NYGC Peat: Entry #1

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  • Grandaddy Black *photo*
  • Shishkaberry Punch*photo*
  • Dee Lite *Auto*

Seeds are from Homegrown Cannabis Co.

I started the photoperiods on Dec. 26, before I decided to start the challenge. I am going to wet the auto flower seeds at midnight, NEW YEARS EVE. I am growing in 60% PRO-MIX BX and 40% perlite. I am using Greenhorn Amendments super soil mix.

I am lighting my 4x4 with two 315 watt cmh bulbs (3100k/4000k) in air cooled tubes, during Veg. I will either add an air cooled DE 1000 watt HPS, turned down to 600 watts, in-between the 2 cmh bulbs during Flower, or add a 3rd 315watt cmh bulb. I already have extra hps and cmh setups... I will decide when it gets closer to Flip.

This is my first time with Coco For Cannabis. I am looking forward to this experience.


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  • G.B. & S.B.P. - first nutrient watering: 250EC/5.75ph FloraPlus, Great White, slf-100.
  • Dee Lite - washed seeds in H2O2, soaked in cup of RO water 12hrs, moved to damp paper towel

Light distance from canopy 30"

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  • DeeLite*auto* - Planted and watered in 5 Gal containers. Great White, slf-100, ph-6.50 EC-100
  • G.B & SBP - Watered with the same

Raised lights to 34"

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Added another fan(on floor). All Leaves are gently rustling.

Gave everything a lite watering w/ Advanced Nutes Sensi Grow a/b 2ml, armor si 1ml, fox farm root drench 5ml, EC 400 ph 6.15

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my Greenhorn Amendments mix arrived today. It is 3lbs. and is supposed to mix in 150 lbs. of soil. It is a water only mix, if you plant it a big enough pot, but we are filling a 4x4 tent with 1 gallon fabric pots.  S.O.G. 22 out of 23 seeds sprouted. 19 feminized & 3 Reg. Autos

I have decided to load my peat up with the GREENHORN and let the plants feed Organic; until they get hungry and then finish with AN Sensi.

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Watered w/ Liquid Fish 5ml, Organic Grow Big 10ml, sfl-100 2ml, CalMag 1 ml - EC350 ph 6.2

Added humidifier to TENT - humidity dropped below 45% - It is back above 50% now

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Cannabis Grow jan11


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Watered in BSM; Lite - EC90 ph6.2

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Transplanted 7 Grandaddy Black & 12 Shishkaberry Punch to 1 Gal fabric pots. MIX: 60%pro-mix BX / 40%perlite & 2.2 tablespoons GREENHORN AMENDMENTS super soil mix; PER POT.

Cannabis Grow set1b
Cannabis Grow set1

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Watered lite with small amount of Black Strap Molasses

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Soaked media thoroughly: BSM 2ml, SLF-100 5ml, G.W. 1/8tsp: EC120 ph6.2

Added DEHUMIDIFIER to the tent; set to 55%

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Cannabis Grow set2

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Watered w/ Fox Farm Root Drench & Microbe Brew, Armor-Si, slf-100 EC275 ph6.4

Lights are 28" from Canopy Plants are Looking GREAT so far.

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TRUCKIN' ALONG in the Grow!

I want to say, "THANK YOU DR. COCO & COCO FOR CANNABIS FOR THE PHOTONTEK X600W PRO! It will raise the bar in my grow in a BIG way! GROWER LOVE"

Cannabis Grow set3b

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