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We are just on day 3 of the NYGC, but we are ready to do...

Our First Ever Give-Away!

There are 18 eligible growers for the first ever CocoforCannabis T-Shirt Give-Away!

They are (in no particular order)

Kushman, Chefomj, eltee3, californiakid, kingkush, mangrowgoodbud, nakedgardener, tickledtlady, dickdankerson, trichomefarmer, jypsydog, woopass, snoopdemidogg, terribleTerrapin, frosty-jim, bearjammin, cheaphomegrow, rosettastoned

T shirts Dec 6

Thank you all for growing together with us.

I have some thoughts about how to randomly choose a winner but would prefer a process that is totally transparent. Open to your suggestions! I would like the winner to be chosen and announced soon – hopefully today!

We will do more give-aways during the grow! Check this space!  ? 

P.S. Dealing with some glitches with tagging here - I apologize if you got an email with a broken link. These should be resolved soon!

Let's Grow Together
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OK, We are going to play the Texas Two Step! The Drawing is tonight at 10:12 pm Central Time. We are going to play the Bonus Ball! You all have two numbers and we have all the numbers covered. Whoever matches the winning number from the Texas Two-Step Bonus Ball in tonight’s drawing Wins!

Kushman: 1,18

Chefomj: 2, 19

eltee3: 3, 20

californiakid: 4, 21

kingkush 5, 22

mangrowgoodbud 6, 23

nakedgardener 7, 24

tickledtlady 8, 25

dickdankerson 9, 26

trichomefarmer 10, 27

jypsydog 11, 28

woopass 12, 29

snoopdemidogg 13, 30

terribleTerrapin 14, 31

frosty-jim 15, 32

bearjammin 16, 33

cheaphomegrow 17, 34

rosettastoned 18, 35


P.S. There is one number that repeats. If the bonus ball is #18, Both RosettaStoned and Kushman will get a shirt!

Good Luck! I will announce the winner here and arrange shipment via PM

Let's Grow Together
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My New Year's Grow Challenge

Oh booiiii I’m frickin so effin excited ? 


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Here we go!


Let's Grow Together
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The Winner is #8

Congratulations @Tickledtlady

Let's Grow Together
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Congratulations @Tickledtlady 

Posted : 03/01/2019 8:41 pm
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Yay! Thanks everyone! I rarely win things! I will wear my shirt w/pride!

Grow On!


Posted : 04/01/2019 10:32 am Mangrow Goodbud, Dr Photon, Californiakid and 1 people liked
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Oh yeah! I got my shirt! I shall wear it proudly!

Coco for Cannabis Giveaway T Shirt   Front

Coco for Cannabis Giveaway T Shirt   Back

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Hey NYGCers!

We announced several give-aways in our last NYGC mailing. Winners can choose a Coco for Cannabis T-Shirt or a signed copy of "Coco for Cannabis: A Grower's Guide".

The first such give-away takes place tomorrow!

The Day 21 Photo Contest!

I will start a specific thread for this.

Each participant in the NYGC may enter ONE photo in the contest.

Submit your photo by posting it to the "NYGC Day 21 Photo Contest" Thread.

Photos must be taken and uploaded on January 21st (I know it's a Monday...)

@coconut is the official judge. She'll be looking at the aesthetics of the picture as much as anything.

The winner will get their choice of prizes and will also be named Photo of the Week.

I look forward to seeing your Pics!

Grower Love

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