NYGC PE Auto: First Grow Ever!

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This sounded like a perfect opportunity to get started on growing alongside some experts! Unfortunately I can’t start straight away on the first as I’m still away to see family. But I’ll  follow you closely and will try to learn as much as possible along the way. After careful consideration I decided to grow in soil for now, using biobizz light mix for the seedlings and all mix for veg&bloom. I’ll take it easy on the nutes and only add some of a biobizz sample pack later on. I was planning to do 2 transplants and LST and will only do topping if the plants look like they are up for it. 
I have a cheapo blurple light which states 1000W so I assumed it actually draws around 100W but only the gods of the Chinese Amazon will know for sure. My motivation for growing is that I live in a prohibition country and I am sick of the organised crime, bad quality of flower and awkwardness of buying on the black market that it brings with it. So I am going for quality and stealth rather than quantity. Thank you for putting this on and letting me join you even if I am late, 



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Hi Folks, 

Thank you all for the warm welcome, sorry I wasn't replying earlier, I didn't have proper internet the last weeks. 

I have returned from the family trip - and lots of familying it was! So finally I got to get started and tucked the little ones into a damp paper towel last night. I will post pictures once I see (or if I see 😳) a proper root searching for a proper medium to get a hold of. 

@mlcl1985 - I'm based in the UK

All the best, 



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Both seeds have a root now! I initially had them both in a shot glass of water and after about 5h the Blue dream had sunk and the PE was about to sink. I then put them in a paper towel and put them into my growtent onto a seedling mat... I decided it was a bit too warm so I put a towel underneath but I was worried it had damaged the seeds already but apparently not.
After about 45 h in the towel I have now some roots! They are about 15mm long and I introduced them to their future home - some seedling bags with biobizz light mix soil. I planted them with tweezers, about 1.5 cm below the surface and gave them water up to pretty much saturation of the soil.
They are in a propagator on a seedling mat under a 13.4 LED light bulb from Wilko's which apparently produces light at about 6500K. 
I also planted two different types of basil and some rocket so the missus can benefit from my growing frenzy as well!

Any thoughts on the lighting situation anyone?

It's all very exciting! 
Grower's love,

The pictures show: 1. my germination setup, 2. The PE seed, 3. The BD seed 4-5. The propagation setup 

Cannabis Grow IMG 2680
Cannabis Grow IMG 2681
Cannabis Grow IMG 2682
Cannabis Grow IMG 2683
Cannabis Grow IMG 2685

PS: I am also documenting this grow on growroom420 - a really nice crowd who have also been giving me a very warm welcome! I hope you don't mind! 

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Both plants have now their heads out! The Pineapple express was super quick and after a day of the Blue dream still not showing up, I lightly searched for it... maybe it was jammed behind a chunk in the soil but it quickly got to the surface after that. Now they are both out, PE is way taller - maybe because I switched on the blurple light after it was already out but BD was still buried I have that light roughly a metre above the seedlings. I underestimated how much heat it produces so I already turned off the seedling mat and turned on the fan so it get's fresh (colder) air. Now I am at about 26C. You can see my setup below. If you're wondering, there is also two types of basil and a tray of rocket in there all of which have also sprouted. I am really glad the Blue Dream made its way to the top... I really have to learn to be patient now! I still haven't watered them since I planted them. But because they're in the propagator, they still seem quite moist.
Three questions:
How do I know whether I can/should lower the lights?
Should I open the air vents a bit more? I only opened them a slid.

What do you think? Any issues spotted? 


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sorry didn't manage to upload the pictures before ... is it possible there is quite a bit of traffic on the site due to the NYGC? 

here they are: 

Cannabis Grow IMG 2695
Cannabis Grow IMG 2694
Cannabis Grow IMG 2693
Cannabis Grow IMG 2691

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Little update: I don't think they are stretching anymore and the second set of serrated leafs is showing... The blue dream (2nd image) looks perfect to my untrained eyes, but I think the Pineapple express' leafs are curling inwards a bit (1st image). Not sure why and hoping it's not an issue! They are still in the propagator and I have yet to water them after 5 days since the potting and first and only watering. Let's see how the next set of leafs turns out and then I hope for photosynthesis to really kick in! The light (chinese blurple) is now roughly 80-90 cm above the plants, temperatures are at about 21C during lights off and 26C during lights on, light cycle is 20/4.


