NYGC PBreeding: Chef's New Gear Grow Challenge

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Admiring the Afghan cherries myself, the compact one definitely needs a haircut. The odd ball has great structure and would make for some killer clones. I wouldn't mind getting the same pheno from the other beans as well 😉. I bet some wind would help the branches to support the long broad heavy leaves. I'll be pruning after their dark period today. Here are some before pruning pictures for future reference.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200207 200110995
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200207 200114742

Sorry about the yellowish pictures, I didn't have that problem until I added more lighting. The New England rock candy need haircuts and training as well. Will definitely be cutting off smaller growth tips from the bottoms.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200208 082936794
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200208 082957048
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200208 082941463

I'll be switching to transition in a couple days now but the cherries is already showing sex, I wonder if those that flipped on the first have some pistil pics 🤔😉.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200208 082946926~2

I'm anxious to get these girls into flower and to see other's as well.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200207 195548543
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200208 083009477

Happy growing!!

Posted : 02/08/2020 10:04 am Gadgetman, Dubbltapoo, Kushman and 7 people liked
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NYGC PBreeding: Chef's New Gear Grow Challenge

Just some pics 😉.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200210 045212420
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200208 113317138
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200210 045223167
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200209 081459140
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200208 210315816
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200209 203025724
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200210 045154074
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200208 113320939
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200210 045200351
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200210 045206598

Changing res to transition solution, and light timer for a 10 hour dark period. I'm interested to see if they start flowering as I reduce light hours. 

They had 11 hours of darkness yesterday, I did manage to interrupt it to see how much run off I was getting during a fertigation event. I'll keep them on 10 hour dark period until the 14th just to see what happens. If they start flowering I'm going to use that to my advantage. If they don't start throwing pistils by the 14th I'll switch to 12/12 on the day of. Happy growing!

Posted : 02/10/2020 6:19 am Dubbltapoo, DrGHemp, KMac420 and 8 people liked
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Well they didn't start flowering under 14/10 so we changed the timers to 12/12 last night, this will be the first day of 12/12. Transition solution inflow 1.3-1.4 ec outflow 1.1ec. How did that happen? Hand watered to double check and sure enough outflow is lower than inflow!?

Have to find another fan, I have an oscillating fan that doesn't oscillate anymore. I took the stand off since it didn't fit on the floor with the new set up and hung it upside down. The tent walls are sucked in and the fan is sitting merely inches away from plants. I wonder if I have enough pvc to keep the fan from being pushed into the plants, going to have to finagle with it.

Trying to keep everyone even but my favorite cherries is exploding and I just keep supercropping her main branches.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200213 205728550

I hurt the other cherries but it didn't phase her much, you can see that on my IG page, I only took video.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200213 210027739

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200213 205732669
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200212 045323145

Still opening the plants up and doing light pruning. The nerc under the Chinese led is crying for a better light but she'll have to make due.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200213 205625010
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200213 205546314

The other nerc is just trying to keep up and has been a bit finicky. She doesn't like too much light, maybe I'll switch the lights around and see how she fairs. Super tight node spacing and it's really hard to train without the risk of breaking something.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200212 045327575
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200213 205614322
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200213 205552883

Most of the time the plants in the back do much better and get much bigger than the front but this grow has been the opposite, creating the problem with my fan. Maybe I'll just buy a couple more clip on fans, or a box style fan that I can hang higher than what I've got going on now.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200213 205826348

I know the yellowish pictures kind of suck, I'll get a pic when lights go out to show how healthy and green they really are. So I guess I could mark down flip date now, I usually choose the other option (flower days) as it's a quicker and closer reference to my harvest window. When I choose flower days I don't have to do math lol. 

Will more than likely do some more pruning to increase airflow and lower humidity. Just waiting for them to do some more stretching. Hopefully we fill up the tent a little better than last run.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200213 205221005
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200214 032244411

Happy flipping Valentine's day 😜. Happy growing! 🌱💚

Posted : 02/14/2020 4:52 am Dubbltapoo, Pope_Weazl, dadsCBweeD and 7 people liked
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Supercropping the cherries and my fingers were so sticky afterwards. I have high hopes for the flower now, if the stems are this sticky I can only imagine that the flower will be as well. Smells like @predicativebreeding describes, cherry cough drops. My wife said it smelled like medicine because it has a mentholated smell.

No pistils yet aside from what was there in veg, and the few days of 14/10 didn't expedite flowering any. So we're waiting to start counting flower days.

