NYGC Coco: EPIC New Years Grow Challenge 2024

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What better way to ring in the new year than joining the New Years Grow Challenge 2024. I will be dropping these seeds on the Smot & Crispy Show on New Years Eve. This grow will be EPIC, I am running 2 4x2 tents with my automation system. I have everything dialed in, and working like a champ. Please join us all for this New Years Grow Challenge 2024. I have several new automation pieces to this system. These are going to be items that we hope to bring to Market in 2024. Dr MJ Coco is also testing out some of these products. This will be an awesome year, so please join us on this epic journey. 

Posted : 12/13/2023 9:05 am Bubba42072, CrackBabies, smotpoker and 3 people liked

Oh and my personal clone challenge, is to Air Layer, a clone or two. If this works then I will be super duper happy. All my personal challenges have worked out in the past so we will see if this one works also. I will be cloning on the plant for all that are not familure with Air Layering. I didn't know about this method of cloning until last night. I will be using 2 dosing channels on my auto doser to fertigate the sections of the plant where I will Air Layer. Thanks @rocinante for the knowledge.

Air Layering Explained


Posted : 12/14/2023 5:18 pm LSLarf, Bubba42072, CrackBabies and 3 people liked
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Okay so here is a few pictures of the fertigation, and dosing system. 

Cannabis Grow IMG 1734
Cannabis Grow IMG 1733
Cannabis Grow IMG 1732
Cannabis Grow IMG 1731


Looking at it boggles my mind that it all works. However you hook up one wire at a time and one hose at a time and it is actually not that complicated but there is a lot going on there. 

Posted : 12/23/2023 2:39 pm Big Mike ATX, 419grower, LSLarf and 6 people liked

Pregaming here need to make sure we can get our plants to a nice start so I tossed two tropical cherry seeds on my birthday December 21st  thanks to @dean420 for the seeds. I want to kick the tires and light the fires. I had to test some modifications to how the PH adjustment algorithm works. Lets say it didn't work the first 2 times, got the bugs out and now the doser gets the PH locked in 10x faster. Here is my little Charley Brown Christmas Tree. 

Cannabis Grow 72523198191  FC087CF6 C9D8 4641 BBA5 C94A14786F59



Posted : 12/25/2023 5:03 pm Big Mike ATX, LSLarf, Bubba42072 and 5 people liked

Okay today is the big day we are T-30 minutes until the Sundazed & Confused Show! I have all my fixins ready, glasses are filled with pure wet water, and labeled. Ribs are cooking on the BBQ we are in the final 20 minutes before it's time to sauce them and caramalize the sauce. I have my camera setup to show my grow, and my system is firing on all cylinders. Check back tomorrow to see the seeds transplanted into thier starting cubes. 

Posted : 12/31/2023 7:29 pm LSLarf, Bubba42072, smotpoker and 1 people liked

Okay we had a starting issue, my heat mat malfunctioned and cooked 2 of my seeds. I left one day to go out to work in tolleson for 2 days, and came back to dry starter cubes, and only two plants sprouted. So I am down to 2  x Trop Cherries, 1 x Baked Apple, and  1 Banana Kush that is struggling to start had to pop her helmet, to try and get the cotyledon leaves to open up. I hope she pulls thru, and starting the trop cherries so early was a bad idea. Well they say the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Setbacks though teach us that nothing goes to plan, and you have to soldier on. 

Cannabis Grow IMG 2640

Here is the little baby, one that I am hoping will open up the cotyledon leaves, she has good color, I just think the tap root was damaged. This one is Banana Kush, I am crossing my fingers for her. 

Cannabis Grow IMG 2636

This is the baked apple, I have no doubts this will be a good plant, she was the first to pop so I think she handled the dry back better. 

Cannabis Grow IMG 2641

Here we have 1 of 2 tropical cherries, this plant is stretching a little bit, but it took a few days longer to pop then the first tropical cherry. 

Cannabis Grow IMG 2642

Last but not least is the first tropical cherry, this plant popped first, and is stretching for the light, and has some cal/mag deficencies. I should have started the tropical cherries about 5 days later. 

Right now the system is running a light cycle of 20/4, humidity is at 73% temp is 81 Freedom units, ec is 350 µS. I am waiting for the first leaves on the Banana Kush to show before I start hardening off the plant over the next week to 850 µS . PH is at 6.4, and I am slowly ramping it down to 6.25. Light is at 250uMol, and slowly ramping up by 50uMol a day to 800uMol.  I am foliar feeding the tropical cherries with 650 µS cal/mag at 6.3 PH, this has helped out quite a bit, I think the taller tropical cherry, would be even more deformed with the low calcium levels of the nutrient solution. I need to get these plants to bulk up. Maybe I can super charge them with hulk nutes Or maybe more borg attachments. 

Posted : 01/07/2024 11:36 am LSLarf, Crispywannabe, Shantar and 1 people liked

Oh I almost forgot my air layering, equipment. Yes I got 1/2 of 1 air layering print done. I forgot how hard TPU is to print, but I like the fact that it is like rubber. I am still working on the design, I have 8 attempts and only got 1 attempt to print, and it isn't that great of a print. 


Cannabis Grow IMG 2648[1]
Cannabis Grow IMG 2647[1]
Cannabis Grow IMG 2646[1]

I don't know if I really need to use the TPU it is flexible, but my thought process is that if the air layer stays on a bit longer it will not strangle the branch it is attached too. We will see I just need to keep on working on getting the other half printed. 


Here is a a failure, this stuff is like pushing rope 100 yards. Oh well I will get it, things that are worth doing are never easy. 

