NYGC Coco: It's a Cookie New Year

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Hiya fam! This is my second NYGC and second grow attempted. I have to admit, I started a month early because my last grow went a month longer than everyone else because I topped a couple of times and sat in Grow a few weeks longer than everyone else. I had good results with it so plan to go one step further and try to mainline

A few differences this year are:

  • Upgraded lights from AC Infinity s24 Ionboard to the HLG 350 Diablo
    • Reason: In the Bloom phase I noticed issues with light penetration beyond the canopy and some larfy buds toward the bottom. I will say the s24 was perfect for the Grow phase though so now I have a 2 tent system; each with a different light. 
  • Upgraded AC Infinity UIS system from 69 PRO to the 69 PRO+ which will add 4 additional UIS control ports
    • Reason: Lights, Inline Fan, and Oscillating Fan (2), were enough to use all of the ports available in the 69 PRO version. I also run a humidifier (Cloudforge T3) and a heater for the cold nights. I like the individual control for my fans with the 69 PRO+ over using the daisy chains which allow only a single schedule/automation. Plus a few additional things. 
  • Increased nute fertigations from GH Flora Nova 4-Part system to GH Flora Nova 8-Part system
    • Reason: Later in my last grow I started using the ArmorSi (silica) and noticed a great improvement in leaf strength and trunk size. I also want to add in RapidStart
  • Adding a 3rd step in the transplants of 4" > 1 gal > 5 gal
    • Reason: When I looked at my root structure at the end of my grow in the 5 gal, final bucket, I was surprised not to see as many roots to the edges as I saw in my 4" square pot. I am hoping adding the additional step with the 1gal bucket will help with the root establishment and get some strong root balls and great expansion. 

Grow Media:

I am reusing the soil/coco mix from last year, but have flushed and fertilized it. A more experienced friend said he finds he can reuse coco up to 3 times before ditching it. I am starting in Happy Frog (peat) 50% | Tuper Coco 50%, which has a good perlite mix out of the bag. 

Cannabis Grow B643A8C3 D828 4C77 AC91 A350C051B61A

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I started my seeds like last grow but dropped seeds @9:30am instead of midnight. I gave everything 6 shakes in the 350 grit sandpaper tube I made. They floated until around 3p but sank with a little encouragement. I left them all in to soak until 10pm; which is a longer soak as well.

I added ziplock with a wet towel. Didn't layer the towel again because I like to watch the growth.

Taking advantage of my 3d printer bed for accuracy I can dial it in over my seed mat. This year I started at 25°C (5°C less than last NYGC) and the results were way better. I popped 2 of each strain knowing only one of each could survive. 

I couldn't believe how quickly the radicles appeared! By noon the next day (14 hours later) all 4 seeds had developed a radicle! I dropped the seeds in their pot at midnight to start the day off right! I took the advice from (@happycultivator) in my last grow journal and made sure to plant them a bit deeper (1/2-3/4") to help prevent the helmet head I had last year

I misplaced one of my 4" pots so used a disposable coffee cup for the 4th seed which is hard to make out. 

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1 week later...

  • Avg Temp (week): 78.5 °F
  • Avg Humidity (Week): 88.0%

Things are looking fine. Humidity was a little higher than I like in the dome but seems to have worked out. All 4 plants have sprouted and are all about the same size. I have a little growth on the perlite giving off some yellow/green colors, but to be expected with peeks of 98% humidity. There was one of the Red Hot Cookies (Back right) that had a helmet head. I put a few drops of water on the cotyledon and gently removed the shell with a chopstick I had nearby. All is well now.

Here is a close up

But everything looked fine the next morning once it had a good sleep

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12/7 - End of week 1

Starting fertigation following the General Hydroponics 4-Part Nutrient system. I will switch to the 8-Part plan next week to ease into things.

  • Avg Temp (week): 70.7 °F
  • Avg Humidity (Week): 73.9%
  • PPM @400
  • ph @ 6.3
  • PPFD @200
  • watering 1 time a day (manually)

I am starting to be able to tell which of each strain is coming on the strongest. On the right side back is the Red Hot Cookies, and on the front right is the Mandarin which was first to show its radicle (in only 6 hours on the warmer) so I know it wants to grow and is quickly becoming my favorite. 

