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Tent: Secret Jarden L160

Environment: 2 @ AC Infinity 6” inline fans w/humidity controls. CanFilters 6” box prefilter. Humidifier or dehumidifier as needed. Temp = 80 degrees F. with a oil filled electric heater. I will follow VPD charts in accordance to plant life stage and leaf surface temp.

Lighting: [email protected] SpectrumKing CC100. 18/6 & 12/12.

System: Hydroponic Ebb & Flow. 3’ x 3’ flood tray fed by 20 Gallon Reservoir. 2 Walmart airstones in reservoir. Flood tray is filled with 1.5” deep with hydroton and plants will be placed in 5L plastic pots. 10 minute fill cycles as needed.

Feed: Source water is from a well. 800 EC. Softened, filtered, then R.O.’d to 0040 Ec. GH CaliMagic @ 3ml/Gallon then DutchPro hydro soft water nutrients in doses that are roughly 1/2 of what the manufacturer recommends. Reservoir changes every two weeks.

pH and nutrient dosing will be handled by GroLab software and peripherals and #FrankenBucketStein.

Method: Due to growing in a tent, with a flood table on a stand, above a reservoir, my height is limited. I will try to have my plants around 8” tall going into Bloom and will be using 9 plants to fill in a scrog. My one and only NorthernLights/Blue will be the only "Non"PBREEDING.COM Seed in this grow. The remaining 8 spots will be filled with testers from PBREEDING.COM

I will be germinating 4 New England Rock Candy (Sour Dubble x Tahoe Alien) and 4 Diesel Candy (Strawberry Diesel X OG Kush

Best of luck guys and gals and have a splendid 2020!!

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I soaked my seeds for 16 hours before placing them into rockwool cubes.

Cannabis Grow 1FF7E651 C8BE 4680 B02E 8AB1FA82149A
Cannabis Grow 7E61F1B2 60B2 4E78 8FD1 3592252C668F

now we wait.  

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74 hours later, it appears that I have had 100% germination rate with my seeds. All 8 from have sprouted.  Knocking on wood, let’s hope it keeps going.

Cannabis Grow 2AC2914C F7B5 4892 AC4D 3E7ECA4DC23F
Cannabis Grow D7E23896 5E9D 4C25 8BF3 C9B8BCB59532
Cannabis Grow 0C1FB63E 1C1A 4CE2 A6E0 58957ADAE221

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Posted : 01/04/2020 11:19 am Vaportrai1s and Sgt.Bone liked
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Extremely happy with and his hard work that lead to such a strong percentage of germination in his testers. This is my first time that I have had 100% germination. Talk about getting your money’s worth when you biy his genetics.  I spray them 6-8 squirts a day, making sure that the cup always has something in the bottom. The roots ate starting to aggressively come through the rockwool.

Cannabis Grow 3F0EDE1E BB91 46D6 8DF9 7D483B6C8541
Cannabis Grow 359FE2D6 6497 4FC4 8DFF EA630EDEF568
Cannabis Grow 63EC559B 6CB3 47D1 A33D B01D3619FE90
Cannabis Grow 53CE9A46 3461 41D3 B818 1077CBCC08A9
Cannabis Grow 8B8CE948 9451 44D2 9318 29659B7BDC1B
Cannabis Grow BD0C4815 94B2 4106 8459 3CCFB2917352
Cannabis Grow 583ADC8C 9B93 483B BACE C106D03C9984
Cannabis Grow 493A2F75 B0B9 4EEE 8758 ED5F1C3E54B7
Cannabis Grow 4D03DC2A 3EEC 433C B998 B965F4300F08
Cannabis Grow 8F051306 9F85 4836 A15E 0F9A0F67F40B
Cannabis Grow 862625A0 B86A 463D AED8 310B4D56E042