Cannabis Grow IMG 2649[1]

Failure is always an option look at that blob of plastic 🤣. It is always heart breaking when you see that because it took 4 hours to make that failure. 

Posted : 01/07/2024 12:50 pm LSLarf, Crispywannabe, Bubba42072 and 1 people liked
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Well I started another seed monday night, the banana kush just didn't launch, so we are giving it another go. She cracked open and is now in a jiffy pellet. She is also on a proper heat mat with a proper temperature controller.

Cannabis Grow IMG 1754
Cannabis Grow IMG 1753
Cannabis Grow IMG 1750

This seed should take off this time, she is at 78f and has the proper temperature controlled heat mat, not some silly heating pad that you use for sore muscles. Doh it worked so many times in the past.

Posted : 01/10/2024 1:50 pm Crispywannabe, LSLarf and Bubba42072 liked
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Okay finally got my first air layering prototype made. Had to regroup and redesign the thing but here it is in all it’s glory.


Cannabis Grow IMG 1758
Cannabis Grow IMG 1760

Now to make 4 more. Oh it looks kinda like a IV dripper for a sick plant. We can thank Dr MJ Coco for that. I wanted to use spare doser channels 

Posted : 01/11/2024 3:13 pm Crispywannabe and Bubba42072 liked
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Okay it has been a minute since my last post. I had some work issues, and personal issues. Thank god my system doesn't care about that. Here are the plants, they are about several weeks from the clone challenge.


Cannabis Grow 1706287674.281808

Posted : 01/26/2024 8:50 am Crispywannabe and Bubba42072 liked
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Now that I am at home, and can get better photos. These plants are looking good just got to get them a bit bigger before the Air Layering starts. Tune into the Smot & Crispy show this Sunday to see us do our cloning methods. We all wanted bigger plants to clone, but that is the challenge now isn't it. I have a feeling we are going to have a lot of entries for the smallest clone this year. The weather, seeds, equipment malfunctions, and slow starters have hampered all our grows this year. We will make do I have had to even design smaller Air Layering Cylinders, to accomodate my runty plants.

Cannabis Grow IMG 2660
Cannabis Grow IMG 2656
Cannabis Grow IMG 2655
Cannabis Grow IMG 2653


Posted : 01/30/2024 12:46 pm Stares@Plants, Crispywannabe and Bubba42072 liked
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Okay I know I was supposed to wait until Sunday to start my clones, but life is not exactly cooperating I might have to goto a job site this Sunday. So I'am going to start my clones today. I am going to make a brief video of my air layering process for everyone to see I will post my youtube link to it here. I will save one air layering clone in case I am not traveling on Sunday, and I can do it live on the Smot & Crispy channel.

Posted : 02/02/2024 8:28 am Crispywannabe liked

Well before I put up a video I had to do a test run to figure out how to actually apply the air layering equipment. Here are some pictures, after it is put on took about 5 minutes. I will need to have a helper for the next one I put on I definitely need two more hands. Plant is a little upset I think my H2O2 was a bit strong I will rinse my tools in pure water before the next go. However it was easier than I thought it was going to be.

Cannabis Grow IMG 1767

Posted : 02/02/2024 11:40 am smotpoker, Crispywannabe and Bubba42072 liked
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I just did a tour down memory lane from my last year's NYGC. Wow how far my grow has come, started with a crappy hacked together system, to an even more hacked but less crappy system. Now I take for granted things that I forgot I fought with. From cheap ass dosers, to malfunctioning programs. However I have to say even with my problems my grows have been going really good, and each one seems to get better. All our journeys are different, and unique. It has been fun growing with you guys over the past year, and thanks for all the support, and advice. @Dr MJ Coco for all the knowledge you have shared with me. Your living the same dream I am. I have wanted to build a completly automated hydroponic system since I was 14 years old. Last year with your help I got to do that, and now I am reaping the rewards. I also want to shout out to @Smotpoker, and @CrispyWannabe you guys are the highlight of the week sharing what I am doing with you and your audience is always a treat. Also want to shout out to @artmann he is always there, and always positive. @Seedperson1 if your on this site your an inspiration to think outside the box, and go against the grain of what is possible. @Rocinante you always have unique ideas to try, and knowledge of things I don't even know about. 

Posted : 02/02/2024 2:22 pm smotpoker, Crispywannabe, 419grower and 1 people liked
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Well today we got to do the cloning challenge. I like to do things different than most. I chose to do several air layerings. I find this method difficult, and prone to issues. The smaller air layering splints 25mm are fiddley and difficult to put on without damaging the plant. The larger air layering splints 50mm are easier to do. You need a large branch to apply the splint on. I think the larger air layer splint will work better, and give me results faster. 


Here is the 50mm air layer splint on the plant this one went on quick and easy, just because it is bigger and easier to deal with the branch is large enough to support the weight of the split, and peat moss. If this clone takes it will be a massive clone as it is the 3rd node, and it is a masive branch. It might even win largest clone, I was tempted to take the whole plant as a clone, but I really need to get these plants to harvest. 

Cannabis Grow IMG 2665

The smaller 25mm air layer splint was far harder to put on, and it really is heavy for the branch so I had to hang it with a string for extra support. 

Cannabis Grow IMG 2667
Cannabis Grow IMG 2668

Here are the IV drip bags and regulators 

Cannabis Grow IMG 2669

Cannabis Grow IMG 2670

Watch the Smotpoker & CrispyWannabe Sundazed & Confused show where we take our clones. There are many different ways to progate clones check out how we do it on the  Sundazed & Confused 2024 NYGC Clone Challenge

Posted : 02/04/2024 11:50 am Big Mike ATX, Stares@Plants, Crispywannabe and 2 people liked
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