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After getting so much valuable Info from DrCoco via Growcast and hearing of the community and grow challenges here, I decided to join. I'm from the land of prohibition and with one little plant in my basement probably more paranoid than I should be. I hope to join the spring auto challenge if I can handle keeping the journal going without feeling like cops surrounding my house any minute.

Happy to be here for now though 😎 

Posted : 01/24/2021 12:05 am teewhy, Chefomj and CrackBabies liked
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Welcome to cocoforcannabis @brainsalad

I doubt they would break down the door for one little plant, but it's always best to be safe, no tell, no smell. We respect your anonymity and hope you enjoy the site. Feel free to pop in live chat, there are some great people around here.

Happy growing!!

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