how to train short bushy plant

I have this gorilla Zkittez photo in this challenge, it's so short and bushy, I csnt really lst like I normally do.   what do you suggest?


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Posted : 02/22/2020 11:41 am Chefomj liked
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I'll be watching this for posts Steve420 as I have the same problem with an OGK currently at 4 weeks. I have started LST using pipe cleaners where I fashion the hook end and gently guide the end through the maze of leaves to a waiting binder clip attached to my 5 gal smart pot. It's correction time is remarkable. I have laid her on her side 3 times and unless you look in and see the pattern forming, you wouldn't know it. I am going to wait a few extra days and see if she will put on a little more vertical before another reposition. I've had some folks suggest trimming but it seems crazy in a 4 week old healthy plant.

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