NYGC Potluck: GG4 x Zkittlez Clone

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Mother ( Gozelda ) is young, previous cloning atemps may have failed due to her being a teen. But Now Gozelda is at the ripe age of 2 months for reproduction, whether shes plowed or cloned her offspring are expected to be just as sexy, large limbed, big ear lobes, willing to root n get down and dirty... Dont leave your desserts or fruit on the table Ladds.! She Hungry, She's pot luck and she gonna be a Bloody Monster Mate!

Cannabis Grow 20210109 080945
Cannabis Grow 20210109 081023

Will Gozelda produce Gozlings¿?

I took 4 clones from my gorilla zkittlez on NY day. I didnt want to make an entry for NYGC until i sighted roots. Its been over a week now, still no roots but the cuts look healthy so ill make a late entry with my fingers crossed. As of late my cloning method has been simplified with not the best of results to show for it..

  1. All i do is.

    1. Cut selected branch at 45°deg & dip in clonex
    2. Poke straight into rockwool or jiffy with premade holes. (Making sure media isnt soaking wet, just moist)
    3. Dome - 100% RH for a week or so and yeh thats where im at now.
    4. Where Da Roots @?🤔

    Okay you watch! Now i'v talked madd shit, i bet they won't even root.

Posted : 01/09/2021 1:25 am ironman300k and CrackBabies liked

Day 1: The timing of NYGC grow is not really suiting my schedule. I have no free space for these clones to be in their own tent so i have put the dome in with the early veg under T5, the other light you see is a SF2000.

Cannabis Grow 20201228 070423
Cannabis Grow 20210101 172723

Day 3: nothing new with the gozlings, that bruce banger clone there rooted on 2nd jan so worse come to worse and i fail to root these hardy bitches ill just have to follow up the journal with this meazly mutt.

Cannabis Grow 20210104 070147

Day 5: Heat wave here so i pulled the clones indoors for a few days. Getting a solid 25°c so im pretty stoked about that. Guess ill be cloning in my wardrobe for the remainder of my days.

Cannabis Grow 20210104 153145

Day Now: They look good, healthy, fuck they're even praying! But wheres the roots at? Dome 90-95%RH

Cannabis Grow 20210109 051230

Posted : 01/09/2021 3:11 am ironman300k and CrackBabies liked
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mmYep No roots! i checked all four by pulling them out of media and no sign of any root formation at all. So in total iv cut 12 clones of this plant over its life and have not had any root, whilst all that my bruce and widow have rooted by same method & live on as healthy plants. So far this has been the hardest plant iv ever tried to clone and im at wits end, she can flower out and then die for all I care. Pray I get a seed!

Posted : 01/15/2021 3:14 pm
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Righto so that didnt work out to well so im gonna run a few seeds. Heres a pic of the lady that let me down.

Cannabis Grow 20210127 183513
Cannabis Grow 20210127 183931
Cannabis Grow 20210126 072006
Cannabis Grow 20210118 120819

So Now I have wet 

  • 2x zkittlez auto
  • 1x gorilla glue
  • 1x girl scout cookies extreme

Cannabis Grow 20210127 204629

Theyll get 12-15hrs in a cup of water then moist paper towel in sealed bag for a couple days or until i get decent tap roots. Then BOOM jiffy for a week or so under t5, from there they will go into soil mix that i made 4 months ago.

Cannabis Grow 20210128 100548
Cannabis Grow 20210128 100541
Cannabis Grow 20210128 100525

I have a couple more months of summer so those autos may end up outdoors. The other 2 photoperiods will get grown out in a tent for veg then chucked in the flower room (hopefully nice & quickly so i can catchup with yall!)

Posted : 01/27/2021 6:12 pm CrackBabies liked

Cannabis Grow 20210129 125213
Cannabis Grow 20210128 114140

Posted : 01/29/2021 1:39 am CrackBabies liked

Gg did not sprout so i popped and gelat.og and a skunk#1. We also have 2 x zkittlez auto and 1 x GSC extreme 

Cannabis Grow 20210207 130619
Cannabis Grow 20210207 130616

Posted : 02/07/2021 1:35 am CrackBabies liked

Gg did not sprout so i popped and gelat.og and a skunk#1. We also have 2 x zkittlez auto and 1 x GSC extreme 

Cannabis Grow 20210207 130619
Cannabis Grow 20210207 130616

Posted : 02/07/2021 1:35 am CrackBabies liked

Cannabis Grow 20210211 182658
Cannabis Grow 20210213 075645

Posted : 02/12/2021 4:00 pm CrackBabies liked

Here we have GSC, skunk #1 and gelat.og. just uppotted to 1 gal. Soon to start the mainline.

Cannabis Grow 20210228 135148
Cannabis Grow 20210228 135145

I threw out the autos because i dont like autos. Unpredictable and they flower when they want.. well i aint got time or space for that shit.

Posted : 03/02/2021 4:09 pm Alma M and CrackBabies liked

Tied down and took second topping on GSC and will do the others tomorrow.

Cannabis Grow 20210319 060629
Cannabis Grow 20210319 060625
Cannabis Grow 20210319 055406
Cannabis Grow 20210319 054127

Posted : 03/18/2021 3:16 pm CrackBabies liked

i uppotted the GSC and Gelat.o.g to five gals living soil and dunno what ill do with Skunk#1

Cannabis Grow 2x4 trans wide
Cannabis Grow 2x4 transplanted up

Posted : 03/26/2021 2:56 pm CrackBabies liked

made a barley straw mulch

Cannabis Grow 2x4 fresh mulch

Posted : 03/29/2021 2:30 pm

Cannabis Grow 20210331 145521
Cannabis Grow 20210331 145539

I dunno what to do here.. run 3 plants or 2.

Posted : 03/31/2021 12:21 pm
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Upotted skunk so 3 it is

Cannabis Grow 20210401 111103

Posted : 04/02/2021 2:22 am

Should flip soon 

Cannabis Grow 20210412 081525
Cannabis Grow 20210412 081528

Posted : 04/12/2021 3:15 pm
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