NYGC Soil-Peat: NYGC Journey!

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My Hot-Mess is coming along nicely and Pheno #1 has started to get some fall colors!

Cannabis Grow 432F0A99 3D11 445E 811F 2C647B103708

Posted : 04/16/2024 3:31 pm 1swanzsong liked

My Durban Clone is well on her way into flowering and started to get some Trichomes! I accidentally broke 2 branches on her down low and I was able to duct tape one back up so I will see if it works out and the other I just had to remove because it was too bad to tape together!

Cannabis Grow 01DFB223 1637 48DF 942C C32D2E7E9090
Cannabis Grow 182B319D C0C0 4E7C B1ED E7BADA7E1D1B
Cannabis Grow F55735C5 B452 4CA8 AEFC A77EF5E9512F
Cannabis Grow DAA18564 01B6 4F53 AE75 BC1D1D96AEF9
Cannabis Grow 3A49E076 742A 48EB AA0A 4F1B5DBB6B48
Cannabis Grow 3AD1A891 2E98 4028 B8B4 32C4E50DEDB2

Posted : 04/16/2024 3:39 pm 1swanzsong liked

My Zamango and Gorilla Cookies Autoflower plants are looking good!

Cannabis Grow 87837AA4 43A9 401A 8D44 27300E47D5FF
Cannabis Grow C5990471 6AFD 4586 951E A6A4621F3C2F
Cannabis Grow 3CFD936F 6530 48FB B2FE E9790818CC18
Cannabis Grow D8D171D8 D06D 4B2D 815D 3AF027503C3E

Posted : 04/16/2024 3:45 pm 1swanzsong liked

I’m going to be harvesting my Squirt tomorrow night at lights on she’s purpled up and she’s starting to get her fall fade and she’s smelling like a pound of ⛽️ she reminds me of the NYC Diesel from Soma Sacred seeds and she overpowers the smell of the whole garden!

Cannabis Grow D17E075D 28A5 4F3B 96EA E7DF23AA9EAD
Cannabis Grow 2524B9F5 A5F5 465E 9B71 3D23B1154E9C
Cannabis Grow D3943636 9C23 46ED 8213 6B3E5D783FAA

Posted : 04/16/2024 3:59 pm 1swanzsong liked
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I just harvested my squirt tonight at lights on she went 65 days and nights today was day 66! I will be harvesting my Hot-Mess on May 1st in 13 days and that will be the end of my NYGC. Then I’ll be ready for the SAFC! With some Autoflower plants!

Posted : 04/18/2024 10:00 pm 1swanzsong and 419grower liked

My Hot-Mess tonight!

Cannabis Grow 42550427 F8C8 4D5E B6CF 01DD65E04C57
Cannabis Grow 52F2E304 AF4A 464E AA68 8D91671263D4
Cannabis Grow 4C8C9635 98D8 4B90 9ACC 0A007C069A2F
Cannabis Grow 5717F679 8CFD 49EC 9676 DBAB1CB4C80D
Cannabis Grow 44E3E84E 16D4 400D A8E2 33FFA5BB6F09
Cannabis Grow F57EBCCF 988E 4BE2 8881 8735D24A35A3
Cannabis Grow 4E0994C9 A16E 4853 AB8A 0C4D7699098A
Cannabis Grow 4EF35927 231E 4C91 B335 B40F53AA767F
Cannabis Grow D9EFD270 6750 47ED 82CB 746A25962EB4

Posted : 04/21/2024 9:24 pm 1swanzsong liked

My Durban clone, Zamango and Gorilla Cookies tonight!

Cannabis Grow C2F8C972 56AD 4E58 9626 57B1D2A7204C
Cannabis Grow 498FD26E 8419 47A5 BBA5 CCDC87A75846
Cannabis Grow 264EC74A CBED 4EAD 99F4 1FCF6F9E1E99
Cannabis Grow DE7F0406 2ED4 4225 9BF4 3EB8626FA775
Cannabis Grow CCDC81B5 E7AD 4D65 9046 EE88F870DBFA
Cannabis Grow BE829533 A7C0 4701 AFD3 FE455CEBF9BB
Cannabis Grow D4343EF2 7B7A 421B B3BE 11C999789086
Cannabis Grow 7C8620A0 4005 4E8E 9D4F FA78DB9BBD44
Cannabis Grow 86B7302F D3C8 4EB8 A11E 39EBEB4D60B3
Cannabis Grow CB2BFBC1 CC94 454F 8C5E 6714806090E6
Cannabis Grow 0C53F0EA C236 40D1 B673 530C4F7C9C21
Cannabis Grow 1920977A 0E01 46AA B5AA AEE854B06925
Cannabis Grow 6DE4C54C A133 4DC6 AF6B 08774B41D03B
Cannabis Grow 87E1CCFC 6721 4BFD 9FD9 59EC078D719E

Posted : 04/21/2024 9:29 pm 1swanzsong liked

My Hot-Mess tonight one more week and they will get the 🪓 I’m sure Ready!!!

