NYGC Coco: New year, new starts.

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Happy New Year everyone. Super excited to get this growing and to watch other peoples grows as well. This  will be my first grow in Coco so I’m sure there will be a slight learning curve for me and I’ll be asking some questions. Little nervous to be honest because it’s something new, but I’m sure I’ll figure it out and get these girls to the finish line.  Been having to many problems in Promix so I’m moving on to something else.

Dropped  four different cultivars from Mephisto. I just use the paper towel method to germinate seeds. I’ll update when I get them in solos. They’ll be finishing in 2 gal air pots when they’re ready.

 Stick around, it should be interesting. I’ll be training to keep these ladies pretty short. Going to attempt to run two levels in a tall grow cabinet and get the most out of a really small foot print. It should work but I’ve got a tent if things get out of hand.  

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All four of my ladies have popped their heads out of the soil and are ready to party. I’ll post some pics when I get home tonight.

 They are in solo cups with coco and a little promix on top to start the seeds in.

 Started them on a little Calmag and GH Maxibloom. Will work into maxigrow shortly and slowly bring up the N.

Ph 6.3

EC 325

 In tent under little 100 watt getting about 150 PPFD at the moment. Temps are around 74-76F. RH has been hanging right around 70-74 with the VPD right around .8-.9

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Girl seem to be pretty happy this week. Had them on 24/0. Going to switch them to 20/4 tomorrow. I’ll run my off time mid day so the girls will stay warm. Had them at 300 umol’s this weekend and worked them up to 450 for a bit to stop the stretch. Getting about 400 now and tolerating it really well. 

Walking up the EC with each fertigation. Fed a mix of maxigrow/bloom and calmag at an EC of 700 and Ph of 6.1 tonight. Have to be careful with my nitrogen because the calmag I have is 2-0-0. 

Temps are 73-76. I’d like it to be up around 80 and get them going a little faster. May put my bigger light in there tomorrow and rise it up so I can get them a little warmer. 
Rh-70-72. I’ve got my 2 gals in there to help keep my humidity up and consistent. 


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Been having some Cal issues this week. New coco so I’m not really surprised. Buffered it really well but I need to do better on the next run apparently. Got on it right away so it’s not way out of hand. Foliar feeding calmag and pushing as much as I can. I up potted early on Sat because those pots had been sitting in calmag solution for days. Hit the Double smile pretty hard but she seems to be coming around and growing again. Just keep giving her hell and hopefully I can get a handle on things. 

Other than that they are sitting under 325 ppfd,

EC-1400, PH 6.0

temp-78f  and an RH of 72

Maxigrow and bloom. At 50/50 and increasing grow as they call for more nitrogen.

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Girls are doing pretty well this week. Been tying them down and will work on some twisting and getting them laid out correctly this week. They don’t seem to mind it and have been growing like crazy. The little monkey is a monster. I better hurry and get their next home ready because she’s not going to fit much longer.

Feeding maxigrow/bloom. 75% grow, 5ml calmag, humic, and sil. EC-1500, 325ppfd, temp around 79-82 and have been running 72-74RH 

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Slowly and gently training them.

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Did some defoliating this weekend and a little more training. Topped the GSM. Everything is the same other than they are getting about 400ish ppfd. Going to work that up to about 500 this week.

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Girls are cruising along. Started throwing some pistils. I dropped my EC to 1300 and pulled back a little N because I was pushing a little much. They’re getting about 500 ppfd. 
Don’t laugh at my budget, home made cabinet. Had all the stuff to do it and just wanted to see if it would work. So far it’s doing well and makes it really easy to work with the plants.

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Weekly update. Got the cruise control set on the ladies and they are just content and doing their thing. Been wet and cold so I’ve been doing my best to keep their environment managed. Having a hard time keeping the temp above 72-73 degrees. Not terrible but they are growing fairly slow. Did a pretty good defoliation this weekend and I’m getting them switched over to their bloom nutes. Starting to smell BEAUtiful.

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I screwed up. How are you guys running your Calmag in this coco stuff?  I was running mine too high through the veg stage and into the start of flower and I think I’ve got a nice potassium deficiency going on. I was at 3 mil gal. I dropped it down to the low dose and bumped up the bloom. Anything else you guys would do at this point? 

Also, how do you guys feel about the kool bloom? Is it worth using or a waste of money? 

This cabinet grow has been interesting. I’ll have to make some changes with lighting and I know a little better what size of plants I can get away with. That monkey got pretty big and has me to close to my lights. I’ve been rotating them every 12 hours so they can get enough light. 

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NYGC Coco: New year, new starts.

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My bad. Forgot to post pics. 🤦🏼‍♂️

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The ladies are doing pretty well. Really haven’t had very many issues. Cabinet is doing very well. Environment has stayed very nice without a ton of effort on my part.

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Life has been busy so I haven’t updated for a while. Getting close with these ladies. Just been waiting for the Girl Scout monkey to finish up.

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Well, the verdict is in. Not terrible for my second grow. Much better than my first one for sure. 

 Under my 100 watt light

 orange diesel- 35.5 g

gsm-53.3 g  for 88.8g under the 100 watt

 under the xs1500

ds- 62.3g

BOH-33.3 for 95.6 under that light. 
Total of  184.4 g in a 16” x 32” cabinet. 

Well guys, that was a lot of work to get those plants grown out and harvested. It was a lot of fun and pretty challenging. Watered twice a day by hand and I was having to rotate them every 12 hours. The gsm got way bigger than I thought she would so I had my lights way closer than I wanted. 
Love growing in the cabinet. makes it super easy to get in there and work with your plants.  I’ll just have to make sure I stick with the smaller cultivars from now on. 
i screwed some stuff up so I don’t think I did as well as I could have but I’ll learn from it and do better next time. 
Docs program is rock solid for sure. 

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