Got some pics a couple minutes before lights came on. Probably the last time I'm going to take dark pics.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200216 195834022
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200216 195838677
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200216 195823058
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200216 195826515
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200216 195943762
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200216 195947556
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200216 195934187
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200216 195938205
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200216 195817883

Did some pruning and training right when lights came on and they bounced right back merely hours later.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200216 201245988
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200216 201252623

I haven't gotten to the back to give the nerc a haircut and once over yet but here's the cherries roughly 8 hours after training.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200217 040652070
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200217 040704570

The nerc has been kinda finicky for me. I haven't been using rapid start/iron supplement, and think it might be starting to show a little. Maybe I'm just blowing it out of proportion, I look at the light color of the new growth and made an assumption.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200217 040729918
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200217 040724874

It's a little more noticeable on the one under the Chinese led. Maybe too much light? Someone on IG keeps giving me crap about overloading them with lumens but I assure them my tent is underpowered and light height is fine. I took lux readings just for kicks and 40k really isn't that much, I could be running 75k if I'm not mistaken. Maybe @drphoton or @dr-coco can stop by and enlighten me? Feel free to chime in on that drs. Looking at the dark pictures idk what to think really, other than the tops just need time to green up.

Still on transition formula until we start seeing some flower progression. Going to have to try bringing my humidity down, we ran into some awkward weather. Temps got too cold at night and lights on temps are even a bit cooler then I'd like. Can't wait to start counting flower days!

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200217 040834120

Happy growing!

Posted : 02/17/2020 5:16 am Dubbltapoo, DrGHemp, FurrySparkle and 3 people liked
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Photo dump.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200219 204936943
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200219 204943110
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200219 204947202
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200219 205659359
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200219 204803517~2
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200219 215018919~2
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200219 205640202
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200219 204803517
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200219 215018919
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200219 204932586

Posted : 02/19/2020 10:10 pm Dubbltapoo, Jay, FurrySparkle and 2 people liked
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Looks like nerc is flowering now but cherries don't appear to be. I have yet to see pistils or positive confirmation of flowering.

Did some selective pruning, it may not look like it but I took quite a bit off. I can't get into the tent now so we're probably just going to let things take their course now. I might have to prune a bit more but I'll let them recover from this session.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200222 210131046
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200222 210206453
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200222 210223884
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200222 210249851

The cherries on the left is starting to crowd the other girls but I'm not complaining. She's the biggest gal in there with great node spacing, the others are so tight I'm not sure there's anything else I can do other than supercropping. Can't really tie them down now, might throw a net in here just to spread it out better.

We'll see what happens, I've become preoccupied and have other things to work on. Anyways here's a few pics of the grow.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200222 205903807
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200222 205912162
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200221 035202685
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200222 205917755
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200222 205851937
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200222 205855520
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200222 203810432
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200222 203814094
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200222 205900584

Happy growing!

Posted : 02/22/2020 9:26 pm Jay, Kushman, Sgt.Bone and 3 people liked
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NYGC PBreeding: Chef's New Gear Grow Challenge

Cherries are finally showing more pistils but seems they haven't truly initiated flowering. Kind of odd the cherries haven't started true flower yet, but atleast they are showing lady parts.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200224 045742740
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200224 045359314~2
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200224 045359314

The nerc have begun to unfurl and appear to be heading up.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200224 044424751
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200224 044429949
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200224 044349178
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200224 044349178~2
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200224 044448755~2
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200223 211341438
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200224 044424751~2

The nerc also seem to be heavy feeders, I've done a few hand waterings to be sure I have proper water distribution and they are still lower than inflow. The cherries under the Chinese led is catching up but the one under the ts1000 is still considerably low. They are both healthy and the one under the Chinese led is a darker green than the rest of the plants... Also a little odd, maybe it's just the lighting.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200224 045602083
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200224 045606752
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200224 044522140
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200224 044526402

Going to have to do some reading to see if @dr-coco has any info about managing different outflow readings. I'm assuming I'm just going to have to increase volume or hand water a little more concentrated solution, or both. Wish I could just set another event but just fertigate the nerc, going to have to look into the possibility of that for the future. Maybe some new tech?