Cannabis Grow IMG 2703
Cannabis Grow IMG 2698

Posted : 01/14/2020 2:31 am
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not much is happening in my tent... the Pineapple express still looks a bit mangled in my eyes - my guess is that the soil is quite hot even though it's only the "light" version... Or do you have other ideas? More leafs are coming and I'm hoping it is getting used to the soil once they are a bit bigger - if this is the reason. The Blue Dream is dealing much better with it and looks pretty good to me. I have yet to water them - I haven't done so since they went into the soil! The soil is covered by a little algae - is this normal? The perlite is turning green! 

Let me know if you spot any issues or have any comments. 

Best wishes, 


Cannabis Grow IMG 2725
Cannabis Grow IMG 2726
Cannabis Grow IMG 2727

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GMO calmed my nerves by calling it teenager acne (thank you!). I guess I should worry less and just be patient... 

Posted : 01/18/2020 5:58 pm
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Hi Folks, 

growth has set in - and while the Blue Dream Auto is growing really quickly, the PE is still struggling. The leafs look still mangled and on top of it I have some brown spots which I interpreted as light burn from the droplets that form during condensation in the propagator. I had the light down to about 60 cm at some point and have lifted it since back up to 75 cm. Blue Dream doesn't seem fussed about that at all. I have also unfolded the seedling bag and filled up the PE a bit higher with soil to support the stem a bit and hope for more root growth on the young stem. Nonetheless the 5 finger leafs are coming up and I am still hoping that this will be the end of a difficult puberty for the PE. 

Cannabis Grow IMG 2733
Cannabis Grow IMG 2734
Cannabis Grow IMG 2736

Posted : 01/21/2020 12:25 am
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So the little PE didn't seem to recover and in a last ditch attempt, I potted them both up yesterday - they're now in about 1 gal pots with a hotter soil (biobizz all-mix). And as it seems they are doing alright. The old leafs of the pe are looking horrible and she's going to struggle a bit but my hopes are high that she's managed to get through it. Both plants show some signs of deficiencies or excess of whatever sort - I hope they'll be better soon. It looks like they are really trying to grow fast now and I hope they'll fill up that new pot quickly!

Cannabis Grow IMG 2745
Cannabis Grow IMG 2746
Cannabis Grow IMG 2747

Posted : 01/24/2020 1:03 am

So two days after transplanting to larger pots with biobizz allmix soil (rather than light mix) the bd is still thriving, the pineapple express is still struggling. This must be some sort of deficiency or nutrient lockout - but then the bd doesn't seem to bother at all. The difference in growth of the two is now getting really apparent. And the new leafs on the PE are already showing some sort of deficiency. Looking at charts, it looks the most similar to the pictures of Mg deficiencies. So the plan right now is to wait until the soil has dried out a little more and then to feed it some nutes - biobizz grow (I believe that's just expensive molasses). So if you have some ideas, hit me up.

I am using tapwater which I let sit for a couple of hours to let the chlorine exsolve, and I am not pH checking the water but I might do that soon.
If I am right about the Mg deficiency, should I give her an epsom salt foliar spray? If so, what concentration for this?
Or is it still just the remnants of the issues that are now growing out? 

