NYGC The Misfits: Bruce Banner 2.0 from Crop King

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NYGC The Misfits: Bruce Banner 2.0 from Crop King

Just got these seeds in yesterday and I cannot wait to get them growing. These ladies will be flowering along side my own Sticky Bananas in the Potluck category. The countdown to drop seeds is upon us.

Posted : 12/21/2020 11:41 am Ziesifer, ironman300k, OldWoman and 5 people liked

Just dropped all my seeds for the NYGC. 6 of my own Sticky Bananas for the Potluck, 4 of Bruce Banner 2.0 for Misfits ftom Crop King and 3 White Queen that I had found from an order I placed years ago from AMS. 

Cannabis Grow 20201231 192457
Cannabis Grow 20201231 192508

Posted : 12/31/2020 5:23 pm MickyDabs, Ziesifer, ironman300k and 2 people liked

After the seeds soaked in distilled 7.0 water for 12 hours i moved them to open zip lock bags inside of paper towels.  Now I'll give them 24 hours in the bags with the germinating mat set at 85 degrees F. And check them. 

Cannabis Grow 20210101 160819
Cannabis Grow 20210101 160757


Posted : 01/01/2021 1:11 pm Ziesifer, JohnEMad, ironman300k and 2 people liked

After 24 hours in the ziplock bags all 4 of the Bruce Banner 2.0 seeds had split and 3 of them had radicles sticking out of the seeds. I planted all 4 into large peat pellets that have been soaked with distilled water at a PH of 7.0. Still waiting and hoping at least 1 of the old White Queen seeds from AMS will still germinate.

Posted : 01/03/2021 4:17 pm Ziesifer, ironman300k and MtnDan liked

So after dealing with a bad stomach bug for a few days. I am starting to recover. 1 of the Bruce Banner 2.0 seeds has it's cotyledons above ground and they are greening up. Still waiting to see if the rest make it above ground. It's always a crap shoot with seeds for me in the winter months. I can only keep them on the heat mat for so long, but the lower temps and very low RH is always a battle this time of year. Worse case scenario is that if I have to I will grow the 1 BB 2.0 and make clones from her. Still early though. Still have hope for the rest to sprout.

Posted : 01/06/2021 10:08 am Ziesifer, ironman300k and MtnDan liked

Cannabis Grow 20210106 130756

Posted : 01/06/2021 10:10 am Ziesifer, ironman300k and MtnDan liked

As of this morning I still only have 1 of the Bruce Banner 2.0 above ground, still hoping I'll get more to break the surface. Once I have more than just the 1 BB 2.0 with it's cotyledons above ground I will start adding more pics. As of right now I'm just keeping the jiffy pellets warm and moist. No food just distilled 7.0 water.

Posted : 01/07/2021 10:56 am Ziesifer, ironman300k and MtnDan liked

I have 2 Bruce Banner 2.0 seedlings growing. Will take pics tomorrow. They are now in a better grow space. Slightly warmer, bigger tent, and as of Next week they will be under 2 Mat Hydro SP3000 lamps. And this grow is a coco/perlite blend 50/50 with some slow release organics mixed in and I will be fertigations more as if this was a soil grow I will only water heavy enough to get run off a couple times a month to check EC values just to see whats going on. This is just something different I am trying out. The organics I am adding are Natures Living Soil Super Soil Concentrate, Worm Castings and Kelp and Feather Meal. I'm hoping to be able to simply water at least into the fist half of flower, but time will tell. I will top dress and use teas to add nutrients later. Fingers crossed.

Posted : 01/15/2021 6:34 pm Ziesifer, MtnDan and OldWoman liked

Got the tent fully lit now and the plants are starting to grow,  but slowly I think mainly due to the low temps.  Watering enough to keep them most and avoid run off for now.  

Cannabis Grow 20210119 135430
Cannabis Grow 20210119 135440

Posted : 01/19/2021 11:52 am Ziesifer, MtnDan and JohnEMad liked

The plants seem to be settling into their new homes.  I do believe the grow medium is a bit hot for them.  Have some twisting of leaves and a few tips look a little burnt. This is an experiment and I've already learned to put the medium together ahead of time and let it begin to decompose and the fungi and bacteria to wake up.  To prevent the burn issues. I'm only watering on average every other day this allows the top  inch of medium to dry slightly and u only water to keep the medium most and I'm avoiding run off.  The Bruce Banner 2.0 have the small binder clips attached.  I'll get more creative when they get in the 5 gallon grow pots.  

Cannabis Grow 20210122 091953
Cannabis Grow 20210122 091957
Cannabis Grow 20210122 092008
Cannabis Grow 20210122 092005

Posted : 01/23/2021 3:47 pm OldWoman, Ziesifer, MtnDan and 1 people liked

Today I gave the plants some bubbled compost tea I made. 3 gallons of tap water PH'd to 6.5 allowed to sit overnight to let the chlorine dissipate then I added 6 heaping tablespoon fulls of Natures Living Soil Super Soil Concentrate, 1 cup of worm castings. I mixed this up and then added the air stones and bubbled on high for 24 hours. After that I added 1/4 cup of un-sulfered molasses and bubbled that for 12 fish hours. Just fed the hybrid plants this tea this morning. I tried to avoid run off but also wanted to fully saturated the medium so I poured as slowly as possible and saturated the pots. I have no clue to what the medium of an organic grow should look like as far as EC values, but just for giggles I collected all the run off about 6 oz. for the 12 plants I watered and the EC was at 0.5. I still think my girls look a little sad , but people seem to think they're doing OK. I hope so.

Posted : 01/30/2021 7:49 am OldWoman, Ziesifer and MtnDan liked

So it's been a bit of a struggle getting the NYGC girls happy and healthy. I think I'm finally getting things back on track. Girls are in their big girl 5 gallon fabric pots. I have abandoned (for now) my hybrid grow idea. In the beginning the environment in the new veg room area was sub par. It's in a large walk in closet which has no direct heating of it's own. With night time temps at Zero degrees and below and lights off. The tent would drop to 55 degrees F and even with the SP3000s running it would barely reach the 70 degree mark with lights on. So I decided to do two things. 1 was to abandon the organic amended soils grow and return to the tried and true coco/perlite with GH nutrients system. The new mix is 50/50 coco and perlite and it was rinsed down and doubled buffered before putting the girls into it. They are currently feeding once a day  on mid veg nutrients set at 1.2 EC and PH'd to 6.0 Feeding a bit heavy to achieve 30% run off until they settle in.Tent has 2 Bruce Banner 2.0 plants from Crop King, 4 of my Sticky Bananas strain and 3 Mendo Dope x Durban Posion crosses. The last 3 I need to watch and still sex the rest are feminized seeds. I have 3 give away plants still in 1 gallon pots that will be leaving the tent soon.


Posted : 02/06/2021 4:32 pm MtnDan, OldWoman and CrackBabies liked

Cannabis Grow 20210206 140231
Cannabis Grow 20210206 140224

Posted : 02/06/2021 4:34 pm MtnDan, JohnEMad, OldWoman and 1 people liked

Starting late veg nutrients today in the tent.  Finally feel like they are getting healthy.  Hoping i can flip in 1 to 2 weeks. Just topped  them all yesterday.  

Cannabis Grow 20210214 114312

Posted : 02/15/2021 8:40 am MtnDan and OldWoman liked

These are the two Bruce Banner 2.0s

Cannabis Grow 20210216 132708
Cannabis Grow 20210216 132420

Almost ready to flip.  

Posted : 02/16/2021 11:47 am OldWoman, Alma M and MtnDan liked
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