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Cannabis Grow 7E45267C 671B 4D5F 83F4 9BF81C78FE37
Cannabis Grow A400D4DB 3AC6 43B8 A5E7 544D89F955B7
Cannabis Grow B14D95F6 98A1 4DAB AA47 A763BDE898FA
Cannabis Grow 6F5AE2AD 6A70 49A6 9384 FBDB793814D0
Cannabis Grow B5A94BB2 31AF 4143 97A9 E65BE1D69A2E
Cannabis Grow 7A006D44 299C 45BA ADEE BCDDDDBC2176
Cannabis Grow FD0844C5 152C 49F5 BB66 EC90A94CE2AD
Cannabis Grow 793D0E41 13FD 4BE6 9AA9 C762449262EC
Cannabis Grow AAFDF339 3030 4ABD 8B40 42DEB3480E67
Cannabis Grow 3D957EF2 FAFB 4243 931F CCC8B58A3284
Cannabis Grow 1D94A61D DFFD 48C5 8B5A E59B9B8E4597

For the first three weeks of their lives I wasn’t quite sure what to do with them.  My flood table wasn’t ready and in the past I never was successful at keeping them in rockwool longer than a week without getting them in the flood table.  This time I had them in the cellar with my vegetable garden. Vpd was less than ideal and temperatures were hard to keep high. I ended up burning some leaf when i dimmed the lights and lowered them down close to the humidity dome. Thankfully my flood table opened up and they are on their way back to recovery. Once the root structure is a bit more established I will up pot them into their final pot. 1/2 of them have had GreatWhite applied during the last up pot and the other half had Azos applied. I will do the same thing when I up pot again. Over the last 36 hours I have been trying to find their happy zone for nutrients. Currently they are enjoying 1.0 ms EC of DutchPro hydro softwater A/B with 1ml CaMg per 1G H2O.  The ac Infinity is doing agood job at keeping my environment at 78 degrees f and 68% RH.  I am using a humidifier in the tent to keep the humidity adequate.  Currently I am only flooding for 1 minute every hour for twelve hours out the f the day. I then do a five hour break and flood 15 minutes before lights out for one minute. 

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Posted : 01/24/2020 7:45 pm Terpgiant, Chefomj and Sgt.Bone liked

Deleted duplicate

Posted : 01/25/2020 7:40 am Chefomj and Sgt.Bone liked

I final potted the girls today. 1/2 of the girls are in 5 liter pots and the other half are in 2 liter pots. 1/2 of the 2L and 5L pots were prepared with azos while the other half were treated with great white. I filled the net pots to the high water mark with hydrocorn and then sprinkled the top of the media with azos or great white. I then placed the 3” net pot on top and filled around the sides with hydrocorn from the flood table.  I now am filling for 4 minutes every hour.

Cannabis Grow 64A34F3C 4267 4DE4 9087 F1B4FAF29B18
Cannabis Grow B5891C74 D009 483E 92C0 A647A37CC694
Cannabis Grow 321DB262 D704 40C4 BAD5 C653709BC630
Cannabis Grow 8A6816D1 47D6 4990 9FFF FB0B57BC05C3
Cannabis Grow 6619C2B9 D419 4B82 AA1B 02F15950DD2C
Cannabis Grow AE1F9A4F A82D 4219 AD5A 8AF0C42B8739
Cannabis Grow B6BE1DC5 2BFD 4D9E 9F4F F6F713DCC31F
Cannabis Grow F5EE8203 A2BC 4B0D B4E8 DBD9228E02D3

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Here’s the line up.

Cannabis Grow FF60DF21 377A 4185 8195 E0B3AC91C538
Cannabis Grow 434D2650 4170 4E98 B5D2 D424BE2411BF
Cannabis Grow 55C89D43 562C 4EDD BFD9 3296134534FC
Cannabis Grow 71744F11 C5E9 4DBE BA55 4E2AD0317773
Cannabis Grow DDF32476 BF59 4E70 9057 B3197E33BC2D
Cannabis Grow FF30E5A8 89C9 438B 8A6D 70A083473381
Cannabis Grow 76647F47 BF8B 4B57 A09C B058137CE053
Cannabis Grow 5AB852DC 21FA 4421 BA47 5B7D060E2DEE
Cannabis Grow 12E15864 86E3 47B1 9DFF D57CB179A098
Cannabis Grow 84CA24EE 0C5E 43A8 9F5F 481E6B14B4C3
Cannabis Grow CE2A5F03 2D45 4CFA BB42 CFF5A908DC6D

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Height of table looks to be 20” to the lip

Cannabis Grow EFE04705 3B8E 4F56 A2AA 9EBC8890C82E
Cannabis Grow 5F8004C0 8CF2 4DEE 9BF5 B88343B70B62

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Journal update

Cannabis Grow C47605C1 66CA 42A4 A4EC 54F6A8577D6C
Cannabis Grow 258ADBC8 E32C 4C47 B59A 83FB58B817F6
Cannabis Grow E34B0455 CE5B 4164 9C3A 2FEE344BE21B
Cannabis Grow 63DC58CB 0F27 435A 9E5F D8B97285EF99

with a few pictures.

