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I just had to post somewhere. Move it if need be...

This community is the shit!!! I was welcomed in on day one with open arms, good advice, encouraging words and a smile at every turn! You guys/gals are awesomely awesome and have the best community I’ve come across.

I just wanted to thanks to everyone from Dr. Coco on down to the one guy, I’ve spoken with one time, that listened to my rant (bad luck), told me to buck up, it’ll get better in the end and you could tell, the guy meant it and was sincere.

And to all of you in between that have “helped” me along with advice, etc   Helped me get a few things I needed and pointed me in the right direction for the rest. You are all hero’s in my book...  You welcome the new comers and regardless of lvl of experience you go outta your way to get us on track. You go that xtra mile and “pay it forward”  can’t wait till I’m able to do that... my karma bank is a little on the low side for the sending and done great on receiving end... 

I lucked out finding you guys and thanks for the acceptance! You guys got lightning in a bottle here, dont loose it!

thanks, jed 🌱🌱🌱

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