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12/14 - End of week 2

Moving to Week 2 of Nutrient System and shifting to the Aggressive Feed program now that we are settled in.

  • Avg Temp (week): 73.5 °F
  • Avg Humidity (Week): 76.1%
  • PPM @900
  • ph @6.5
  • PPFD @200 
  • Watering 1 time a day (manually)

Growth has slowed, but I am still pleased. I want to make sure I am maximizing the rootball strength to withstand mainlining so I think this slowdown is due to the roots fully enveloping the soil.

12/16 - I filled up my 1 gal pots, watered them down, and brought them into the tent for 24 hours so they could equalize in temperature. There has been explosive growth since the increase to the 8-part nute system and aggressive feed program. I shifted the Mandarin from the front right to the front left to prevent shade from the Red Hot Cookie. 

Time for the transplant. Close-up of the Mandarin: 

Now they are back in their tent with upgraded digs. This is the same peat/coco mix (50/50). I am keeping the smaller plants in their cups while I ensure the transplant goes well. Used Shark stim for the root. 

  • Increased PPFD @750

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12/21 - End of week 3

  • Avg Temp (week): 76.4 °F
  • Avg Humidity (Week): 71.0%
  • PPM @1000
  • ph @5.7
  • PPFD @750 
  • Watering 1 time a day (3 min @ 48oz per plant)

Set up fertigation automation to prepare for holiday travel. I need to work out a way to automate the ph down from the daily increase of the reservoir. I find when I run air stones it ramps up with the O2 pumped in. I am seeing an increase of about .3-.5 ph overnight. This grow I am not able to use rain water like my last, which was much more stable. It has been really dry the last few months. 

I ran into problems last week in an altered state of mind and meant to decrease my ph to 5.7 but instead, increased to 6.7.... not my finest moment. Got a lot of leaf shrivel after 2 days at that ph, but it came out nicely. 

With the increase in plant size, it is time to add my 2nd oscillating fan back to the tent. I like to have one on the left and one on the right with different angles and different cycles: (1hr:1hr) & (30m:1hr) to break up movement patterns. The purple thing is my heater.

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12/30 - End of week 4 +2day

  • Avg Temp (week): 76.6 °F
  • Avg Humidity (week): 72.7%
  • Avg VPD (week): 0.84 kPa
  • PPM @1100
  • ph @5.5-?
  • PPFD @800
  • Watering 1 time a day (3 min @ 48oz per plant)

Back from holiday travel and found these ladies have had a huge growth spurt. I am not sure how high the ph of my fertigation got while away, but things seem to have responded well over the last week. Notice how thick the stem has gotten. This is something I found from switching to the 8-part feed system and adding in the ArmorSi. 


Red Hot Cookie:

I am glad to see the size, but I wish I had done the first of 3 toppings before I left. The 4th node was growing out before I left and now the 8th node is at the top! Crazy growth! I love it! I am going to wait until a couple of hours before the dark cycle to top them so they have the night to recover. The roots should be well enough established to let me get away with cutting them in half 🤢 🙏

9:30 pm...


I couldn't chop at the 3rd node, it just felt wrong so I went to the 4th node and made sure to leave plenty of stump to prevent splitting.

Red Hot Cookie:

I meant to cut at the 4th node but accidentally cut above the 3rd node like is typical in main-lining. This is going to be a rough couple of days.

I did also remove all growth tips from the first and second nodes as well. I kept all fan leaves, but regret the low chop on the RHC.


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01/04 - End of week 5

  • Avg Temp (week): 75.7 °F
  • Avg Humidity (week): 70.1%
  • Avg VPD (week): 0.89 kPa
  • PPM @1200
  • ph @5.7
  • PPFD @800
  • Watering 1 time a day (3 min @ 48oz per plant)

As expected there was some shock. The Mandarin did fine, but the Red Hot Cookie had lots of leaves curling and twisting in pain

But, with a week to recover, it is time to give them the second chop. Both branches have grown to the fourth node and there is enough space to not damage the growth tips of the third node. I let both plants grow so far unimpeded as space has not been an issue, yet. I will start LST in a couple of days and prepare for the final transplant into 5 gal fabric pots.