Cannabis Grow B7B75703 1EEC 4AE8 A8FA 0ABCFA9B8221
Cannabis Grow 1C1C1469 AB31 46EF 8BEA C83500B19F11
Cannabis Grow 9956AFDE A0B6 4570 BDF7 66ED7517D2ED
Cannabis Grow F50E3818 EB48 495C 972D 39B962E63AE1
Cannabis Grow 769CFADE 5385 48F1 8D17 447E2EAB9502
Cannabis Grow 0DB2125E ECC0 454C 9ED5 580C9EB9886B
Cannabis Grow C73689D7 577D 46D4 8D59 1361B51DAA85
Cannabis Grow C386DA13 1990 4190 AEDC 58FF2DAFFA8E
Cannabis Grow D118B5D4 D278 46CA BD76 93C9A3EF92B2
Cannabis Grow 84CD4EF5 D45E 4089 9B97 E4EFB4543875

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Posted : 02/05/2020 8:49 am Terpgiant, Chefomj and Sgt.Bone liked

24 hour graph

Cannabis Grow 990E3BEA 9193 4E33 990A 5439AEA14C60

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Posted : 02/05/2020 8:54 am Chefomj and Sgt.Bone liked

7 day graph

Cannabis Grow 0DD55BC5 16D1 40E5 A95A B26B482B64BD

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Posted : 02/05/2020 8:56 am Sgt.Bone liked

Here’s some pictures from this morning.

Cannabis Grow EE13646F CC60 4389 8BFF BFAB8C9BE238
Cannabis Grow AD92B8EE 3952 4941 AFBC 0F7990641EAE
Cannabis Grow 2334A133 6009 4B9C B45A 3B8072B00CD0
Cannabis Grow 1168CFA9 9F89 462B 98F3 B64873D599CB
Cannabis Grow FC81E12D 3373 43E1 A3AF B86D766382A5
Cannabis Grow 2003565F 3B01 4AEA 8DE4 AAA42EB81707
Cannabis Grow 0B17B64A 4F3C 4089 B985 6948BF955350
Cannabis Grow F75A705D 21AD 4DC4 9B33 74A8BFC2EB91
Cannabis Grow 1ABE5B39 FDD9 4006 8E31 FC4F6104022D
Cannabis Grow 4980B578 1B97 4D38 BB45 C91D04B65116
Cannabis Grow EF7432FF 6CB6 4F92 9E4C D393BFBA0B0E
Cannabis Grow 81A7E5F3 1507 4AB1 BDE8 3B156CAB20B7

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Yesterday I topped all of the girls to the fourth node. 
Here is pre top

Cannabis Grow 315DAACA 7C09 4D5D B233 A8B1AB33FC9D

and post top

Cannabis Grow ACD6734D 8A73 4786 96E7 A6329D3960E8
Cannabis Grow 5E426F2C C018 4460 AAE6 5A782FAE15D2
Cannabis Grow EBD4DFAC E0AF 49FA B55F 59BEE8C916DF
Cannabis Grow FF2F7261 B1B6 4220 9CD2 9D536CC0FFBC
Cannabis Grow 7424235F D0AC 4008 AA13 DE7BDC1D3AC0
Cannabis Grow BB8205BB 231C 4F61 A9B8 EADE11BFA93D
Cannabis Grow 053555E0 6857 4610 A414 D34A4E435064
Cannabis Grow FDF8AE24 B263 42A4 BA8A 063C89827D77
Cannabis Grow D10886C5 835B 4A20 AA76 0895397EB8F6


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Posted : 02/11/2020 4:43 am Chefomj, Sgt.Bone and Shez liked
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