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(Edit: I dropped 3 autoflower seeds on 12/31 also and I’ve decided to include them to this journal. More information about the strain below)

Happy New Year everyone! 

I’m excited to grow with you all and show my progress as well as follow yours. 

In this journal I will be challenging myself to try some new training techniques while keeping my environment dialed in. This will be my first time attempting to scrog, but I may have to abandon that plan depending on how these plants grow. 

Cultivar- I’m growing four Blueberry Muffin seeds from Humboldt Seed Company & three Purple Lemonade auto from fastbuds in coco coir. Blueberry Muffin is known for its unique blueberry muffin terpene profile. Also, blueberry muffin is typically a squat indica leaning plant with relaxing and euphoric qualities. Purple Lemonade is described as having a sweet & sour lemonade flavor with a lemon scent, and purple buds. Purple lemonade is also said to provide an uplifting, bright high that settles into relaxation. Fast buds is literally the first breeder that I’ve tried to run. I wasn’t blown away by the results, but I was also an absolute noob with a terrible blurple light, awful environment, and just bad growing knowledge overall. I’m curious too see how Fastbuds and I have evolved since then. Side note, I ultimately chose this autoflower because reviews said that it thrived in less than ideal conditions. My second tent is  4x2 and has almost no climate control. Temps sit at about 77f with an average humidity of 60 as long as I keep the lights on. We’ll see how it goes.

Germination- I will use the float tech method to germinate my seeds and follow up with the paper towel method if I have stubborn seeds that don’t pop while floating. I use an ac infinity heating mat connected to a temperature controller in a drawer so I can have the seeds floating in the dark in a small space where I can maintain a temp of 80f. If I don’t see a tap root using float tech within 48 hours, I transfer the seeds to the paper towel method And I keep them in the same climate controlled drawer for a few more days. If any seeds don’t pop after five days pass, I toss them out and replace them with more seeds. When my seeds pop, I will be planting them directly into pre buffered coco choir.

Grow medium- My grow medium is Cana Coco bricks. I love this product and since discovering it, I have been using it exclusively. In the past, I used 70/30 coco perlite blends from reputable companies, but the shipping costs were high and the bags would usually come with gnats. The Cana Coco bricks are more affordable because they are lighter, smaller and easier to ship. Plus, you don’t need to worry about bugs.

Lights- I use four Viparspectra xs1500’s in a 4x4 tent. When I purchased these lights they were very affordable and I wanted the flexibility of being able to raise and lower lights individually depending on individual plant heights. I’ve gotten good results with them and I’m hoping to improve during this run.

Tent- I recently downsized from a 5x5 Vivosun tent to a 4x4 Ac Infinity tent. After about 6 years of use and abuse, my poor vivosun tent started falling apart. It was ok while it lasted and it was very affordable at the time for a 5x5. One major gripe is that I had to constantly patch pinhole leaks. I’m hoping to have better results with my new tent.

Environment- I try to adjust  my environment accordingly for each stage of growth and I’ve purchased different pieces of equipment to make setting my environment a little easier, but it doesn’t always go according to plan. In recent years, I’ve done my best to follow VPD recommendations for cannabis with a temp target of 82f for the entire grow with the exception of late flower. I tend to lower temps and humidity later in flower because I “believe” trying to mimic fall brings out more colors and terpenes. Also, I get paranoid about mold and mildew so I like to bring the RH down to about 60% . Is it still pseudo if you believe something, but you don’t try to convince others that it’s scientific? 🤔🤷

Anyway, I use an oil filled electric heater to keep my tent at my ideal temperatures. 82f lights on and 78f lights off.

I use a five gallon self wicking humidifier that’s has a built in humidistat and it has been amazing. It is meant for a 1500 sqft. Space so it has no problem maintaining the humidity in my tent. It also filters and circulates the air in my tent very well. For $90 bucks, it might be my favorite item in my set up. This was a complete game changer for me with maintaining rh. 

For airflow, I use the humidifier that I mentioned, two AC infinity oscillating fans one AC Infinity T6 intake fan that exhausts air and pulls fresh air into the tent from my basement which I’m using as my lung room. In my basement, I have my dehumidifier set to 40% rh to keep the moisture under control.

