Grow- 1 NL 00S coco hempy in 55gal

Northern lights by double 0 seeds. Grown in a Coco pearlite hempy in 55 gallon space barrel, under 2x CXB3590 COBs at 100 watts with side lighting.

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We would love to see some pictures of your grow! The site did seem to be experiencing technical issues earlier but looks like they've cleared everything up now.

Happy growing!

Posted : 07/09/2019 11:39 am

Oh we got our selves a true micro gro here I think?!!! 


Love the PVC carbon filter hahaha. Pumped to watch this grow. 

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4/7/19 - germinated seed by soaking in tap water for 18hrs and moving to paper towel until tap root was about 2cm

5/7/19 - moved seed to jiffy pellet that was soaked in tap water and left on window sil under humidity dome (coke bottle)

7/7/19 - Seedling emerged from pellet

8/7/19 - moved to grow barrel with light dimmed down to 1/4 power temp: 24°C RH: 70%

11/7/19 - Having issues with high RH due to ambient conditions. Temp: 27°C  RH: 56% (in barrel). Have ordered PC fans to circulate more air inside barrel

15/7/19 - week one in the books. So far I have just been feeding PHed water to the jiffy pellet when it looks dry. Transplanted to final pot today as there were roots protruding through mesh. Buffered coco hempy and placed jiffy pellet, mesh and all in place.

20190711 121906

20190712 082916

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Why my pics are coming out sideways I don't know. Also can not edit previous comments to add more pics?


20190712 082916

Posted : 07/11/2019 6:52 pm

I'm not sure if I'm doing shit wrong on this site but it seems like a real battle atm. I've decided on moving my grow log over to...

Posted : 07/15/2019 7:16 pm

Bit of an update for everyone that might like to follow along. She is starting to do nicely now, found some GH CALiMAGic so dosing her up with the full dose. Noticed some gnats around coco so I've put some sticky traps in there and will give a dose of neem oil.... unless someone thinks that is a bad idea??

20190724 080717
20190724 080725

Full diary at

Posted : 07/23/2019 8:35 pm

Update: 11/9/19 currently half way through week 4 of flower. Week 10 since the seed sprouted.

I had an issue a couple of weeks ago with drooping that Dr Coco put down to under watering, causing salt build up. I've since flushed with half strength nutrient mix and increased the volume of each fertigation event, plant perked up nicely.

Everything else has been going well I believe. I plan to do some light defoliation tonight and maybe the next day. 

Cannabis Grow 20190910 070407
Cannabis Grow 20190903 192839
Cannabis Grow 20190910 070430

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Harvest complete. I cut her on the 16/10. Wet trimmed and hung with around 370g wet weight with stalks. I moved the barrel into a bedroom and had the AC set to 22*C for the last week. Flushed for 5 days with a 48hr dark period before the chop. Unfortunately I've had to move the barrel back into the heat after cutting and currently drying in 28*C and 50% RH hopefully it's not too quick of a dry

Cannabis Grow 20191016 203340
Cannabis Grow 20191017 204913
Cannabis Grow 20191016 204725
Cannabis Grow 20191011 155105
Cannabis Grow 20191017 065036
Cannabis Grow 20191016 204506
Cannabis Grow 20191016 204518
Cannabis Grow 20191021 080143
Cannabis Grow 20191016 203403

Posted : 10/21/2019 2:28 am
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