PTGC giveaway! September 1st - Mars Hydro grow kit

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Cannabis Grow Mars Hydro kit

🤩 Get excited Growskies! We're already close to our first giveaway! 🤩 

Everything you need to set up a new grow space! Just add coco and some good genetics and you’re good to grow. If you have been following the grow light project here at coco for cannabis, you know the importance of matching your light to your grow space. This kit has it all. The 2x2 tent is perfectly matched for the “high efficiency” TS1000 light and gets an A for distribution in this space, with a harvest potential of 4.8 – 6.5 ounces. Check out the Full test and Review article for more info. 

Eligibility criteria and draw details can be found here - - And be sure to check if you're on the auto populated eligible users list. If not... better get that journal Updated!

Can't wait? Didn’t win it but still want it? Be sure to use the code CCFC at checkout over at Mars Hydro for your discount.

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