NYGC Potluck: Mango Chow Mein

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NYGC Potluck: 🥡Mango Chow Mein🥡

Hello all. This will be my first grow through harvest!!! Jan 4th I started 2 seeds of Mango Chow Mein from City Slicker Genetics. I also received some freebie seeds of Cherry Diesel x Lemon Royale #13 I'll be keeping a journal in the Fruit Salad section. 

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Both seeds were soaked overnight and put into a moist paper towel and baggie on a heating mat for 24 hours until they cracked open and tap root was out and on the hunt. One seed was a dud so a 2nd was started immediately and isnt far behind. They were then transferred to Root Riot starter plugs and placed inside a sterilite container with lid placed on the heating mat. The plugs were lightly moistened with water with a small amount of General Hydroponics Root Enhancer. Keeping the temperature between 75-80 degrees and humidity between 65-70 percent. Adding a little water to the bottom of the container as needed. Usually once before bed and once midday. 

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Within 24 hours the seedlings had emerged from their shells and were in their search for light. I placed one 9w grow light above the seedlings as my ViparSpectra XS 1500 has not arrived yet. Within 24 more hours I've noticed they are stretching a little for the light so I added a 2nd 9w grow light and moved them closer to the seedling checking constantly for any potential light burn.

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Really not worried about burn since each light is only putting out 15 ppfd. 🙁 Full light could be here as early as Monday Jan 11th. Fingers crossed!

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Not much to add today. Adding the 2nd light has helped stop the stretch and the first set of true leaves are starting to grow bigger. Dont need the heating mat during the day anymore but do turn it on at night when the lights go out and it keeps everything about 5 degrees cooler than with the lights on. Cant wait to until the big light gets here and these girls can start reaching their true potential!

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Hey Growmies!

Been keeping all the updates in one thread since they're all sharing one reservoir and 1 light. Once I move everything into their own reservoirs and into the bigger tent I'll start updates on the separate strains as the differences show themselves. Until then I will include the link to my Fruit Salad grow:

Cannabis Grow 20210122 061254
Cannabis Grow 20210121 062017
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1st picture is as of this morning

2nd picture is at 1 week

3rd picture is the day they went in DWC

Posted : 01/23/2021 7:31 am