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Howdy fellow tokers and growers! 

Allas I have found the time to create a new grow journal! I managed to get three seeds to successfully sprout and grow! Big yay there! I do believe I have successfully germinated two Sour Power OG seeds as well. However, this journal is more or less about the three plants I have nearly ready to transfer into their 2-gallon pots. 

To bring everyone up to speed on what I did last fall, well, I bread two different plants with a single father plant. One mother was a cookies strain while the other mother was Jack Herer. I had no idea what I would and am getting from the Jack Harer but, the cookies strain I used, I was/am hoping for the offspring to express the sweet flavor from the cookie strain but with a heavy scent/flavor of the father strain. The father strain is called, Lucid Ripper. Lucid Ripper is a lovely and very resilient plant that came from breeding (not my breed, breeder unknown) Jack the Ripper with Lucid Dreams. It is a higher end sativa dominant hybrid. It does display a nice subtle citrus smell and flavor it to it that I would say is somewhere in the middle of tangie and agent orange.

So my terpene profile goal for the cookies strain, as far as smell/flavor goes, was to have a nice blend of the smooth sweetness from the cookies strain blended with the mile citrus flavor. Ideally, I was hoping for something similar to an orangesickle smell/flavor. I do believe I hit my mark there, the plant is big enough and after a gentle rub down the offsprings leaf, I was able to get a strong idea of the smell profile and I couldn't be happier! The other plant too, Jack Herer's offspring was a wonderful surprise as well as far as smell profile goes. All plants are still basically babies but they are growing very quickly. The Cookies x Lucid Ripper (C x LR) definitely looks like it will be either a brand new indica plant or an indica dominant hybrid. The plant's leaves are fat and stubby like its indica dominant mother.

As for the Jack Harer x Lucid Ripper (JH x LR), it looks like it will be a very resilient sativa dominant hybrid. The smell I am getting from it reminds me of a cinnamon gummy bear or red hot. If that is the smell profile I keep getting, then that is most likely what I will call or something of that nature. I am very excited to see how this plant turns out. It seems to be enjoying hotter temps too which is a trait the father plant, LR displays.  

I have attached pictures below of what I am currently working with. I will probably post pics of the Sour Power OG's as well as long as they both come out as females. I could not find feminized seeds, unfortunately.  Anyways, thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you follow me on this exciting journey! Stay as high as you grow!

- Woop

(Note: For some reason it is not letting upload my pictures. I will run this by the admins and get some up as soon as possible)

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Howdy fellow tokers and growers! 

I am going to attempt to upload all the pictures that I have been documenting since I started this grow. Both the offspring are smelling really good! One of them brings cinnamon red-hot candy to mind when I smell it! That will most certainly be some fire! I have some more of the exhale CO2 bags coming as well. My last grow came out so dense and rock hard using the exhale bags. I also found a C02/temp/RH monitor!!! Yay! I haven't ordered it yet but I will soon! I am growing with my tent open this time and the doors closed during lights on. I let the door open during lights out so the room can air out. Doing this has really helped stabilize temps/RH so as far as the CO2 goes, The room is not 100% sealed with the door closed but that's ok I fathom it will be sealed up enough for the plants to benefit from the CO2 during lights on. We have been having some surprisingly cooler temps here in WA state which has certainly helped. The AC unit I hooked up seems like it's not blowing as cold of air as it was before so I might have to get a new one which will be a bit of a financial bummer since those things are never cheap, even for the cheap window ones lol. Anyways, enough of that, please enjoy the pictures!



PS I hit some nut deficiencies at some point, I believe I know why but I won't go into that, just wanted to bring that up in case anyone looking noticed. Plants already look much better now.

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IMG 4495
IMG 4416
IMG 4415
IMG 4414
IMG 4413
IMG 4411
IMG 4359
IMG 4357
IMG 4355
IMG 4354
IMG 4310
IMG 4309
IMG 4308
IMG 4307
IMG 4306
IMG 4305
IMG 4280
IMG 4279
IMG 4278
IMG 4276
IMG 4275
IMG 4264
IMG 4262
IMG 4260
IMG 4259
IMG 4218
IMG 4216
IMG 4214
IMG 4204
IMG 4202
IMG 4200
IMG 4198
IMG 4173
IMG 4172
IMG 4171
IMG 4170
IMG 4116
IMG 4115
IMG 4114
IMG 4113
IMG 4078
IMG 4077
IMG 4076
IMG 4075
IMG 4074
IMG 4073
IMG 4071

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looking a lot better all round.

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Howdy fellow tokers and growers! 

I am insanely busy with summer school! But here are some updated pictures of my grow! My ladies just started producing flower! So I am officially in early bloom! Enjoy the pictures!


IMG 4787
IMG 4786
IMG 4785
IMG 4784
IMG 4783
IMG 4782
IMG 4769
IMG 4768
IMG 4767
IMG 4766
IMG 4765

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Greetings fellow growers!

Its been many moons since I have updated this grow journal. Between school and some computer issues that have actually made something like that a much more complicated task as it use to be. But anyways, quick up to speed and then I will post photos in order of oldest to newest which would be the harvest photos of course! 😀

So I am growing a series of plants (Lucid Ripper, JH x LR(Cinnamon Redhot), GSC x LR(Sunkiss Cookies), Wet Dream (Blue dream x unknown cookie), Blackberry GSC, 2:1 CBD, 1:1 CBD (One of these has a nice pungent sour smell to it). I hate to admit this but I did get some bugs along the way into flowering. I had a bad heat spike from dehumidifier (issue fixed for next grow) which I believe is what did it. I do have pets so maybe that had something to do with it too. Although they do not go in my grow room, I do and sometimes after not realizing I just pet one of them. Anyways, I won! I got them all out and better control of my environment. I do believe this is my best grow yet. All buds no matter how big or small show very super dense budding properties (as well as super sexy bud formation), excellent smell and wonderful sticky trichome display. I feel other than the heat spike I definitely improved and did better. None of the bud looked fluffy at all like some of the bud from last grow which was still really good! I did follow very close to Dr Coco's schedule but did use a different nutrient which I posted about when I started this grow. I do believe I had manganese damage from that. I also did use a root enzyme that basically dissolves dead roots and also supplemented very small amounts of mycorrhizae to help add extra root support. I also did several crop pinch's throughout the veg and bloom cycle which I believe paid off pretty well. I nick named one of the buds from Lucid Ripper, Bud-zilla. You will find a photo of me holding a can next to it. Then there is bud-zilla jr. Both buds are about as fat and round as an 8.4 ounce redbull can. I am really excited for one both of the CBD plants. They both did really well. One has a nice yummy fruity smell to it and the other has a nice dank sour smell, maybe sour tsunami? Anyways, I will wrap up and close out this grow journal as I have completely harvested every single plant and am just waiting for them to dry so I can endure the joys of the trimming process. Thank you for looking and following my grow! Grow on and smoke out!





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