NYGC Soil-Peat: Blue Dream and Blumats

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NYGC Soil-Peat: Blue Dream and Blumats

Hi, this is a late entry, but I did drop seeds on NYE and I've been keeping a journal, so I'll pretty much just be uploading those entries.

I have a fairly hands off approach. Blumats and a 250L peat/compost/lava rock ammended with kelp, oyster shell flour, neem meal, malted barley powder, gypsum, palagonite (basalt), blood and bone. Lucerne (alfalfa) mulch.


I have beneficial microbes in my reservoir and do weekly(ish) sprays of an IPM potion I mix up and some kelp/micronutrients, always with fresh aloe.


I live in the southern hemisphere so if anyone wants to talk products and/or ingredients please reach out. Some American staples are difficult to source here, expensive and usually there are substitutes if you search.

Posted : 03/21/2024 3:56 pm Bubba42072 liked


Dropped two Wedding Cake Autos into soil from the bed with mykos. I'm thinking of joining the Coco for Cannabis NYGC.  

Posted : 03/26/2024 5:53 pm Bubba42072 liked


The two wedding cake seeds I dropped only one came up so I made the decision today to drop two blue dream as well. If I have to flower all 3 so be it, we have the light and the space for it now.

Instead of the bed soil which is pretty chunky and difficult for new seedlings to navigate I opted for the 50:50 compost:vermiculite mix with a few drops of OGM (Australian company, beneficial microbes) and pond water. I put the seeds into a shot glass of water and I'll move them to the soil this afternoon, about 8 hours from now.

New light arrived, it's huge, hardly fits in the tent. It's going to be kind of annoying taking up the entire ceiling but will be worth it.

Had a massive explosion of bugs in the tent while the lights were off. I think they are springtails. Got to get up and running again asap.

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Posted : 03/26/2024 6:00 pm Bubba42072 liked

Both Bluedream are in soil, one sank after about 8 hours, the other one, which was the jumbo seed, I left overnight. In pots now with Mykos on the floor of the tent, it's about 29c and 60-70% humidity. They have snaplock bags over them with the corners cut off.

Posted : 03/26/2024 6:03 pm

Blue Dream just breaking the surface this morning.
#2 came up first, it was the smaller one so it hydrated in the shot glass first. #1 is up this afternoon. It has bigger cotyledons than #2, #2 is tiny.

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They survived a few days away. Left water in the bottom of the tubs and they were wet when I got back but no water left. Took baggie off them. Auto has 3 sets of leaves.

Posted : 03/26/2024 6:05 pm

Bokashi did a little bloom, cool to see. I planted the wedding cake into the bed and everyone is under the led now at 25% 18:6 cycle, DLI at about 12 according to Photone (I know, I know. Can't afford a real PAR meter yet). It's looking a little droopy and clawed, I think there is too much N available in the soil solution. I'll watch and explore options.
The two blue dream look quite different. One has thinner leaves and some variegation, the othe one has broader leaves and I cringe to say it as it may be in my head but a bit of a blue tinge to the leaves and some little trichomes, maybe.

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Posted : 03/26/2024 6:13 pm

Light up to 35%, they seem ok. The Blue Dream in the little pots might need some food. Gave them a squirt with silica today. Wedding cake looks better but I think it's going to be pretty small.
Got the blumats fixed and got caps for all the drippers and for the tensiometer.

Transplanted the Blue Dream into the bed. I still need to work on the seedling stage, maybe a medium pot, the roots didn't look super healthy when I took them out of their little pots. Not bad, just not crazy vigorous and white. The seedlings aren't exactly crazy vigorous either. Maybe not enough nutrition in the compost in those little pots.
Blumats current sitting around 80mb, lights are about 250 ppfd, 18:6, humidity 65-70, temp 23-28.

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One of the Blue Dreams has spotty leaves, like a deficiency. I noticed it after the first light cycle in the bed but it was probably already happening in the pot, I think it will shake it off over the next few days as it spreads it's roots out.

It was 23c in there this morning so I chucked the oil heater in there set to 28. I really want to see them charging along and they haven't had the best time as seedlings.

Sprayed yesterday with neem and kSil. Sprayed today with OGM. One blue dream looks pretty good apart from variegated leaves, the other one is still spotty.
Wedding cake definitely flowering.

The smaller Blue Dream is still struggling a bit but I think it will grow out of it. There's not much I can do about it right now. The other one is charging along nicely.

The dripper in the front left is still forming a slime. I wonder if it's something in the soil working up into the dripper because I bleached the whole blumat system. I hope the slime is not causing the trouble with the Blue Dream seedling.

The Wedding Cake has formed a nice little Christmas tree shape, I'm going to let it flower naturally depending on how much more it stretches. I'm only expecting an oz or so from it.

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Posted : 03/26/2024 6:21 pm Bubba42072 liked

Here's a picture from last year of the slime I was talking about. It's cleared up now after having the beneficials in the res at all times.

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Posted : 03/26/2024 6:25 pm

Larger bluedream is growing nicely. Still has variegated leaves but doesn't seem to be causing an issue. Nice big leaves and up to 4 nodes. Deciding whether to top or just bend. I'll probably bend them over seeing as how they are starting over to one side of the tent.
The other one looks much healthier but isn't growing with the same vigor as the other. It might shake it off or it might just not be as vigorous. I hope it doesn't have anything to do with the slime dripper as it is quite close to that.