Cannabis Grow BBDE9DE6 5403 4E24 9570 B2AAEDFAF1E9
Cannabis Grow AEB1AC77 5FD9 482D 99E5 FF94AB78681E
Cannabis Grow 95A0457B F425 4FB1 AE4B 11A5E66F04CB
Cannabis Grow F036D453 2694 4734 B557 79A2362886E6
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Cannabis Grow C2BB8D34 76AD 43CE 8BFF 41E828A1EBBA
Cannabis Grow 051D9B36 A3D2 4826 A9F7 2BB82BDE8C9F
Cannabis Grow 19413E38 59C3 4541 9B50 7BCCC59F9B1A
Cannabis Grow 19DB0FC9 77C4 43A8 8FBC E0D30CCEF272
Cannabis Grow 55FBC724 75D2 4950 9024 4F74F103946A
Cannabis Grow FB0D6586 6BE3 43EE 9743 337754B92FAD
Cannabis Grow 3934885A 34D5 4EE9 9292 718D1130DE29
Cannabis Grow 6F45AABF 6DB3 4285 ADE5 FCBAB7DBF7D3
Cannabis Grow 32C816A4 F0F9 42F7 B4F3 FD3BD493B2A5
Cannabis Grow 79F493A4 1BDD 43F9 9860 AAC3C6BB8E74
Cannabis Grow CA05EBA6 D952 481D A287 A03F86AB0FEC
Cannabis Grow 579E912B 2875 4F67 AC94 1A04911359E5
Cannabis Grow 8B0CE8ED C115 4929 826C 5E23A220050B
Cannabis Grow 5A875F8F 79DF 48B5 B66A B04D6E696A90
Cannabis Grow 3EDD2DEA 8A1C 4568 8459 4A369F06602E
Cannabis Grow AE75BE78 B1D9 4EF3 ABC4 EC630BB9C4E3
Cannabis Grow EFE58329 F40E 4A5C 9B1B 2DB0736F1C6C
Cannabis Grow 3F4F0EE3 1062 4460 955F 469195F77C34

Posted : 04/25/2024 12:49 am 419grower and 1swanzsong liked

My Zamango and Gorilla Cookies Autos tonight!

Cannabis Grow 31D727B6 5602 41F1 8503 624CEAD2D157
Cannabis Grow F87747E4 709D 442A 8459 5668F164EC18
Cannabis Grow 18B82BA7 1F5B 42C9 BB67 9CC759EDD297
Cannabis Grow 5FE0E16E 5703 43C2 9E8F E206E7E5A6CB
Cannabis Grow F70146A0 C205 46AC 9C90 21AAD7EACA8D
Cannabis Grow E43C7104 38FD 4446 963E 985543779344
Cannabis Grow 14236BF8 F876 4B59 A463 562CF003031E
Cannabis Grow 930F2CC9 C987 40EA B8D4 35ECEE78D611
Cannabis Grow 4A544A36 B661 41E3 840D B9C228BE8713
Cannabis Grow EB1DB89F 70FA 403E A44D 3A64D6F84E19
Cannabis Grow 4BC6EE74 9A82 429D 998B 1A1FD288321A
Cannabis Grow 79E9096C 7970 409D AC8D ABB753611186
Cannabis Grow 94EF5B21 462A 40D3 956C 4B739CDE76F5
Cannabis Grow BAADEBE1 2AB9 495E B078 E240484DB7A6
Cannabis Grow 1BC8E0B6 64FE 4900 BE74 BA2BCB80C60F
Cannabis Grow 02C357BC 0B72 4D21 84F1 8FDE4146A030
Cannabis Grow EB4E0121 D985 422F A8A1 BB550FC0CCC9
Cannabis Grow 590DCE09 853A 4CB4 8C6D 9E5897B548A8
Cannabis Grow 27A01CC5 1085 4117 B825 5FEEF625010E
Cannabis Grow DBB313E7 0C59 4E94 9A99 59F26D78153F
Cannabis Grow 17869443 8114 45B7 A32B EB7835A97F06
Cannabis Grow 9507EB9C 22B1 4BCF AB73 1DFF1CE946D3

