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Going to try to flower some

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photos outdoor before days get long.

Posted : 01/10/2024 7:03 pm Crispywannabe liked

Glad to be back journaling.

scuffed, dipped in aloe, soaked in rootwise water a few days ago. Accidentally pollenated a Gnome Automatics 304 with a cool variegated Vortex F2 (project V from @spartangrown preserving the tga line)

Velvet punches are from Jack Greenstalk and other 2 are some cool chem d and chem91 crosses from OzarkMountain 

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Heres a pic of the 304 x Vortex mom… and some of the seeds that have already popped

Posted : 01/10/2024 7:08 pm Crispywannabe liked

lost the 2 velvet punch and a stundog millionaire, but other 9 plants are still doin pretty well. 

theyre a little extra leggy from fighting for light with some bigger plants in the veg tent.

my plan is to wait for an extra set of leaves or two, and get these all in the ground somewhere outside before days get too long to flower 🤞… 12 hours of darkness ends 3/15 though 😬

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Posted : 01/25/2024 3:38 pm
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Gave them some super aged woodchip mulch. Ill definitely take clones from these later, but also tried cloning the tops from some Nope Hope Dope x Indiana Bubblegum that im also growing

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Posted : 02/04/2024 6:30 pm