Nutrients - My main choice of nutrients in recent years has been Jacks Hydroponics. I stumbled across Jacks by watching content creators on YouTube as I usually do. Just like I give Dr. Coco all of the credit for introducing me to high frequency fertigation with coco; I have to give Greengenes garden all of the credit for curing me of my bottled nute addiction and saving me thousands of dollars. At one point I was using House & Garden’s nutrient line. H&G is good stuff, but their whole line is like 11 bottles! Also, I’ve consistently gotten better results with Jacks. 

Jacks is simple. What many of these nutrient companies separate into 5,8 or even 10+ different bottles, Jacks puts it all into a part A and a part B in powder form and you add your own espom salt. I will admit that sometimes I still need a little bottle hit and I get the itch to add the latest and greatest miracle bottle to Jacks regiment, attempting to enhance my results, but I have gotten consistent, beautiful buds with just Jacks Hydro.

Towards the end of flower, I wanted to scratch my bottle itch. I had to try Winter Frost from New Millennium nutrients. My understanding is that It’s supposed to help plants finish up by making the plant think that it’s fall and that the plant is dying so the plant with start to create more oils & terps, and help those clear trichomes to frost up. We’ll see what happens.

Fertigation plan- Using my Floraflex auto watering system with a submersible pump from vivosun, in my 14 gallon reservoir, I will feed jacks part A at 1.5 grams per gallon, part B at 1 gram per gallon and Espom salt at a half a gram per gallon during the seedling phase (24 hours after leaves have opened). I’m aiming for a Ec between .50-.60 and a ph of 6.0.

During early veg, I will increase Jacks part A to 3 grams per gallon, part B to 2 grams per gallon and espom salt to 1 gram per gallon. My ph target at this point will be 5.8 with an Ec target of about 1-1.2

During late Veg, if the plant look good (no deficiencies) I will wait until I flip to flower to increase nutes, if I see deficiencies I will increase jacks to full strength at that time. 3.6 grams of part A, 2.4 grams of part B, 1.2 grams of espom salts. My ph target at this point will be 5.8 with an Ec target of about 1.3-1.5

Late flower, when I believe my plants are about two weeks from harvest, I will continue Jacks at full strength and add New Millennium’s Winter Frost. My ph target at this point will be 5.8 with an Ec target of about 1.5-1.6.

I usually fertigate twice per day during the seedling stage, 4 times during veg and 6 times during flower.

Conclusion- I don’t plan to be this long winded in future updates, but I wanted to lay a good foundation for this journal and get it started off right. I plan to update with pictures once per week; probably Sundays.

Thanks for your interest. Stay tuned and good luck with your grows!

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Day 8 update - Avg. temp 81f /Avg. Rh 62%

I dropped seeds in the water on NYE. Two of them showed tap roots within 48 hours using the float tech method. The other two I transferred to the paper towel method and one of them popped. Because I’m dead set on growing four plants and I hate getting behind, I decided to try and pop the other two seeds that I had in my 6 pack. So out of a 6 pack, 5 seeds popped but only 4 of them were winners. One was really lagging behind and wasn’t sprouting so I got rid of it.

Right out the gate, it’s taking me some time to dial in my humidity and temps to where I want them. I’m using a clear plastic cups as humidity domes for my seedlings at the moment and I plan to get my temp around 82f and my Rh at about 80% by the time the clear cups need to come off. I know I should have dialed my tent in before NYE, but I was so busy with Christmas that I ran out of time.

So far so good. I’ll be back with another update next Sunday.

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Blueberry Muffin Tent                                                              Avg Temp-81.6F Avg RH- 73.9 Res. Ec. 1.12

Purple Lemonade Tent                                                            Avg. Temp-77.3F Avg RH 81.2 Res. EC 1.07

It’s been a very productive 2 weeks. I’m extremely happy with the growth so far. In the past, I would consider flipping to flower at this point because I always get a crazy stretch and I don’t do much training but, since I’m attempting to scrog, I’m going to wait. Plus, every Blueberry Muffin plant that I’ve seen has been pretty squat. I added Roots Excelurator Gold and drip clean from House and Garden to help with rapid root growth and it’s doing its job. Roots Excelurator Gold is one expensive bottle that I just can’t leave alone. I get very fast root and plant growth when I use it. When I don’t, I always feel like my plants are two weeks behind where they should be. At .50mls per gallon, it’s not terrible and I only use it during veg. Drip clean helps prevent salt buildup and I use it instead of yucca powder. All plants have been topped. I just pinched off the crown like I did in the past. I don’t plan to do anymore toppings. We’ll see what happens.

