SAFC Photoperiods: SAFC Photoperiods: Bubbalicious

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SAFC Photoperiods: SAFC Photoperiods: Bubbalicious

Nothing too exciting had to use back up seeds my autos did not arrive in time.  So some bubbalicious in a wet paper towel in a baggie on a heating pad, see what pops.

Cannabis Grow IMG20200420182320
Cannabis Grow IMG20200420182354

Posted : 04/20/2020 2:48 am Gordoskins and 3one liked
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Hey LG! Looks like you and 31 are both growing a bubblegum strain. I actually have two bubblegum autos in mom tent right now that is about 30 days old. I look forward to seeing the difference as they are all from different breeders. 

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