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This is going to be my last post on here;

I've been posting less and less ever since the Cherry Cake Herm incident because I really doubted Kyle's skills and goals as a breeder. The biggest red flag being that on his IG page is straight up says "no Herms allowed" it also says "stress tested genetics" all of which is just not at all true considering how every single person running that strain had hermaphrodites. I figured these things happened and decided to move on, from there Kyle attempted to make this right by sending out some more seeds, a strain he called Granite State Kush. Upon asking about the lineage he just said Hindu Kush, which to me means he just bread a fuckin Hindu Kush and throwing the words Granite State in front is just dumb.

Furthermore as I interacted with Kyle he only gave me one or two words answers, which I found to be quite odd because all of his descriptions were well written, honestly I dont think he even wrote any of that. You see, once looking into his "New England" Rock Candy strain I found he basically just jacked the genetics of another breeder and called it his own.

My thoughts on breeding are that you're supposed to move the plant forward and all this guy did is rip off other people, it would be like me covering a Led Zeppelin song and calling it Stairway to New England, I'm pretty sure Robert Plant would be pissed off about that

Realistically though the guy(Dr. Coco) that owns and operates this fucking website doesnt even post on this bullshit, so really I'm not getting much out of this whole thing. I'll be taking all the clones I have of Kyle's genetics, flipping them and not keeping them around at all anymore. I'm sure Alien Rock Candy is a great strain but I grow cannabis to relieve stress and having a bunch of genetics in my garden that are total bullshit just ruins that whole purpose.

Best of luck to all you guys, personally this whole thing has inspired me to create my own genetics, difference being is that will be for personal use and not to make a profit, as in my opinion that's all Kyle is trying to do here, get peoples money.

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