Inflow 1.4 pH 6, nerc under ts1000 outflow 1.1, under the Chinese led 1.3, the bigger cherries is pretty much where I expected to be at 1.6, and the manifold cherries is at 1.5.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200224 045549067
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200224 045553274

Had a bit of a temp swing this week. Our pellet stove took a dump and we don't like using the heat pump but I had to fire it up for the ladies and mother in law. Been trying to keep the girls in the 80s with lights on and 69f lights off at the lowest but temps dropped last week to 65/78. I actually had to turn down my exhaust to compensate, there's too much transpiration going on to turn it off and running a little high but I'll manage with 67% humidity. We'll see if we can lower that when flowers start forming, might have to do a little more selective pruning. The girls didn't seem to mind their last haircut, infact it doesn't look like they've had one at all.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200224 045529991
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200224 045535156

I'm going to have to use the PVC I have for wall reinforcement instead of a trellis. The big cherries is already trying to squeeze the nerc out in the back, I'll see if I can manipulate it away from her a bit later. I should have given them more wall space but then we'd have leaves stacking more than I do now. My exhaust is pretty powerful, I have two passive intakes, one 4 inch and one 6 inch and the walls are still sucking in, not to mention I already have PVC to help. Maybe I'll switch out my exhaust for the 4 inch instead of the 6 since I'm not running hps now and temps aren't concerning. I just don't want to have to switch it out again later on, maybe I'll set a timer for now and just cycle the exhaust to run every few minutes 🤔.

Anyways.... I'm getting a couple new patients so I'll have to start something for them soon. I fell behind waiting for this challenge to start and don't have many strains to offer right now so it will likely be a trial and error unless we find something that works first. It's just hard when the medical growers here have been pushed out of the market, leaving rec boof as a source of medicine, it's infuriating. So I'm buying new lighting and cleaning up another space in the shop soon, I think I'll be able to control my environment better with LEDs.

Kind of a long winded post so hope you don't mind 😜. Can't wait to see some bud porn soon haha. Happy growing!

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200224 044519065
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200224 045656421
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200223 211311626

Posted : 02/24/2020 6:36 am Dubbltapoo, Kushman, New2grow and 5 people liked
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NYGC PBreeding: Chef's New Gear Grow Challenge

Did a little selective pruning to increase airflow and help with humidity. Most leaves taken off were in the shade or stacking causing water pools on leaves.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200226 054947776
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200226 054944132
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200226 055004297

Cherries are finally throwing out pistils, flowers should start unfurling soon.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200225 212718733
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200225 212739803
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200225 212742342

Newengland rock candy aren't really stretching at all, I don't think we'll see much more vertical growth, atleast nothing significant. I tried to open them up a bit and did some selective pruning on them as well. I actually felt like just stripping them, hard to get light to needed areas without taking off some leaves. The node spacing is so tight I can't really open them up, not to mention the cherries aren't giving up any space. Definitely heading up now and we've got plenty of time for leaves to grow back. I may just get in there and do some stripping in a few days. Here's some flowers unfurling/heading up.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200224 210607248
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200225 212544913
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200224 210614803
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200225 212536081
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200225 212623292
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200225 212627591
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200225 212609121
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200225 212613421

Game on!

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200226 071843426

Happy growing!!

Posted : 02/26/2020 11:24 am Dubbltapoo, Kushman, Jay and 5 people liked
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Pretty much on cruise control from here on out. Though I reduced the size of my res to 5 gallons, I'm mixing more than I typically would. It helps me to remember to check ec and maintain an overall cleaner system.

The nerc seem to be squatty plants in the majority of the grows I've seen in this group. But I'm still happy I ran some of this gear @predicativebreeding. I'm really curious to see what you do in the future. I'm not much into cloning and growing the same cultivars over and over, I do like variety, though I feel there's unexplored potential in different phenos. Really wish I had more space to grow some more varietals and be a better tester 😉.

So not really much to update here on my journal. Just going to drop my IG link for videos along with some still shots and/or any ups and downs that may occur.  

Be sure to check in on my progress at where I post many other pics and sometimes interesting information. Get featured in my shout outs when you stop by and smash that like button 😜🌱💚.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200229 202822427
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200228 050503284
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200228 050509960
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200228 042707854
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200229 203005947
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200228 050520254
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200229 202828534
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200228 050304758
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200228 050532351
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200229 202945541

Happy growing! 

Posted : 03/01/2020 12:06 pm Dubbltapoo, Kushman, KMac420 and 3 people liked
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Packing and stacking 😉.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200304 215854892
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200304 220120580
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200304 220133075

Flower pics.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200304 215742920
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200304 215813064
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200304 043012087
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200304 043021094
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200304 215823324 BURST000 COVER TOP
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200304 215833720
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200304 215721668
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200304 220016967
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200304 215732388
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200304 220007327

Happy growing!!

