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Hi! This is my very first attempt at growing. I plan to follow instructions of this site and take utmost advantage of all the information that is shared here. I’m using Flora series (purchased performance pack). Following Cocoforcannabis recipe for seedling at the moment but using Flora Blend at full dose since I don’t have Diamond Nectar.

I’m in it for the experience and not really expecting to harvest good stuff. Specially since I only have 2 plants (Out of 6 seeds I attempted to germinate) and, they’re not feminized!
I’m going to do my best to not kill them, and enjoy watching them grow and learn along the way.


Number of plants: 2

Strains: 1-Afghani x Money Maker (Oka)

               2- Liberty Haze x Green Crack (Cherry)


Oka is the sole survivor out of 3 seeds of the same strain. Seeds were soaked in warm water (placed on a heating mat) with a few drops of hydrogen peroxide. After 24 hours, all 3 had a tiny taproot coming out of their heart. They were then transferred to a wet paper towel. After 48 hours, one of the seeds had developed a taproot of approximately 1 Centimeter; while the other two had very little growth (if any). I put all 3 in solo cups filled with a mixture of Coco-Soil-Perlite. Oka, the one with a longer taproot was the only one that emerged after 24 hours. I waited 6 days for the other 2 but they never grew out of their medium and were tossed.

My second shot at germination had an identical result! The only difference was, after 48 hours of paper towel, the seed in the middle, grew an approximately 4 Centimeters of root! While the other 2 seeds had a tiny taproot (barely 1-2 millimeters) and as you would guess, the seed with a super long root (Cherry) was the only one that sprouted and I had to toss the other 2 after a week of waiting.

I had put all 3 in solo cups but this time eliminated soil and used coco-perlite.  Just like my first attempt, one out of 3 grew a longer taproot in paper towel and survived.

Next time, I’m going to try to put seeds straight into Rapid Rooters after water cup in hopes of a more successful germination.

I’ll be thankful for any tips / advice that can make me improve on this part. I know I’m doing something terribly wrong I just can’t tell what it is.

Each plant has been under a 28W white LED light, 24/0, from the time they went into solo-cups.


Oka is the older plant. Sprouted on January 28. She was first fed on February 4 (EC 288, pH6.4)

On February 7, while she was on twice a day feeding schedule (EC414, runoff446,pH6.3), I noticed some roots were growing out of the cup. While in panic, I decided to transplant it to its final container which is a 5 gallon fabric pot and this is where I’m confused the most.

I have read that small plants in big containers need little water. However the runoff EC is way out of target when I water with a small amount.
giving it 1 Liter of water seem to really work in terms of managing run-off EC but I end up getting 50-60%run-off instead of suggested 10-20%. I do not know the consequences of this and any suggestion is deeply appreciated! 

Cherry, the one with the super long taproot at germination, was also transplanted to a 5 gallon container due to its long root coming out of the bottom of the small solo-cup despite being 5 days younger than Oka. She seems to be relatively healthier despite the fact that its cotyledons were attached to each other until just yesterday. I finally stepped in to do something about it. Seemed like it wasn’t going to get off on its own. 




How I could kill less seeds and how to water my seedlings in 5 Gallon containers and manage EC at the same time are my major concerns.


I cannot thank you enough for all the information you have shared on this site.

I have limited access to internet as I live off the grid but I’ll make sure to make an update every weekend.  


Cheers   🍺 



Oka feb7

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Welcome @lovingawareness

I am happy you'll be joining us in the forum! 🙂

I have a few comments about your situation now... I will leave germination for a different time because at least two of the plants made it through!

First, I am only growing two plants... there is no reason you can't have a great harvest.

Second, be sure to read my article, "How to grow cannabis seedlings in coco coir". 

Third, You can wait a while longer after the first roots come out of the solo cup. Especially if they come out quickly. You want to give the plant time to fill in the media a bit with roots before transplant. And ideally, you would go to an intermediate step before 5-gallon. However, we can certainly work with this situation.

The advice you heard about small plants in big containers applies to soil, but not to coco. In coco, you can water much more frequently because the coco holds on to air and even when it is soaking wet the roots won't drown. This is not the case in soil. This is one of the main reasons that coco is such a cool growing media.

In coco, you are discovering that when the plants are too small for the containers it  requires excessive quantities of nutrient solution to control EC... Well maybe not excessive, but more. This is because evaporation is large relative to the amount of nutrients being absorbed by the plant. You are taking the appropriate measures! You need to control EC and the way to do that is increasing run-off.

Let us know if you have other questions! Overall it sounds like you are on top of things and doing well!

Grower Love


Let's Grow Together
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Things are falling in place and it has been an absolute pleasure to watch these plants grow. 

They've been under 600W HID lights since Thursday (photos taken on Friday) 

Cherry's inflow EC is currently at 700. I'm increasing it by around 30 points at each fertigation. 60 points per day. 

Oka is at 950, increasing 50-60 point per day to reach the target of 1200. 

The only thing is, they look a bit pale.

CalMag is at 5ml per gallon & coco has been buffered well prior to use. I'm not sure what may be causing the paleness. 

I'm following Cocoforcannabis nutrient schedule, at exact suggested amount per gallon according to each plant's age but plan to prolong the Veg stage so I suppose I have to keep ratios of Mid Veg nutrients (day 15-20) until a week before flip. Please let me know if that is not a good idea. 

I have the following nutrient line up and missing some of the suggested ones: 

CalMag:              5ml/g

Flora Micro

Flora Gro

Flora Bloom

Flora Blend:    5ml/g

Floralicious plus: 1ml/g (Though I plan to cancel this out for now. I noticed some undissolved particles that I suspect may be the result of adding this thick liquid.) 

Rapid Start

Koolbloom (not yet in use) 


Cheers everyone  🍺 

IMG 9771
IMG 9770

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@lovingawareness a few of mine taken in January at week 2 last one is mid week 2-3 


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Hi everyone 🙂 

Weekly update:

Things are still smooth thanks to the tips and support from you guys. 


Minor issue with Oka is that leaves are curling up. 

2 possibilities that come to my mind: 

1- Temperature; 

my tent is running between 25.5 - 26.5 Celsius (78-80 F)

2- The 50% soil in the first solo cup that is still surrounding the roots. I'm afraid it does not dry up and causing problems in the roots since I'm watering it twice a day now.  This is also the only difference between Oka & Cherry (aside from different strains). Cherry's solo-cup  was filled with coco-perlite while Oka's had 50% soil in it. The fact that Cherry is not having this issue at all, makes me think this could be the reason for leaves curling up. 

I have topped Oka and posted a photo of the curled leaves that were cut. The new growing leaves also seem to be curled. 

I tried watering Oka once a day for just 1 day and run-off EC went up to 1,500+ while she was last fed at 1,100EC and curling didn't go away so I continued with twice a day fertigation to control the EC.  

I would appreciate your advice as to which course of action I can take. 

Thanks in advance @dr-coco , @nakedgardener

Cheers  🍺




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