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Just ordered my seeds this week. Happy to join in the grow challenge. Will be my second grow.

Posted : 12/14/2019 9:14 am missourimedical, VTgrown and Spazmagi liked
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Better late then never! It begins with 10 P.E. auto seeds floating in each of there own cups. Ph 7.0 with a PPM 240 at 6pm central. Water temp about 87F. I will let them soak for a few hours. Then move them to paper towels in a Tupperware container. Dark room heated and with a heating mat.

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Posted : 01/08/2020 7:05 pm Mlcl1985 liked

And we are snug away. Getting the temp raised since i live in colder climate. Will soak my pods the next 24 hours. Then check to see progress on the seeds.🍍🍍🍍

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Posted : 01/08/2020 8:05 pm

Less then 24 hours and came home to some cracked. Waited 5 more hours and ready to put in pallets. Had them soaking in PH water 5.8 time too be put under the hood.

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Posted : 01/09/2020 10:21 pm
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About half are starting to pop out tonight.

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Posted : 01/10/2020 7:50 pm 3one liked

Sorry for the couple days offline. I live in the tundra of the midwest so was out ice fishing now that the ice is good. Got my record walleye twice of 26" for those fellow fisher/growers! 

Anyway id say doing good. Have 6 out with 5 showing leaves. 4 havnt sprouted out yet. My plan with the 10 was to keep 4 or 5 for myself. Have a fellow buddy getting into growing that i was gonna share 4 or 5 with. Still hoping for other 4 to come out. He was planning on using my 3 gallon plastic pots. Well, I use 5 gallon fabric. Was gonna use solo cups at first for all of them, but also have 1 gallon pots. What do my fellow grows suggest the first pot should be, before translpant into there final pot?

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Posted : 01/13/2020 6:09 pm

As i smoke and bake with my first grow ever. I ask my fellow growers "in my shane voice from cheap home grow network." A serious question for this 🍍🍍🍍 grow, "how would you use these nutrients, to a science, on this grow?" I am in gox farm ocean. Using the three fox farm line up. I have some flowering cal-mag from Mendicino i used when i fould a deficiency my first run. I also bought some Armor Si silica from general hydroponics from my grow store recently. Was suggest by nakedgardener a sand type version to mix with soil, but was unable to obtain it. My grow shop suggested the liquid silica so i bought it on a whim. Looking for any imput the community may have.

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Posted : 01/13/2020 7:31 pm
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6 of my 10 cracked and tap root has come out the bottom of the puck. Put those 6 into solo cups with foxfarm ocean soil. Watered with plain water at a ph of 6.8. Left the others 4 in the dome. Unburied the seeds a bit. Will see what happens. Also lowered my light down to about 3ft from my canopy.

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Posted : 01/15/2020 4:58 pm Mlcl1985 and 3one liked
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Gave up on the 4 seeds today. Started feeding with 1/4 tsp of fox farm Big Bloom and silica. 330ppm and 6.6ph. Have 2nd. set of leaves coming in.

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Posted : 01/20/2020 8:31 pm Growasaurusrex liked

Came home today to these girls starting to take off. 24 hours since their first feeding and they loved it.

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Posted : 01/21/2020 4:51 pm

Last night i transplanted all 6 to 1 gallon pots. Couple started to show rust spots so i did some water at 6.6ph with a galf a ml of calmeg. Otherwise they all seem to be thriving. A couple a bit biger then other's. Been on the same cycle of 6.6ph with fox farm big bloom 1/4tsp and 1/4tsp of silica everyother feeding. Will add the grow big into the equation beginning this week.

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Posted : 01/25/2020 10:57 am

Well my timeline is a bit off starting about 10 days after the start of the challenge. Fell off a bit with work and keeping up on my ladies. Had to give 2 PE up do to not enough light footprint. Looking for a light this week to change that. Have 1200 to spend if there are any recommendations. 

PE I am at day 37 and all 4 ladies are thriving. The two on the right of photoes i accidently topped well training them about 2 weeks ago. Seem to be fine though. Been doing alot of light stress training for my 2nd grow and following foxfarm nutrition schedule on the 3 big at about 8th of the dosage recommended. Plus some Silvia and cal meg feed by itself on a flush day maybe twice fed at a 1 ml per gallon. All 4 ladies in fabric 5 gallon pots.

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Posted : 02/18/2020 6:03 pm

Well its been a bit and even updated my light. Im 56 days in and have been flushing for a week now clean PH water. Did a heavy 12 to 16 gallon flush in each pot before i left town for a week and just had someone water ounce clean ph well gone. Flowers are looking beautiful with some nice purples in one of the PE quite a bit. Trichomes are milky but no ambet yet. Id say 2 will be ready in a week with other 2 maybe a few days behind. Should be good end for my 2nd time.

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Posted : 03/08/2020 10:45 am