NYGC Potluck: Enter the Garlic

I will be growing Garlic Breath 2.0 and The OG #18 (OG Kush - S1). Garlic Breath 2.0 are regular seeds 10 pack and The OG #18 are a 2 pack fem. 

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12 seeds came in the 10 pack of Garlic Breath 2.0! Stoked about that! 
10 out 12 successfully germinated and transplanted into 60/40 (Pro-Mix HP / Coco) mix into 3” x 3” small black plastic grow pots. Every grow pot has it’s own drain saucer underneath it. 

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Garlic Breath 2.0 is about 3 weeks older than The OG #18 as far as germination date. I realize I am early with the Garlic Breath 2.0 entry. I plan to get a longer veg on it than The  OG #18. Hoping to find the best female (sister) and male (brother) to cross for some IBL - F3 seeds. I will also select a Garlic Breath 2.0 female for the One Cola Challenge. 

The OG #18 germination success rate was 1 of 2. Transplanted into 60/40 and same size small black plastic grow pots on 12/25/2020. This is my Christmas new born 🤣 😆   She is just starting to pop up and break soil surface. 

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I am looking forward to documenting this grow, scoping out other growmies journals and getting to try some new strains in the garden! 


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 I have started introducing the Garlic Breath 2.0 and OG Kush seedlings to sunlight during the daytime. They are currently on a veg photoperiod of 20 hrs on and 4 hrs off.
The majority of the daytime light is received via supplemental light and about 4 hours will be received by sunlight. I am using T5 CFLs for veg supplemental light. I plan to set the seedlings by a window on sunny days to absorb as much natural light as possible 👍 Once flower photoperiod starts, they will be under 1000w Gavita HPS lights.  

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The OG Kush seedling is about 3 weeks younger than Garlic Breath 2.0 seedlings. OG Kush seems to be growing well! This is my only seedling of OG Kush so really hoping it pulls through for me with no issues later on. 

Cannabis Grow B7F40D2C C1A4 433D 9B8F 4BDC9AFF289C

Garlic Breath 2.0 seedlings will be ready for transplant into 7” x 7” white square plastic grow pots in the next week or so. Soon after that I anticipate gender identification will occur and I will start to separate plants into female and male flowering rooms. 
Some GB 2.0 seedlings are beginning to stretch up tall and tower like, which may indicate males.. which is cool 👍 During flower, I plan on pollinating a couple lower flower sites on the females for F3 seeds.


Current Feeding PPM & pH:

Garlic Breath 2.0 @ 350 ppm w/ 5.7 pH

OG Kush @ 200 ppm w/ 5.7 pH

Current Room Temp & RH:

72 degrees & 40%

I hope everyone is doing well and hope your gardens are thriving! 💚🌱


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I have transplanted Garlic Breath 2.0 into their final grow pots. They have been transplanted into 7” x 7” white plastic grow pots. Pictured below is my process for transplanting.

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I typically use Canna Coco but the local grow store was out of stock so I switched it up this round and went with Paonia Soil Co.’s “Pre-Fluffed Coco Peat”. I also use Pro-Mix HP. I do a 50/50 mix of each into a plastic moving/storage tote. I use a couple grow pots to help me measure it out into the tote before hand mixing.

Cannabis Grow 63DAD0E4 DE69 4CB6 82C9 14717F8AB00A

Once I have my 50/50 blend mixed, I then fill the grow pot to the top with the growing medium. Then with one hand, I grab enough growing medium out to create a small hole big enough to fit the small grow pot that I am transplanting.
*I transplant when my grow pots feel light at lift. If they are still heavy, I will wait a day or until they are dry/light at lift. 

Cannabis Grow F49FEAE0 C989 4F91 A6D9 B164A17BAFD5


I place my Garlic Breath 2.0 (grow pot has not been removed) into the hole to basically make a mold of the perfect transplant hole. I backfill around the grow pot to shape the mold of my hole by packing lightly. After I pull the GB 2.0 out, my transplant hole has been formed.

