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Dear Misfits!

We are less than 1week out!!!


I welcome all our new members ❤️

Sorry i had not had the time to speak with all of you yet, but this has truly been a busy time for me.


Enough with the excuses!

Cannabis Grow WP 20191214 13 28 00 Pro
Cannabis Grow IMG 20191210 221752

We are moving walls, air-proofing every inch and putting together a pre-heated intake on our coolbuffer 👍 


Cannabis Grow IMG 20191209 160543

Cannabis Grow IMG 20191225 172959

The rooms will be covered in membrane before mylar is applied 😊

The new lightrigg will be assembled shortly, and our new power controls and environmental station will come online and be tested in the next few days 🖐️


It has been a long march, but we are finally here! The start of NYGC is just moments away!

Cannabis Grow 3jcu5w


This is the end-line Misfits, this is when we turn vision into greatness!

Have a fantastic Christmas, and ofcourse -A Happy New Year ❤️ 

I will see you all on Wednesday! 💣 💣 

🥂 🥂 

Yes -there be monsters #TeamMisfits
Posted : 12/25/2019 4:35 pm CocoNoko, MrTea and valleymicro liked
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48 hours left!

Anyone yet not registered, this is the last call!


Make your final preparations Misfits, before we start the journey to fill up our stash-bowls 🥂 

Cannabis Grow WP 20191102 21 14 27 Pro


YES -there be monsters ❤️

Cannabis Grow 3kj3w6


Yes -there be monsters #TeamMisfits
Posted : 12/29/2019 12:11 pm MrTea, CocoNoko and HerbErtlinger liked


We are finally here my darling Misfits 💣 💣 💣 


It reads: Like then, like now -forever ❤️

Cannabis Grow 3jcu5w


Show me what Misfits can do!

Lets grow 🍹 🍾 


Yes -there be monsters #TeamMisfits
Posted : 12/30/2019 3:59 pm CocoNoko, valleymicro and MrTea liked

Cannabis Grow seeds

I've picked my four. 
Gelato, Gorilla girl, Enemy's Dream, and White Widow 
C'mon down you are the winners
Only the dank survive in this battle of the buds 
#misfits let's find out what strains really are higher quality

Posted : 12/31/2019 7:37 pm Knut, MrTea, Rusty and 3 people liked
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Haven't posted here yet...... Happy to be growing with all of you! I'm expecting big things from everyone here!

Seed pictures are from 12 hours after drop ,  almost ready for transfer. Let's do this!

Grower Love my Misfit Doves 😎 🤠 

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200101 113926
Cannabis Grow IMG 20200101 102602
Cannabis Grow  MG 9044 misfit
Cannabis Grow mememe b34d3ca127db224c89acd45d184033aa 1

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So we are 1week in!!

I hope evryone is growing well 😊

I wanna start by apologizing for not having replied to all my messages and updates, there are literally hundreds of them in my inbox 🤯 -i will try to do a better job at this 🙃


Its been a rough week for me, i have had a very poor start to this NYGC, and have had total of 4deaths +1 failed germination 😟 -Shame on the Team Leader 😡

Its hard when you put in the time and money, and still end up this way.

You wanna grow as a grower (so to speak), and always put pressure on yourself to keep going forward and improve your product. So i thought i would give failure a face here, and stand forward with my current issues 😶

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200104 230537


But fear not Misfits, i strive to do better! -New seeds have been brought forth, and i think all my spaces will be filled up with plants shortly 🥂 🥂

We are always staying positive, cause either we "love it, or we learn it". No matter which fits best for you at this current time, growing should  be a positive experience, and something too look forward to every day ❤️ ❤️ 

Cannabis Grow WP 20200107 15 58 39 Pro

Uphill and downhill are just different words to describe the way forward 😊 -always


I very much look forward to see all your plants as they grow into adult plants, and i am sure we will witness greatness of all sorts in our Group 👍

Stay on it Misfits!

Cannabis Grow maxresdefaggult 11

Yes -there be monsters #TeamMisfits
Posted : 01/07/2020 6:30 pm farmerjim, KennyB, valleymicro and 2 people liked
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Hey everyone I’m ThatDude lol me and the big Lebowski. Been growing off and on for about 15 years. Have experience in soil, and soilless mediums, outdoor and indoor experience, small outdoor commercial. Gonna be running a 5 by 5 led with exhaust and passive intake. My medium will be coco hempys. Everything was germinated a little earlier then the new year except my C-vibez, blueberry cookies, and a auto purple kush. Going to be mainly following these three as they were germinated New Years. I follow Dr. CoCo a lot from GrowCast and am tired of my other forums so hoping I’ve found my new home! Gonna try to get my thread up today

Posted : 01/09/2020 9:27 am MtnDan, Chefomj, MrTea and 1 people liked
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3 week in, Misfits!

How are you all growing???


I currently have 6 plants in 1 gallon pots, and they will stay there for this entire run 😱 😎 

We did a 1 gallon-grow last year in the SAFC, lets see if we can beat that in this NYGC 👍


Still figuring out my NER with my new nutrient lineup, but i think we are getting close 😊

Will start new genetics shortly (rapid Flowering) -will be super exciting 🥂

Rooms are nearing completion at this point, and i think by the time we reach February we will have our current plants in the B-room, and new genetics propagating for our first grow in the A-room 💣 💣

Cannabis Grow day21.


Currently not doing all that great with these plants, they should have been larger by now.

-Which is why i will only do a 1 gallon-grow with them 😋

Lets see what we can do the second time around, when we pop new seeds 🌻 🌻 


Have a great Misfits!

Yes -there be monsters #TeamMisfits
Posted : 01/22/2020 8:17 am Benjamin Grohen, MtnDan and Chefomj liked
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Last month of this NYGC!!!

I hope you have had a good time, maybe even learned something new? 😊 


Some might have harvested already, others still in full Flower 🤗 

I wanna say i am impressed with our Group! -I have seen so many fantastic plants 🌼 🌻 


Thank you for growing with me, and all the other fellow Misfits 🍹 🍾

I wanna apologize for not not being more active on the journals, but there are so many of us.

But i trust you have found help and guidance in the articles on this Forum, written by our wonderful Dr`s 😊 -Or in the Chat with all the other great growers we are lucky enough to have here ❤️ 


Have a great day, and a great finish to your Grows 😎 

Lets make these last weeks count!

Cannabis Grow download (122)


Lets see some NYGC pictures Misfits 🥂 

❤️ 🌼 

Yes -there be monsters #TeamMisfits
Posted : 03/17/2020 6:59 pm Benjamin Grohen, Rusty, MtnDan and 1 people liked
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Benjamin Grohen
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Good Morning CCFC community ,

 As we are approaching the end of week 6 in flower, this is been a great experience. Watching the growth of fellowship and Gardens alike in the short amount of time that I've been here is truly inspiring.

 so this is my first time using a net. and a grow is not a grow unless I learned something as I go. 

 so apparently I should have either used two Nets or place my net a little higher but I know for next time.time.   #supportthetroops #spaghettimodel

Cannabis Grow 20200325 120104
Cannabis Grow 20200325 120632


have a great day


Posted : 03/25/2020 10:37 am Knut, Chefomj and K0mbz liked
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