis Grow 20200201 113317
Cannabis Grow 20200201 113428

Posted : 02/01/2020 10:34 am Sgt.Bone and Chefomj liked
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I'm transplanted all the girls into finals last night. The NERC are at the bottom of the photo, they are a week ahead of the Afghan Cherries. The runt looking one almost died as a seedling but I dug it out and it took hold again. I didn't pot that one up in steps because quite frankly I was tired of hand watering. 


Autowater is all set up now just have to time it in. In the past I get way too much runoff overall. The girls have all been topped and trimmed. The NERC has been topped twice on the way to mainlines so far. 


Posted : 02/08/2020 5:27 pm Sgt.Bone and Chefomj liked

Cannabis Grow  200208 203055 306

Posted : 02/08/2020 5:34 pm Sgt.Bone liked
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A day after transplanting and trimming. This morning all were topped for the second time and branches were the. Trainedd with some LST. The small NERC ON on the bottom right will just be getting lst the whole way. 


The first pic is my first LOS grow. Mephisto genetics- ghost toof

Cannabis Grow 20200209 094459
Cannabis Grow 20200209 093802

Posted : 02/09/2020 8:07 am Sgt.Bone and Chefomj liked

Well things are moving slower than expected. Maybe I am just used to seeing autos too much but I'm still waiting one more day or so to do the final topping on the cherries in the back of the tent. Probably looking at flipping next weekend.

Cannabis Grow 20200214 194313
Cannabis Grow 20200214 194319
Cannabis Grow Screenshot 20200215 110216 Wyze

Posted : 02/15/2020 8:06 am Shez, Sgt.Bone and Chefomj liked
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Well things are starting to pick up and I will definitely be flipping this weekend for the sake of Rez change will be at the same time. Started to train the NERC out after its final mainline topping. The NERC on the bottom right is being trained around in a semi circle. It really made a bounce back from it's death bed, benefiting from the slow growth of her sisters. 


The Afghan cherries in the back have had their final topping but the mains are developing slowly. 


All the leaves in the tent seem to look a bit thick and a little wrinkly to me but all runoff is within 200 of my inflow (1200)

pH fluctuates from 5.8-6.2

Cannabis Grow 20200218 193433
Cannabis Grow 20200218 194906
Cannabis Grow 20200218 193359
Cannabis Grow 20200218 193424
Cannabis Grow 20200218 193356

Posted : 02/18/2020 5:17 pm Chefomj and Sgt.Bone liked

Separate post for the soil dwellers 

The one seems to have down a loop around in the rapid rooter when it was aseedling and seems to be the reason it stayed low. The other is not developing as thick of buds but does have more bud over all. May have a slight deficiency just order some inputs from build soil will appLy this weekend



Cannabis Grow 20200218 203659
Cannabis Grow 20200218 203549
Cannabis Grow 20200218 203648
Cannabis Grow 20200218 203627

Posted : 02/18/2020 5:43 pm Chefomj, Sgt.Bone and CannabisandBeats liked

Girls had their fist night of 12/12 last night. 

I was doing some LST and snapped a main off one of my cherries, tried my best to Frankenstein it but to no avail.  The Afghan cherries are on the right on the NERC are on the left.

You can see the NERC in the bottom left bounced back quite well from it's earlier photos.


Temps are okay 80/69  but the weather here is going crazy, from freezing Saturday to 80° today. 

Humidity sucks in the lows 50s upper 40s  and can't get it up even with humidifier 


Cannabis Grow Screenshot 20200223 171133 Wyze
Cannabis Grow 20200223 132341
Cannabis Grow 20200223 132343
Cannabis Grow 20200223 132655
Cannabis Grow 20200223 132351
Cannabis Grow 20200223 132355
Cannabis Grow 20200223 132358
Cannabis Grow 20200223 132403

Posted : 02/23/2020 2:19 pm Chefomj and Sgt.Bone liked
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Things seem to really be moving along now 

Cannabis Grow Screenshot 20200224 210737 Wyze

Posted : 02/24/2020 6:12 pm CannabisandBeats, Sgt.Bone and Chefomj liked

I think I see a pistil or two. I sent them to dark on Saturday night. 

Pretty even tops so far and they are rolling 


Cannabis Grow 20200225 200812
Cannabis Grow 20200225 200823
Cannabis Grow 20200225 200758
Cannabis Grow 20200225 200946
Cannabis Grow 20200225 200954

Posted : 02/25/2020 5:47 pm Shez, Chefomj and Sgt.Bone liked

Trim job this weekend. Had too many leaves just laying in top of each other and they seem to be squat plants anyways. Over all not great first impression from photos as it seems my plants were bigger than these over the past few grows. They are smelling good so hoping they burst out here soon. I have switched to early bloom nutes. 


Cannabis Grow Screenshot 20200301 212148 Wyze
Cannabis Grow 20200229 173603
Cannabis Grow 20200229 173612

Posted : 03/01/2020 6:27 pm Chefomj and Sgt.Bone liked
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3/4 have pistils the runt is the only one not showing. Keeping an eye out for nanners or sacs after a couple other growers turned hermi. 


NERC on the left afghan on the right

Cannabis Grow Screenshot 20200307 172903 Wyze

Posted : 03/07/2020 2:36 pm Shez, Chefomj, Sgt.Bone and 1 people liked
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