Red Hot Cookies:



You may notice I removed growth tips at their first and second nodes. If all goes according to plan, I should be ready for the final chop early next week, since that topping will be after the first node grows out. Then, the transplant in the next week followed by some more LST and recovery time. My goal is to be ready to flip by 02/01.

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I use the Photone app on my iPhone to help gauge the ppfd of my lighting. I have always used a paper diffuser (per the app direction), but Lightray recently released a plastic diffuser that clips over your camera and is supposed to be a lot more accurate. It even corrects for the cosine issue if your phone is slightly tilted and the light hits at a weird angle; which has been known to give a bad reading. 

I tested it out compared to my paper filter and found I was way off with my paper filter. What was reading 800 ppfd with the paper was reading 550 with the diffuser attachment. I dialed things back in with the attachment so the light reading was 800 ppfd and checked with the paper filter just to confirm. It read 1100 ppfd. I guess I have been doing a serious disservice to my plants, but we are moving in the right direction now. 

Also, looks like my photos posted aren't loading right. I will do my weekly update another day

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Well, I have been doing a lot of LST since the 3rd topping of the plant. But, with the increased silica my stems are thicc. I may have applied a little too much "low stress" training and snapped one of my Mandarin mains off 😭 😭 


I'll try to be more patient and let things get a little longer before training too hard going forward. With the mainline approach, you end up with 4 mains right next to each other. I was too eager.

Posted : 01/14/2024 12:12 pm
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Well, I still need to fix the missing photos in my previous posts. I think I messed up doing a copy/paste instead of an upload. BUT, another beautiful week in the bag. I think this might be the final week of veg and flip things over next weekend. I want to ....slowly... add more LST ties to my various limbs to help spread things out a touch before they attempt to stretch. I will also need to dig my net out so I can try to keep things level and move to the flower stages.  Hope everyone else is getting ready for the flip too! Good luck growmies!


Here is a lapse of today:

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Switching over to 12/12 light schedule!

Posted : 01/28/2024 9:41 am

I seem to have made a mistake and assumed my plant knew that we were trying the mainline method and after the 3rd topping it was to stop creating growth nodes. I will upload a video, but I think my 8 colas per plant has increased. Looks like my 3rd node grew and made its own nodes (which I didn't even think about) and I might need to prune? IDK. I am in a weird territory now. 

Next time I mainline, after the 3rd topping, and once the plant recovers, I need to flip them before they grow too much more. Seems I sat in the Veg state too long again. Oh well. I am going to try get things back to the same height on each plant so there is no dominant cola. I think that is the whole goal of the mainline anyway. Might have to do some research here. So if anyone has mainlined and went a bit long on veg, let me know how you resolved things. 

Happy flip week for those flipping!

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Completed the first week of Veg.

  • Avg Temp (week): 72.3 °F
  • Avg Humidity (week): 81.6%
  • Avg VPD (week): 0.50 kPa
  • PPM @1200
  • ph @5.9
  • PPFD @850
  • Watering 1 time a day (3 min @ 48oz per plant)
    • Added cotton string for bottom feed as well

Switching up to the GH Bloom seems to be going well for the girls. The RHC is reaching for the sky and the Mandarin is staying nice and steady. It's been a great strain to grow. I should probably stop mixing strains, but I love a bit of variety and there are so many I want to try, that I could never keep up that way. 

Cannabis Grow wk1bloom

I am trying to focus on managing a warmer temperature in the tent. The nights are still cold and the tent temp drops around 67°F. I would like to stay in the 70-80°F range if possible. 

The weather is warming up here so I also changed my carbon filter. Even a quick maintenance session fills the shop with a sweet, sweet smell. 

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Sorry for my absence over the last month. Things got a little wild....and I had to travel for a couple of weeks....and then this happened:

Cannabis Grow Photo Feb 25 2024, 4 59 05 PM

Things were looking bleak. Here I was worried I might miss out on the recovery award 😒 

I think my fertigation system hit a snag due to my programming. I forgot to schedule a watering "off" time on one day, so these babies got all of their water in 1 day and nothing for the next 10 days. They were stressed when I got back

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