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Happy New Year and howdy everyone! 

Looks like I have left Jordan convince me to create a journal and join this challenge 😎

 Took some cuts over the weekend, not sure what exactly I will be running yet for the challenge but I am leaning towards Mac1, Apple fritter, my selection of Iced Out, or white truffle. 

 I will be using buildasoil's 3.0 mix inside of a 7 gallon Grassroots living soil pot, with a handful of red wigglers. 

 All of my rooms are pretty filled up for the most part but I'm sure I can construct a separate area just for this challenge 😎 not sure what LED I'll throw them under just yet. 

 Look forward to seeing what everybody is growing this year and what different flavors everyone is able to discover! Feel free to encourage me by shooting a simple post onto my journal and maybe I'll take my work gloves off to snap some pics 🤙


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  1. Slight change of plans 😎 went ahead and filled up my 4x4 bed with cuts instead of just trying to do pots. 


Far left row is GMO x Root beer (skunktek)

Second row is Apple Fritter (lumpys) 

Third row is MAC1 (Caps) 

Far right row, back to front;

T-1000 unknown soldier 

Jigglers #1 

Grape Guava

Iced Out

Did a Root and Foliar Pack Dip before transplant 

Hoping to find time to get the blumat irrigation set up! 

Cannabis Grow 20220117 165421

Cannabis Grow 20220114 171225

Cannabis Grow 20220114 171210

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Blumat irrigation setup 💧✅ 

Retractable metal SCROG setup💪🏽 ✅ 

Supercropped those needed 🌱 ✅ 

More red wiggler worms added 🪱 ✅

And today's the flip day! ⏱ ✅


Sorry for the lackluster journal keeping! Life is going full speed right now so I'm just trying to keep these girls alive 🤞😂

I will try to get an updated picture tonight when I get home from work 🤙

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Here we are at day 2 of flower! Girls stretched quick over the last few days. 


Cannabis Grow 20220216 164559
Cannabis Grow 20220216 164458


Just landed in Denver for the weekend, this small window of waiting to get off the plane allowed me to make an update lol next week this tent is going to be GREEN AND FULL!!! Blumats will keep it that way until I return home 😎

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Update! These pics were taken on day 14, things are coming along nicely. Bud shot is the Apple Fritter. Blumat reservoir with water only 👌


Cannabis Grow 20220227 182849
Cannabis Grow 20220227 182750
Cannabis Grow 20220227 182817
Cannabis Grow 20220227 182654

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Just wanted to let everyone know this grow went fine, just forgot to keep up the journal!

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