Posted : 04/25/2024 1:01 am 419grower and 1swanzsong liked

My Durban clone on week 6 of flowering I miscalculated the weeks

Cannabis Grow DE24B960 8110 4BA9 A1DE 39E85E5E053A
Cannabis Grow 56C0E35F 44DB 4197 8042 F5BF5D9BDF56
Cannabis Grow A87FAE1A 923B 48FC B37F 0F3019ECA7B7
Cannabis Grow 0ED6951F A38F 4E4A B5C2 0FB1B09A8F31
Cannabis Grow 20342EB5 0F75 4519 99E1 2DED1217D6B3
Cannabis Grow 797D7621 E38F 4C94 B3A1 4B602A8057FF
Cannabis Grow 6B6B7DBD B0F2 46D5 87FC FBEFA91E50EE
Cannabis Grow 1F688F67 D5F7 484D 933E 908D2AFAC3DA
Cannabis Grow 2421BE9E 1066 4AD2 AE3C 6B4EB706EFD9
Cannabis Grow 4C8F1AC9 1F1A 4F5A 83B0 93560667B9A6
Cannabis Grow 40BA3FED 0040 4EEC 91F0 42405AC70840
Cannabis Grow 2FD9EE73 E6A5 4CE5 B8B0 0EC84B140258
Cannabis Grow A85479E0 5E90 4209 ADA8 689809583645
Cannabis Grow C8594407 46AD 4F3F A475 81BD98D023E3
Cannabis Grow 7E64ABC1 BB8D 41A6 A4C7 1889B3EABEAB
Cannabis Grow 86E2535D C694 4CBB 8EF2 0B9A3ECB5D1C
Cannabis Grow 7C44487F 4B71 48A4 9F99 015EAE19E8C4

Posted : 04/25/2024 1:08 am 419grower and 1swanzsong liked

My Durban Clone Day 39 of 12-12

Cannabis Grow B5A0A9D8 E12A 49AA AF50 500A98C391BF
Cannabis Grow 0C507B40 6F40 45A6 9645 B44512CF6827
Cannabis Grow 6A8D658E 4810 4DC6 9E29 2160116172D7
Cannabis Grow FAF38188 CEF2 459C B3D6 5EDFD6B0FA36
Cannabis Grow 73ACD14E 6D2E 4462 947A 4D79559BD9AA
Cannabis Grow 05F8F0F0 C81E 4057 AE9F 66FBE45C5209
Cannabis Grow 8F588C79 CFBA 47B6 A770 4ADEAA73ED45
Cannabis Grow E05AA6B5 5E66 498D BE2F 5DE07CC33A5E
Cannabis Grow A1B2730D 890F 4EA5 9F91 9F04E448499D
Cannabis Grow 20F71A09 33AB 4DC8 BC29 FA65733CAC94

I would say she’s pretty Dialed in on this run! Compared to my first run with her when I severely underfed her! She’s smelling really amazing this round!

Posted : 04/27/2024 6:32 am 1swanzsong liked

My Hot-Mess Day 62 of 12-12

Cannabis Grow 16AFC410 1F02 46A2 8432 C6243316CB43
Cannabis Grow ECD7F7D2 1DA7 41AB 9EE5 A7C418D5BC3B
Cannabis Grow 69141C1D 5910 4031 BF2C 99A4AD02DA69
Cannabis Grow 37AB484E 7986 429F 87A5 F14C8CBC6CAD
Cannabis Grow BF6CCA90 D09A 4024 AF09 DF3D93747A8A
Cannabis Grow 259D3841 952D 4EF7 88AF 3402001568A8
Cannabis Grow 0ACE8648 29D4 465A 881D 287B7E8AFAFE
Cannabis Grow 4896F9B4 04E4 43CC 9A5D 5F29CF18A717
Cannabis Grow 1D70426A 2391 4046 8FE0 B68C2691F03F
Cannabis Grow 4F1BBD55 06E2 44CA BF33 497BE560E303
Cannabis Grow 2014199F 8DAF 4F80 82B7 093117E8F45E

Posted : 04/27/2024 6:45 am 1swanzsong liked

I cut a bud off my Hot-Mess on day 56 and checked the trichomes for amber and it was about 10% amber 80% cloudy and 10% clear so I decided to go another week to get closer to the 25% Amber and 75% Cloudy and then it’s harvest time I might wait until may 1st to harvest or I am thinking about doing it tomorrow before the lights come on again at 7:00pm! I’m going to go check the trichomes on the plants without cutting anymore buds off after I finish eating my Tacos!

Posted : 04/28/2024 10:41 pm 419grower and 1swanzsong liked

My hot Mess tonight at lights on!

Cannabis Grow 09B5626F 2E14 4039 B2FA E867E469CF8C
Cannabis Grow 4D6CD7CE 65A2 4203 BC8D DBE80D2C498A

She’s getting her Fall colors!

Posted : 04/28/2024 11:46 pm 419grower and 1swanzsong liked

I’m falling in love with this Hot-Mess! My son and I tried the bud I cut on day 56 last night and it was really Amazing and Cheshire Cat Grin inducing for sure and it really made me feel Spectacular! And has some good vibes! And that was just after drying out for a week and no cure time for it so I know what to expect from her after she gets dried and cured properly she’s going to be the Hot-🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 for sure!!!

Posted : 04/29/2024 5:13 am 1swanzsong liked
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