Cannabis Grow IMG 2761
Cannabis Grow IMG 2762

Posted : 01/25/2020 4:08 am
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Hi all,
a quick update! Yesterday it was exactly 3 weeks since they sprouted! So 22 days since I wet the seeds! Since the pineapple express had massive issues I tried some things. What did it in the end (hopefully ... fingers crossed) was probably just changing the soil. I did give it a spritz with epsom salt - and I have now fed them both. Two nights ago I topped the blue dream! Scary it was but I had some guidance from people in the chat over at gr420 which prepared me well - thank you! So I snipped it with my nice new snippers and she only let out a very short squeal of pain (yeah she did: ... 0.full.pdf) but she has recovered now. I won't put the pineapple through the same ordeal but rather prescribe a low stress yoga sesh. I want to start LST with both of them soon. 
I have both fed them with 0.5ml/l grow by biobizz which is half of the recommended dose. They seem fine. My light is about 55cm away.

So as much as I think they could be bigger and pe could be healthier - I think I'm back on track.
here are the pictures, including the makeshift data logger I'm working on (see my post about that - it's coming along nicely)

Cannabis Grow IMG 2783
Cannabis Grow IMG 2784
Cannabis Grow IMG 2785
Cannabis Grow IMG 2786
Cannabis Grow IMG 2787

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It's now been 4 weeks! They both show pistils so I guess I can call it flowering? I have done some LST on the PE and still only the one top on the blue dream. I also gave them the biobizz bloom for the first time. I am at half strength for both (grow + bloom) which is 0.5ml/l. The blue dream just keeps on growing without complaints - the pineapple express I think might have been a bit burned by the nutes? I still haven't figured that plant out! I would love to know! It's those rusty spots that keep on turning up. Nonetheless, they're both growing quite rapidly now and the PE has started to smell lovely, the blue dream is only just changing her smell from something quite leafy to more of a cannabis smell. I am thinking of putting them into their final pots - should I do it or wait?

I also just planted 3 strawberry plants, and my basil is coming along nicely but I can see why weed is such a cool plant to grow: anything other is just boring in comparison to the growth rates and the amazing changes you can see on a daily basis!

Blue Dream Auto:

Cannabis Grow IMG 2808
Cannabis Grow IMG 2806 2

Pineapple Express Auto:


Cannabis Grow IMG 2809
Cannabis Grow IMG 2812

Posted : 02/06/2020 3:19 am
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I'm finally getting the feeling my Pineapple is back on track and is now really going for it. I have transplanted them to their final pot on Friday went away for the weekend. When I got back last night I could really see how much they've been growing! It's so nice to see them finally both going strong and the PE has now caught up with the BD. I am a bit unsure about the LST - and basically just winging it - trying to keep everything as spread out as possible. I have been feeding Grow + Bloom + Top Max which I believe are molasses, n-p-k, and humic acid - but I don't know for sure. I gave the PE half the dose of bloom and top max because I have the feeling it's not as hungry (or as sturdy) as the BD. 

The other plants in the tent are basil (geneva + italian) and strawberries. 



Cannabis Grow IMG 2832
Cannabis Grow IMG 2833
Cannabis Grow IMG 2834
Cannabis Grow IMG 2835
Cannabis Grow IMG 2836

Posted : 02/10/2020 12:52 pm Chefomj liked

It seems to be growing alright. The PE is again showing these signs for something being a bit off - or it  being unhappy. Slightly darkbrownish spots developing and a shiny surface - only in a few leafs it seems. I don't know what it is and how to change it. Lockout? Deficiency? Burn? you tell me... She seems to grow really well nonetheless and has now overtaken the BD. She smells really nice! So I'm not overly worried. 

Both of them are getting quite hairy! So I have started taking the macro lens out - it's tough photographing though! 

I'm enjoying looking at other people's diaries. I'm not contributing much but I'm a beginner after all! 



Cannabis Grow IMG 4687
Cannabis Grow IMG 4685
Cannabis Grow IMG 2843
Cannabis Grow IMG 2844
Cannabis Grow IMG 2845
Cannabis Grow IMG 2846
Cannabis Grow IMG 2847
Cannabis Grow IMG 2849
Cannabis Grow IMG 2850
Cannabis Grow IMG 2851
Cannabis Grow IMG 2852
Cannabis Grow IMG 2853


Posted : 02/14/2020 2:37 pm
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