PTGC Group Leader Invitations! How to pick your group and start your journal

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The Plant Training Grow Challenge is organized into four different Challenge groups based on how you plan to train your plants during your grow. Each group has its own group leader who would love to welcome you to the PTGC. Read their invitations below, select your group, and follow the link to start your journal!


Mainlines & Manifolds - Group Leader: @MtnDan

Hey Growmies, MtnDan here, and this year I am leading YOU in the Mainline & Manifold PTGC group! I pretty much started out cloning and manipulating plants so I hope I can help all you Plant trainers out there with your training, starting your PTGC Journals and maybe help in winning you some CfC prizes and giveaways!! 😀 I am sure you can do it alone, But as we say, Grow your own but never grow alone! If you are planning on a Mainline or Manifold this is obviously the group you want to be in! So take the Mainline to the sign up by clicking the Grow Challenge Circle, register for the Newsletter and then go to the forum to begin your 1st journal entry. Keep your Journal up to date and be a growmie by visiting our group's members, and you could win Best Growmie! See you in Chat! Grower Love

The Toppers - Group Leader: @Crackbabies

PTGC Time Growmies, Your Toppers Leader here, if you like topping your plant to get her wide and hefty, no matter how you choose to go about it, get a PTGC toppers journal going, and let the plant be all it can be 🙂 Join us in the "Toppers' Army" 🙂

The Benders - Group Leader: @Baby-lamb

Do you bend your plants as an LST method? We all do, right? Then how about you grow along with the Benders this PTGC. Together we can fill our canopy space with healthy lush plants with the flip day being October 1. Document your grow, join the challenge and win great prizes along the way! Let's get bendy with the benders this PTGC!

The Misfits - Group Leader: @OldWoman

Hey growers, welcome to the Plant Training Grow Challenge! I'll be the group leader of the Misfits. Even though I'm fairly new to cannabis growing, I've been a hobby gardener for years. After finding Coco For Cannabis I was able to begin tent growing indoors and reach spectacular numbers by my second grow. If you're new here, you'll find facts and science not bro science. Welcome aboard!


Still unsure which challenge group to join? Check out this awesome Forum post that @Berkshirebud wrote for last year's PTGC! *Note that the Non-Toppers group from last year's PTGC is now known as "The Benders" group in this year's challenge!

Please feel free to post any questions or comments you may still have here! It is sure to be an awesome PTGC this year! We can't wait to grow with you!! Happy growing, everyone 🙂

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