Cannabis Grow 39C75CBE 166B 4D3C 9C3B E26F09EC73EC

I then lightly dust the hole with Azos Beneficial Microbes. After the hole is dusted, I am ready for my transplant. 

Cannabis Grow 2E8FED6B 3D69 4859 B958 D24530BBF83C

At this point I transplant and backfill (lightly). I then water in each grow pot I transplanted with a Veg 2 part feed (powder - synthetic) and some added beneficials. 

Current PH and PPM:

Cannabis Grow F9E04F1C 76D9 42D0 902B 1E40AAD37510
Cannabis Grow BF0030AF BFE5 4E83 AAFE EF6CF2FB3F0F

I took this photo just before the lights came on. 

Plants Response Immediately After Transplanting:

Cannabis Grow 29595E57 44DF 42B2 B180 E58332F48359
Cannabis Grow 1B58BF2B 5BD1 43D6 B785 D5968A2B74D7

They’re going through transplant shock currently, but I’m confident they will pull out and be perking up in the next 24-48 hours. I’ll post an update in the next couple days and see where they are 👍

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The OG #18 has been soaking up natural light during the daytime hours and is loving every minute of it! It’s starting to take off and I expect around another week before it is transplanted into it’s final grow pot. 

Cannabis Grow F331693F D6BD 4EC8 A766 B3D773F82152
Cannabis Grow C4389679 9761 4DB6 96CC 79B3546F9303

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Here is a photo taken of the Garlic Breath 2.0 plants about 3 days after transplant from last post. Photo was taken an hour before the lights switched off, so DLI was coming to an end. 

Cannabis Grow A74EB8D0 08AF 4E0F 93EA 20836EB037E0
Cannabis Grow 6A389B7C E80C 4FD5 8B0F 82DB95290038

I have started determining sex on Garlic Breath 2.0. It appears I have 6 females and 4 males of GB 2.0. I plan to keep checking the sex for the next week or so until I am 100% certain and begin moving the females out into my other flower room. 
Today I have to decided to change my game plan up. Instead of finishing the GB 2.0 and OG Kush in 7” x 7” grow pots, I’m transplanting into 9”x9” grow pots now and then 1 week before flower switch date I plan to transplant again into 12”x12” grow pots. I want to give the root zone more room to stretch out those first 2-3 weeks of flower. 
Pictured below is how the GB 2.0 root zones currently look and my process for transplanting.

Cannabis Grow D715554E C1BF 462E 9835 89ECEB0B845E
Cannabis Grow A5FDE511 E471 42C1 B390 3C76A34C4EE0

Since my grow pots I am transplanting into are only 2” wider, I only need to fill about an inch or two on the bottom of my new grow pot. 

Cannabis Grow 81ACD82E DA99 48AF BEF4 EB2B6DE663CF

Instead of dusting my transplant hole with Azos, I dust the roots directly. Using caution and care, I gently rotate the roots with one hand and dust Azos with the other hand. I recommend doing this over a tote, container, tarp or hard surface that is easy to sweep up afterwards. 

Cannabis Grow B8ECEC46 45F6 48E1 825E 84C6A51B0FC2

Next I place the root zone gently into the new grow pot and center it. After the plant is placed with even spacing on all sides of the root zone, i backfill with my growing medium. I lightly pack in the sides and even off the top layer. 

Cannabis Grow 8F9EA962 09D8 4B31 AE44 4FDCE6B85D6B
Cannabis Grow 45031B76 606E 475C 949B 2DBEF916B0CD

I water them with a light feed, but a feed that is juiced up with microbes/beneficials. Fish Sh!t, Photosynthesis Plus, Recharge and some homemade beneficials given to me by a fellow grower are my go-to brands. I also add Canna “Rhizotonic” and “Cannazym” in my transplant feed. 
PPM is at 250 and PH is at 5.8 for transplant feed. 

The OG #18 (OG Kush) is doing great! I decided to transplant her into a 9”x9” grow pot today as well. She has now moved from T5 lighting to HPS lighting. Today was her introduction day. 

I’ll post again soon and hope all is well everyone’s way! 



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