The chilli plant that I watered with the FAA is burned. I think I used it in full sun and also because I took the FAA off the top - I did agitate it a bit but didn't stir it - I got a lot of oil, which is supposed to be much worse for burning plants in the sun. Oops. Now I know to be super careful with that when using oily products. The plants in the hoop tunnel got it as well and they don't look burned but they get shade much earlier.

Took the first two tiny sets of leaves off the bottom of the bigger blue dream. Decided not to top yet. I'll let it grow one or two more nodes (which might only be a few days) and see if the other one wakes up at all.

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Posted : 03/26/2024 6:30 pm Bubba42072 liked

Super cropped the wedding cake top about 10cm down to even out the top a bit, it's getting pretty close to the lights.

I've mixed up a potion that I intend to do every week or two. I've just sprayed it on the outdoor girls as a test, it's 7pm.

The potion (400ml bottle):
1ml kSil
1ml neem oil
1ml eco oil
2.5ml fulvic acid
Thumbnail sized piece of peeled aloe

The measuments are as close as possible but it's hard to accurately measure such small amounts.
The pH was very high, over ten, even after I added the fulvic to try and bring it down. That's why I decided to test it on the outdoors first.

Spray had no negative effect on outdoor plants so I went ahead and sprayed the indoors during lights off. They look fine at lights on. The smaller blue dream has a few more leaf issues though. Grey brown spots on the leaf tips.

I've just attempted to FIM Blue Dream #1. It has beautiful big 7 fingered leaves and 6 nodes.

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Posted : 03/26/2024 6:35 pm Bubba42072 liked

Had a storm last night and the power board tripped so they were in the dark all night. They seem fine. They're not blowing me away with vigor but Blue Dream #2 is looking pretty good. The Wedding Cake looks very pale where the new growth is. I thought maybe sulfur deficiency but it was super high on the soil test so probably not that, iron however was about halfway into the satisfactory range, so that could be depleted by now. I'll just watch it for now as it's not too bad and there isn't much stretch or new growth happening now.
We're going away for 4 nights tomorrow so it will be interesting to see how they are on Monday.

Back a day late. Checked the plants in the dark. They look great. Wedding cake still had some stretch in her lol. It's grown up into lights.

On the 11th I sprayed with my IPM potion. Today I'm going to spray with seasol and aloe. Maybe some charlie carp too but all super weak, the soil should still have all the nutrition they need. I just want a "tonic" style feed to alternate with the IPM potion. Just a little bit of everything and all the stimulating effects of aloe, kelp and fish.
I actually don't have any fish except for the FAA and I'm still not 100% confident with that until I strain it and mix it properly and also successfully spray it on something else without burning it. So, I'm using an old bottle of Cottenwoods Trace Elements. It says it has kelp, fish, polysaccharides and trace elements in available form. It says to add 4ml/L, I'm going to use 1.25ml (1/4tsp).

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Posted : 03/26/2024 6:38 pm Bubba42072 liked

Blue Dream #1 up the back, #2 at the front.
Time to do another IPM spray, I want to do one once a week or every ten days minimum. I'll try do it today during lights off.

I've cleaned up the undercarriage of the wedding cake and BD#1, #2 got topped. I may still top #1 and then I'll give them a week after that to recover before flipping. I don't want to wait much longer or they could take over the space before I know it, they are growing so fast, I think the co2 must be helping, my cheapo reader arrives this week (I'd hung some mushroom grow kits up, I don't think they added anything according to the cheap meter since I was constantly exhausting). I've also just turned the lights up to 45%, the wedding cake has a little bit of yellow tips happening but I don't think it's light burn. The sulphur/iron deficiency seems to have sorted itself out too. Might be time for a soil test after this run.

Topped #1 too. It's growing fast and I'd rather it went sideways, it's up to the first net already. Also I was reading about manganese toxicity, it could explain the brown patches on #2s leaves and the stunted growth. Also it interacts with iron so could have caused the deficiency symptoms I saw in the wedding cake. It's available at low ph so of the oyster shell flour continues to slowly raise the ph while the plants use up the excess manganese I think I'll see improvement over time with no further action. #2 seems to have shaken off the spots on the leaves but the slow growth is still true. We'll see how it goes topped. There are a couple of branches making their way out to the sides.

I'm spraying my IPM potion today. I've adjusted the recipe slightly to be weaker and make more sense for 1L mixes.

New recipe:
1.25ml KSil
1.25ml Neem oil
1.25ml eco oil
2.5ml fulvic
2.5cmx2.5cm aloe

23 days in veg. Flipping as soon as they recover from topping and new tops look big enough.


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Flipped last night, so the lights should have switched off this morning at 6am and should be back on at 6pm. #1 is big, about 10cm over the first net and very bushy. Looks great. #2 is nearly up at the net. It looks happier but still not growing as fast as #1.

Wedding cake looks great, stacking on flowers, nice smell still but it's changing.

Clones got cooked in the propagation tent because there's no exhaust, they might still survive, well see. No major drama if they don't live.

Pruned the undersides some more. Looking really good. #2 is so fucking dense and bushy, it's kind of weird. Getting some good branching now though, it's a nice looking little bush.

Sprayed IPM spray.


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