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NYGC The Misfits: NYGC The Misfits: Hemp and friends

On 1/11/2021 the seed popping project started. Hawaiian Haze hemp, Limeade hemp, Bubba Kush hemp and my personal strain the "Geezus" where all put into clean water for 2 straight days and then 2 days in a wet paper towel inside a zip lock bag.

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1/14/2021 All seeds have sprouted and put into soil and put into a 2.5x2.5 tent, under a Bestva 1000 LED light. 2 re-veging Geezus clones and a re-veging Geezus stump where also added to try and recover them a prior disaster.

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1/22/2021 The 2 clones have been cleaned up and the tray for the seedlings has arrived do they can be more organized. 2 seedlings where not doing to well from the start and where removed.

Cannabis Grow 20210122 173507

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Plants seems to be sinking their roots in well and hopefully will be wanting a transplant in the near future!

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Plants are doing well after feeding and some training. More pics incoming.

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Happy Seedlings!

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