SAFC Planets: Wildwood Seeds - Ground Zero Grape

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SAFC Planets: Wildwood Seeds - Ground Zero Grape

I'll be running a relatively new autoflower strain from Wildwood seeds. Ground zero grape.

I run autopots with a coco mix I have tweaked over multiple runs to dial in how to get the most out of the autopot systems when using coco coir.

For this challenge, I will be trying to get a supernova of a plant in my small 32" x 32" tent.

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My 32" x 32" tent has a 4" ac infinity fan outside the tent with a canlite carbon filter mounted inside the tent.


I am using a mars hydro tsw2000 light.

My autopot reservoir is 50 liters, and I use 15 liter pots (4 gallon).

I use Canna Coco and chunk perlite at 70/30.

I use 1" of hydroton at the bottom of each post.

I add a couple liters of worm castings into my coco along side a healthy dose of DynoMyco when I first transplant from solo cup into their forever homes.

I top water once every 3 or 4 weeks with nutrients from my reservoir but with real growers recharge added.

I ph my water in the reservoir to 5.8 and refill the reservoir every 5 to 7 days.

My nutrient line is calimagic for calmag which gets a full dose every time.

I use Canna Coco a&b as primary nutrient feeds.  I use  canna Pk13/14 and boost as well.

Simple and effective.

There is something elegant about a gravity fed bottom feeding system.  Less time spent on fertigation allows me to focus on the plant and the space. 


Seeds wet soon!

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