N.Y.OG.C - Team OG welcome thread

This is the Official welcome thread for the OG. Group.  This thread  will be a place to introduce yourself and your setup, what you plan to grow and any other cool OG things 🙂 .  

As we all know there is a little OG in a ton of different strains so this group will be super inclusive. 3rd cousins removed are welcome.

 I will steal a little bit from NakedGardener's thread  and give a little info on the OG

True OG is a popular indica strain that was originally discovered in Southern California, where the term “OG” originally meant “ocean grown.” Bred with genetics from the very popular OG Kush, although others may say its the "original Ganster" or even  "" a now-defunct website that served as a resource for countless cannabis growers.

Providing the foundational backbone of multiple world-famous cannabis strains, OG Kush is considered a legend for revolutionizing the marijuana industry – as well as rising to its current status as a one of the most popular contemporary MMJ strains.

Most experts classify the OG Kush strain as a hybrid, although little is actually known about its true genetic origins (rumors claim the strain may be a blend between parent plants Chemdawg and Hindu Kush).

thats the info I found after a quick googling

so lets have some fun and grow together . TEAM OG !!

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Hey OGs 😀 I'm farmer Brown, and my friend gifted me a bunch of seeds from a farm in Oregon that he works at. I've got a bunch of non-feminised NorCal Diesel and Loopy Fruit beans by Sunboldt Farms. NorCal Diesel is a Sour Diesel grown in Northern California. Since I don't know which seed is which, I may get all Loopy Fruit (which is not a descendant of OG). But if I do identify NorCal, I'll have a grandson/granddaughter of OG. And so, I'm gonna attempt to identify the NorCal Diesels' traits and post them here, and ask you gals/guys whether you think I'm correct in my thesis that they are, in fact, NorCal Diesel, or if I may be mistaken.

My setup will be a 470w Migro 400 at first, adding additional Mars Hydro lighting (up to 277w) throughout veg & flower.
My space will be 6.5' x 6.5' x 6.5', I'll be growing 3 total.
Growing in at least 7 gal fabric pots, 50:50 coco:perlite; 9 gal fabs if I can find them.
Going almost full organic this run, with the exception of BC calmag and GH PH up & down.
Using Down-to-Earth bat guano and seabird guano, OMRI certified RAW products Silica, Kelp, Potassium, & Yucca, Wiggle Worm organic worm castings, Alaskan Fish emulsion, Blue Ribbon organic compost, Urb humic acid, Mykos, and (maybe) Azos. Considering adding generic blackstrap molasses sweetener slightly during mid veg, slightly more during late-veg to mid-flower since I'm going mostly organic, but still considering pros vs cons. Also keeping non-OMRI certified RAW products in hand just in case nutrient deficiencies occur that cannot be controlled with organic amendments. Will post whether or not I use them, when, and how much (but attempting to stay away).

Looking forward to growing with and learning from everyone!

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” - Lao Tzu
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Hello OG`s !!

Looking forward to see your strains 🤩


Best of luck and happy growing ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ 

Yes -there be monsters #TeamMisfits
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So, ive read theres a qualification  for the strains,  considered  og, i have a bubba cut(no idea of katsu or but thats what its claimed as), would that count

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just doing some looking around and found this   have a quick read

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I will be growing Grape OG from Cali Connect, I am using 12 Gal Octopots in A 2x4 tent under a 260 watt quantum board using Samsung 301h diodes and 660 NM r-spec  led light from Niemiled.

Looking forward to growing with my fellow OG’s!

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Ok so im kinda dense and didnt realize this was a seed grow...

im scrambling but ill find a nice OG, sorry for the calamity 

Posted : 12/10/2019 8:07 pm

oh you can grow a clone of an OG strain  thats no problem.  Its just that you have to pick  your main group   and a secondary  group kinda thing  so you can be main group  OG  and secondary group clones if you want  or if you want to go the other way and be a Clone group  and have us as your secondary thats fine too

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Sup guys!

Webb here,been growing for 6months now. Autoflowers pretty much. Mephisto and fastbuds!


240w qb @100%(3000k)

240w qb @100%(3500k) w/uvIr diodes.

5gal fabric pot.

Potters gold soil

Hydroponic-research veg+bloom nutes

Botanicare kind bloom


Pretty much the basics:) happy to join y'all!

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I'm thinking of join this group with Afgani Hindu Kush or Girl Scout Cookies.

Doing a organic grow for the first time, got Aurora Indica allready going a few weeks into veg and doing a coco run side by side that allso is a few weeks old.

Got a 3oow cfl and 400w hps in my veg tent and mars hydro sp3000 and 1000w hps in my flower room that im gona harves a few days before chrismast 🙂



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