Posted : 03/05/2020 7:47 am Dubbltapoo, Pope_Weazl, Jay and 6 people liked
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Rolling into week 3 for the New England rock candy, the cherries is behind 4-5 days. Starting to see some trichome development on all plants and they're starting to smell delicious.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200309 040209533
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200309 040153377
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200309 040122834
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200309 040001516

Starting to regret the way the nerc got trained but we'll make due. The tight structure makes it hard to spread them out, I'm basically out of horizontal space because of the cherries and the tent walls. Leaves are stacked on each other and the cherries are blocking airflow. I've taken some leaves off but really need to reposition my fan. The center isn't getting much light and the lighter colored leaves make me think I should have slimmed them down and spread them out instead of what I did. Live and learn, hope it helps others decide what to do. I personally would have stripped a lot of leaves before flipping if I knew they were going to be so compact. It would have greatly improved airflow and made it easier to manage my environment.

Oh well I'll take what I've learned and the things I could have done better will have to be improved upon next run. Again I'm not used to running LEDs and the genetics are very new to me. Not going to keep making excuses. I get content and lazy when things are going well, as a result, I have these problems.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200309 035731319
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200309 035735066
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200309 035911992
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200309 035917713

I'm glad I can hang the lights at different heights though, they all are different heights.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200309 040233487 HDR
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200309 040240478

I slacked on checking ec for a couple weeks and we have the cherries running pretty high. I've increased volume for a couple events and added another event with lights on. They were sitting at 2.0 but after cleaning my saucers and retesting they were around 1.9 and 1.8, still too high above inflow at 1.4. I'll get it back within 200 during the next few events.

Other than that things are going swimmingly. I'm going to start some new beans and include an Afghan cherries in the mix. I've really come to like the structure, and now that I've grown it, I know more of what to expect next time. Time for me to get another grow going.

Hope everyone is enjoying the experience of this grow challenge, I know there has been a little heartache here and there. Some things could have been avoided, but nothing is ever perfect, atleast not for me. You don't see it in some people's pictures and accounts but no one has a perfect grow every time, things happen behind the scenes. Not everyone likes to admit or show their downfalls, but nobody else can learn from them. That's what's so great about these challenges and the journals. Anyways I'm rambling now... Happy growing everyone!

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200309 035723956

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NYGC PBreeding: Chef's New Gear Grow Challenge

From the looks of things some growers are stacking some big buds. I've seen a couple growers that took a lot of leaves off getting some plump buds 🤔. Idk if mine look as big in my pictures but I'm hoping to get a better yield than those that defoliated.

The Afghan cherries are stacking some plump buds, bigger than the nerc, and they are behind a few days of flower.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200313 025610854~2
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200313 025106519~2

The New England rock candy are getting super frosty, not as plump as the cherries though they are trained differently. My training method doesn't usually produce results like I'm seeing, but I haven't really grown squatty plants with the current method. Super tight node spacing and lack of vigor resulted in a super bushy structure with smaller budsites. I probably should have just removed all the lower growth on the candy. I'm not happy with the training or the structure. Hopefully the quality will make up for the lack of size. So far I just don't like the way the candy is growing. I'll try something different with the other 2 beans I have left.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200313 025028614~2
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200313 025101568~2
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200313 025036080

I ended up giving a couple beans of the cherries away to a fellow grower. He came to me looking for clones but I don't really roll that way. Instead I offered a few beans, 2 Afghan cherries, 1 blueberry Kush, 2 autoflower beans night queen and glueberry, and 2 CBD cream and cheese. He asked me how much I wanted for them, I told him nothing, just get me back some day with something I haven't had before.

He was impressed with the last SAFC plants in my tent and was surprised they were autos. When he grew autos before, they were the original low riders. I told him autos have come a long way, try em out and see if you like growing them.

Anyways things are moving along and I'm done ranting. Not much else to report. Other than I started a couple bag seeds from a dispensary batch of gelato. I'm in love with gelato now, my new favorite strain. The batch I got the seeds from wasn't as good as another 502 grower I recently picked up, but I'm hoping I can do a better job than they did as far as smell and flavor.

Happy growing everyone!!

