NYGC Potluck: Ice Cream Punch

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NYGC Potluck: Ice Cream Punch


Using paper towel method , dipped paper towel into diluted solution of H2O & inputs. ( After container is empty after watering with inputs, do not rinse. Just add H2O= diluted solution of H2O) Placed paper towel with seeds into ziplock.


#3 feminized beans are popping root , about 0.25 in . paper towel staying moist. No action needed.


The tap root on tombstone ripped out of bean and about 3/4 in long. Very vigorous even had smaller roots coming off the side. Moved to party cup to finish rooting in dirt. Accidentally ripped off top off one. Probably going to stunt growth. Picking that one for one cola challenge. As for ice cream punch. Just cracking the bean, tap root only a couple cm long.


The stunted tombstone is stunted lol. Only about 1/2 in out of dirt. The tombstone that came out clean is a good two inches tall. Both alive and well by window. As for ICP moved beans to warmer location hoping it would assist in sprouting. Not much luck. Out of three only one is ready for little soil disc. Going in today. Feel like its going slow. Feel like I'm doing this wrong.


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1-20-21 the 3 ice cream punch never sprouted, as a last ditch effort i threw one bean straight into disc. As for tombstone the stunted is doing great staying small. Messed up my good tombstone i had going. Let it touch the plastic i covered the cup with, the round leaves collected dew and fell of. Luckily the first set of true leaves were coming out and is keeping it alive. It also stopped growing.


Posted : 01/29/2021 8:31 am

1-29-21 First off Tombstone genetics both stunted but alive. Nothing new to report. Single ice cream punch started again a week ago is sprouting. Ill try and get pics up soon to show off the babies. Dropped on their heads but my babies.

Posted : 01/29/2021 8:37 am

Cannabis Grow 0131211210 HDR~2

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As of 2-8-21 everything started on 1-5-21 has died. Thank you for allowing me to participate.

Posted : 02/22/2021 3:57 pm