The Party Cup Side Challenge 2022 - Rules, Information, & Questions

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The goal of this challenge is to grow a plant using only a plastic party cup as its container! Starting from either seed or clone is OK!

- The cup should be no larger than 18 oz.

- You can modify the cup in any way, but the plant’s roots must stay inside of the cup during the entire grow!

- Autos, Photoperiod, Regulars, Fems - Everything allowed

-Any training method is allowed

There will be a special prize for the winner of the Party Cup Challenge! To enter this side challenge, you will need to register for the PTGC, indicate that you would like to participate in the Party Cup Side Challenge, and keep a grow journal documenting your main grow as well as your Party Cup plant. You can create a separate grow journal for your Party Cup plant or keep it as a part of your main journal; it’s up to you how you’d like to organize and record your progress during the PTGC!

If you’ve already registered for the PTGC and want to sign up for the side challenge, you can edit your grow box design on your grow journal to include the Party Cup Side Challenge at any time. The system will automatically update your grow box design to include the Party Cup Challenge icon. To edit your grow box design, go to the first post in your PTGC journal and click the "Edit Grow Box" button.

The challenge leaders will be in charge of following all the grow journals in the PTGC Forum and nominating growers for the Party Cup Challenge. Those nominees will each be assigned a number range for a drawing to determine the challenge winner at the end of the PTGC!

Please feel free to post comments or questions below!

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Thanks Jordan!

Grower Love!!

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As it comes time on deciding my strain to put into the Solo Cup challenge. I would like to know if I may use a Honor The Plant seed starter? It's shorter but not tapered, so the volume isn't the same, but I  would just use a full party cup of soil pictured of course and pour into the seed starter. If not allowed, no worries.  I will gladly comply with using a simple Solo Cup. I will be using autos, which strain depends on the container choice. Thank you for your time. 


Cannabis Grow 20220914 143830
Cannabis Grow 20220914 143730
Cannabis Grow 20220914 143721


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I want to be part of this grow! 😀

Posted : 09/22/2022 6:30 am HappyCultivator, KAPT_SAVE_Da_HO and Heyron420 liked
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