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200313 025010068
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200313 025528714
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200313 025017231

Posted : 03/14/2020 7:46 am Kushman, DrGHemp, Jay and 6 people liked
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NYGC PBreeding: Chef's New Gear Grow Challenge

Just cruising along. Got a little tip burn so I added another fertigation event by hand with a significant amount of run off from each plant. Have done this every other day for the last couple weeks, I just like checking in on the girls so it's no bother.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200320 070426291
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200320 070430067
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200320 070226352 HDR

I need tincture so I guess it's a good thing I have quite a bit of larf. I probably should do a little select defoliation, just cleaning up dead leaves here and there. Not a deficiency, just leaves that aren't getting light and losing efficiency.

Buds are smelling really good right now. The cherries has the most interesting terps and I can't wait to try them. Smells like a cherry got sprayed by a skunk, pretty gassy as well.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200320 070314095
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200320 070321229
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200320 070246745
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200320 070303153

Interesting things going on with the rock candy. The one under the Mars has a lot of white pistils and slightly different bud development than the one under the Chinese led.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200320 070447887
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200320 070455714

The one under the Chinese led has some rich trichome production and hairs are beginning to get some color. The buds look more uniform in structure and colas are slightly larger.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200316 051908737
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200320 070503745
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200320 070508814

The smell is a little hard to describe, my nose senses hints of fruit and fuel. Very interested to try the final product.

Got some bag seeds dropped, the gelato didn't germinate so we're going with some more gg4 bag seeds. Hoping to get a keeper this time, might just grow one out if they herm outside. Maybe some of the selfy seeds will be better to work with. It's a naturally hermaphrodite plant so not much else you can do about it. Early herms would be bad but later ones would still be some good smoke and or rso. But that's for another journal/grow. Just thought I'd add a bit of conversation and let everyone know of some of the other things I have going on. Happy growing everyone!!

Posted : 03/20/2020 3:48 pm Kushman, DrGHemp, Benjamin Grohen and 5 people liked
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NYGC PBreeding: Chef's New Gear Grow Challenge

It's been a while since I made a post. I've been on cruise control for a while and found out one of the cherries wasn't getting sufficient run off. The Halo got clogged and was only dispensing on one side. I took a bristle brush to it and it started working again, for now. I'll have to make sure they're working properly through the rest of the grow. I'm thinking of going with some different emitters, I just can't seem to keep the halos functioning properly throughout the whole grow.

I really need to get used to running LEDs, plan out my pruning and training to compensate for lack of penetration. Drmjcoco has been working on a new light calculator and he let me test it out a little. I'm only running half the needed light for my space and my grows will suffer in this tent unless I upgrade. Glad I got to try the Mars hydro though and they will have a better home in a smaller space eventually. Been looking at new lights and even into making my own, I haven't decided which way to go yet.

Anyways girls are doing good, aside the larf and under developed lower canopy. I tried spreading them out a little to let the light get to all the lighter green areas, even took off some leaves to help. Humidity is a little high but the weather is about to change and hopefully it helps dry things out a bit.

The nerc seem to have quite a bit of tip burn despite the ec being within parameters. The one under the Chinese led has affected sugar leaves but hasn't progressed much further, the one under the Mars (different morphology) is only showing burnt tip leaf tips on fans.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200329 055023660
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200329 054910986
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200329 055007976
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200329 055015744
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200329 054930370
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200329 054914951

The Afghan cherries are the stars of this grow. Somewhat heavy feeders, they've taken to a fairly high ec without much tip burn. The smell is amazing and I love the way they grew out. I'll probably be popping a few more of the ac beans in a couple months.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200329 054825424
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200329 054809935 HDR
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200329 054818385 HDR
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200329 054804838 HDR
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200329 054751964 HDR
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200329 054758756 HDR

Starting on week 8 now so I've dropped the liquid koolbloom and replaced it with dry koolbloom. Hopefully it doesn't interfere with calmag uptake, I'll monitor them for a few days and see what happens. Next week we will probably put them on dry koolbloom only and cut the rest of the nutes out, lowering ec gradually to prepare for the flush. Though the one nerc looks like it might go a little longer than the rest, the pistils are starting to get some color, you can see in the pic above it looks like it might take longer.

Time to drag my 4x4 out of the shop for SAFC. I don't even have any auto flower beans yet. I might fall a little behind getting them started. I just haven't decided what I want to grow and have no idea what the consensus was on strains for the challenge. Guess I'll just order whatever and we'll see what the plan is for groups and journals later. Happy growing!!!


Posted : 03/29/2020 6:52 am Jay, KMac420, FurrySparkle and 1 people liked
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