Other things I am into

I like motor sports auto racing, and riding motorcycles. I own and collect a 2016 Ford Fiesta ST as of right now it has 10,000 miles on it and has never seen road salt, it is my garage queen and i enjoy pulling it out hand washing it in the driveway and then applying a nice coat of Tech wax 2.0 then I sit in a lawn chair and look at it, Sweet sweet car.

I belong to a local motorcycle club and enjoy riding my kawasaki KLR 650 on big rides with them guys and gals.

I also enjoy racing Radio control cars. I race 2 classes 1/10 stock blinky spec 2wd stadium truck, and I also run 4wd 1/8 electric buggy. To be honest building these cars and tuning their electronics gave me the confidence to buy and build my HLG lamps for growing.

I am a avid paintball player and play serveral big games here in Michigan thruout the summer. 

I Love NL Texas Holdem and have been a student of the game since 2004

I play disc golf and real golf when i get a chance. I have a air rifle range in my back yard where I destroy die cast cars and other toys I find on the clearance racks that look fun to shoot up.

I am a lifelong bowler I have carried averages up to 215 across 5 leauges in differnt bowling centers around my town, i was pretty good before but once I started smoking grass in my early 20's back in the 90's It made my bowling game incredible if you believe that.

anyway my new hobby now is growing and I will continue to grow the rest of my life. It will be nice to be able to smoke my people down when we get together to enjoy good company and good competition be it at the RC track, bowling ally, or a home game Poker tournament.




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I am an avid gardener and landscaper.  I design, plant, and maintain my yard, organically.  I love a nice grass yard although my dogs make it very difficult to keep nice.  Might just go clover in the back to avoid burn spots.  

I like working in my shop on various wood projects.  Last major project was a rolling kidney bean shaped bar made out of old oak cribbing and pallets.  Also some wall art out of pallets 

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20171003 202329

Remodeling my house one section at a time.  Making old things new again, reusing or repurposing old items.  Building/fixing anything really, getting to be creative, think outside the box, problem solve.  I enjoy my job a lot just would prefer to not do it for some dickbag.  I work in some interesting places like oil refineries, nuke plants, steel mills, to name a few.  

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20150731 031337

Hunting and shooting in general.  I prefer to shoot things out of the air but anything that moves is fine.  Target practice I like to see how accurate I can be with just iron sights.  Best part is taking them apart to clean and reassemble.  My three favorite out of what I have right now.

20150705 152953

I would like to get into photography, would also like to get into drones and 3D printers.  Seems like a nice way to blow through my money.  

I like to stay busy and keep my mind occupied, too much time to think is my worst enemy.

"Life is short. Drive fast and leave a sexy corpse" Stanley Hudson
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I love to build small engines vehicles, go carts, scooters and my favourite to build is motorised bicycles, you can buy cheap kits on ebay but I spend good money having my engines modified abroad. I build a mean two stroke  moped. Even run my own facebook group called Vehiculated Velocipede architects. It's only a small group but I've managed to get some fantastic and highly skilled engineers all with a passion for almost free and easy transport lol. Hope you like some of my work.

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I used to make handmade soap, I really like the smells of oils and stuff. Maybe I'll start making it again.

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I love to ride my Honda Goldwing 2003 GL1800 on curvy country roads in the Berkshires, Vermont, and upstate New York. I enjoy riding two-up with my wife riding pillion and heading off on an adventure for the day or a weekend, usually involving nature and food. Mmm. Food.

I read way more than is good for my eyes. My favorite is speculative fiction in genres like SF, fantasy, and alternate history, ranging from the thought-provoking to silly and fun space opera. Pew pew! I like to write and to edit, but only recently realized that I am not supposed to try to be a fiction writer. I am a non-fiction writer and a freelance fiction editor.

I hunt and enjoy shooting sports, but I rarely have the time for either.

I am a crappy carpenter/plumber/electrician, but I can Macgyver with the best of them. "A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one." I have a garage full of random crap that I can draw on to fix or make most everything. I dream of some day having it as organized as Adam Savage's cave. And I want the machine tools from the guy at Stuff Made Here. And the skills to use them.

I like to invent new cocktails and share them with friends. I really look forward to being able to do that in person again some day. I'm a pretty good cook and I love to both cook and eat. Did I mention food? See above Macgyver skills for my preferred style of cooking. My favorite is looking at the 3 ingredients we have left in the fridge or freezer, finding random recipes, and somehow adapting it all into a delicious meal.

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I'm mostly into RC modeling and flying.. when Mother Nature allows it. Other then that, my only other 'vice' is online gaming. Well, I've been into this one online game going on 10 freakin years now! It's an addiction thanks to my OCD! I just can't quit it until I complete it. Problem is, there is no end to it!! Vicious circle.. 😆 

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My office hanger..

Cannabis Grow Office Hanger

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Almost anything outdoors.  Right now it's fishing and riding ATV's with my grandson.  He learned how to throw a bait caster last year and was catching fish regularly.  He got a ATV for his 13 birthday and he lives on it. I have gotten to take him a few times to some mud rides in the south. He is really good at picking his lines and using his weight effectively.  Life is good. I am having a ball. i wish the same for everyone.

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