SAFC Planets: 3rd times a charm

So yeah, I had a plan for today, hit the hardware store then put some effort into a journal entry... but then I heard the term Noodlydoink on High on Homegrown Podcast... an hour later I was in the home depot parking lot along the riverfront smoking joints with pasta filters and spent another 2 hours hiding in the gardening section,thankfully you can buy sausage sandwiches in this store.

Now I have to do a quick entry.

Its been a year since I was given a gelato seed. I have learnt a lot in that time, about growing and about myself... Now I have these beans from my first pollen chucking adventure last year. Not for sale, but for self sufficiency.

Royal Critical Auto (RQS) x Purple Mazar Auto (Kalashnikov) S1 pollen.

There is 10, ima grow them and try not to fuck most of them up! all starting at 4:20pm in distilled water with a fart of H2O2 in it, then some into 1L cloth bags, maybe a hempy or 2, inside in a 2x4 and maybe 1 outside in the prohibition garden understory idk, i need to go eat everything...

Back later, hope you all enjoyed your day as much as i still am.

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not so long ago, in a half arsed incubator not so far away...


After a 24 hour soak, 8 seeds had cracked and started to grow tails. A couple of them had tiny tails and some small bubbles stuck to them.  On inspection, the bubbles seemed to be trapped in a slime layer around the seeds.  sorry for the shite pic.

Cannabis Grow DSC 9063

As all seeds where together, and the slime was obviously some type of growth, I transferred each seed to a fresh glass of room temp distilled water with a dash of H2O2 while the soil was prepared.

Half will go into peat pellets and half in small peat pots... I fully plan to transplant... a few times!

Cannabis Grow DSC 9088

Large size Jiffy pellet, in 1/4 recharge DIH20.

Cannabis Grow DSC 9049

my seed mix in this case, is 1 part worm castings, 1 part rice hull, 2 parts buffered coco, and 2 parts Stonington Blend... look at me, pretending like I know some shite. It sounded like a good idea at the time and thought it might be worth looking at half in this mix and half in straight peat with a fart of recharge. 


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04/21/21... still

4 seeds were placed 1 in each peat pellet, and 4 in the peat pots with seed mix and placed back in Bender, the name now used to refer to the DIY incubator, inside a plastic peat pellet dome ( i like this one as it has a bit more headspace than other cheap domes, and has a wicking mat to ensure your shit doesn't dry out). The incubator has a cheap Feit 32W grow light and is based on the size of a heat pad, which I installed later during the winter, and just installed a thermocouple to regulate at 25C...

Seed tray

Cannabis Grow IMG 20210422 090803502 HDR

Bender (in the before time)

Cannabis Grow 137297838 1092162867936211 8457016132207937304 n


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7/8 seeds have emerged after 4 days. The 2 that were slime coated have yellowing cotyledons and have a one way ticket to destination fucked

Cannabis Grow IMG 20210426 154724575


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5 remaining plants transplanted as roots were visible

Cannabis Grow DSC 9220
Cannabis Grow DSC 9226

Party cups with clear cup inside for root inspection. Peat pots trimmed and all planted with a mix of 1/3 stonington, 1/3 coco,  1/3 used stonington blend.

All watered with 30mls of 1/8 strength recharge using the flavor stabber and individual domes from clear cups with holes on the bottom. I will keep these on with the fan running in the incubator for another week, I have battled fungus gnats before, they are still here, but we have an understanding for now.

Cannabis Grow DSC 9255
Cannabis Grow DSC 9250
Cannabis Grow DSC 9282
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Still need a name for these pollen chuckies

These seeds were freshly harvested, but some were still green etc. I am happy with 5 healthy seedlings so far.

Of the five, pretty sure that 4 will go into hempies and one will stay in a solo.

I have been experimenting with transplanting autos lately and have found explosive growth with the right timing.  It would be good to test this out with more stable genetics, I have read that a first generation cross like this ( auto fem, pollinated with selfed pollen from another auto fem strain) will be all over the place so I'm not sure how valuable any comparison would be and with a small sample size.

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Day 12, fungus gnats have started to show up, watered at 6.3 with some BT


Posted : 05/04/2021 5:32 pm

Doesnt look like the gnats caused much fuss but I will be treating everyweek with BT in the soil from here on. Applying some LAB tonight , my first batch.

Hopefully I will have other KNF inputs ready for these soon.

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May 10th, I was about to transplant the 5 bebes to 1 gal cloth, but a plant in my photo tent hermed all over early flower and I suddenly had a 15 gallon pot full of super soil to mess with. After 40mg of edibles I threw all plans out the window.

1 was planted outside stealthily amongst my inner prohibition city garden. The blade is perfect for cutting a party cup shaped hole. This is often where any runts are sent.

Cannabis Grow DSC 0076
Cannabis Grow DSC 0099

3 were planted in the 15 gal. The root ball from the last plant was partially removed right before, an inch of stonington and coco on top and solo cup sized holes cut out through the remaining root ball.

Cannabis Grow DSC 0132

1 was planted in a 5gal hempy  (coco, stonington blend, recycled soil, roots organic grow 1/2 strength.

Cannabis Grow DSC 0120
Cannabis Grow DSC 0125


Posted : 05/27/2021 3:16 pm

May 18th, Day 28

15 gal plants are smaller, regretting not going into the 1 gals(to 3gal)

Cannabis Grow DSCF0256

with new soil. LST to try and make a canopy of little plants.

5gal was looking good, i should have left it alone...  she was at the 7th node and quite stocky, I LST'd  her to make the claw.

Cannabis Grow DSCF0242

Here she is the next day after i dropped my phone on her and she just snapped at the 3rd node taking 60% off the top...

Cannabis Grow DSCF0282

the yard plant is getting about an hour of sunlight a day so thats cute

Posted : 05/27/2021 4:01 pm

Day 37

Cannabis Grow DSCF0645

15 gal started to go to flower not long after training but may have an adequate if not way too low canopy of cute little buds. still regretting going into 1gals for a bit... gnats are a problem unless I hit with zymes once a week. 

Cannabis Grow DSCF0642

5 gal... I have carefully trained out the remaining 3 limbs and a decent triangle canopy is forming, would have been nice to keep the rest of the plant on it, I still might end up with more than the 3 stunted plants in one 15gal.

All plants have basic compost tea or recharge once a week

Pre flowers are just starting to appear and one of the problems in the past year has been deficiencies in flower. I may top dress with an inch of castings/stonington blend and roots organic bloom shortly.

Outside plant gets limited sun, and sometimes trash pandas sit on it. still cute.

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