Cannabis Grow IMG 4523
Cannabis Grow IMG 4512
Cannabis Grow IMG 4525

Blueberry Muffin tent- This tent has been completely set up with my drip lines and waste lines installed. I’ve also transplanted the 4 plants into 3 gallon fabric pots. I used great white to sprinkle in the holes before transplant. The plants are doing well in their new pots and I haven’t noticed any slowed growth. Growth has actually been pretty rapid. For now, I will keep the humidifier in the tent until the plants no longer need it. Because I live in a place where the  winters get really cold and my plants are in the basement, the heater with stay in the tent for the duration of the grow.

Cannabis Grow IMG 4494

Cannabis Grow IMG 4495
Cannabis Grow IMG 4526
Cannabis Grow IMG 4515

Cannabis Grow IMG 4529
Cannabis Grow IMG 4530
Cannabis Grow IMG 4543
Cannabis Grow IMG 4546
Cannabis Grow IMG 4549
Cannabis Grow IMG 4535
Cannabis Grow IMG 4534

Purple Lemonade Tent- This tent is basically my autoflowering tent. It’s pretty bare bones. It’s a 2x4 Vivosun tent with two small fans, an exhaust fan and two Viparspectra p1000 lights that draw about 100 watts each. Because there is no dedicated outlet near this tent, I am limited with power draw. I am only able to raise the heat in this tent by running the lights 24 hrs. I do have another manifold, pump, drip lines and 5 gallon bucket that I use for a reservoir. The autoflowers I run seem to tolerate cold stress well and I am able to fertigate them more often but, in smaller increments. This tent is definitely suitable but I’ll admit it’s not optimal. The plants are growing well and loving the Jacks with Roots Excelurator, however, I have noticed some leaf twisting and I’m not sure what’s causing it. Plants were transplanted into 1 gallon plastic pots with great white. I may increase the pot size to reduce fertigation events down the road. I will continue to monitor it and see what happens.

Cannabis Grow IMG 4558
Cannabis Grow IMG 4557
Cannabis Grow IMG 4556
Cannabis Grow IMG 4555
Cannabis Grow IMG 4531
Cannabis Grow IMG 4561

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Blueberry Muffin Tent                                                              Avg Temp-80.8F Avg RH- 75.9 Res. Ec. 1.26

Purple Lemonade Tent                                                            Avg. Temp-77.8F Avg RH 64% Res. EC 1.09

I’ve had a ton of growth in both tents and I’m happy with my progress so far. I can’t believe it’s been almost a month already.

Blueberry Muffin Tent- I am still hesitant to flip my bluberry muffins from 18/6 to 12/12 because the plants are still pretty squat for my liking. They look healthy, but I really underestimated the description of these plants. I have decided to remove some leaves at this point to hopefully encourage the tops to stretch. After the plants recover, I will probably flip gradually by reducing my light schedule by one our per day until I get to 12/12 and hope for the best. One of the plants, I could tell since week two that it was a different pheno than the others. It is much taller and has much better node spacing. I have a feeling that this plant will stretch like crazy. I’m still not sure if I will be able to use my scrog in this tent because I’ve never grown this strain and have no clue at this point about the stretch, but I have yo-yos and ties to support the buds if necessary. I’ve also noticed a few of the plants showing a little tacoing and twisting. I will be turning the light intensity back down to around 500 ppfd to see how the affected plants respond. Because I run one light per plant, I’ll be leaving the light intensity for the unaffected plants where they are.

Most squat plant

Cannabis Grow IMG 4616
Cannabis Grow IMG 4615

Plant with better node spacing

Cannabis Grow IMG 4597
Cannabis Grow IMG 4596
Cannabis Grow IMG 4595

Cannabis Grow IMG 4598
Cannabis Grow IMG 4592
Cannabis Grow IMG 4594

Leaves showing a little taco action  

Cannabis Grow IMG 4599
Cannabis Grow IMG 4600


EDIT- After posting my journal update, something told me to give the squat plant a haircut and I’m glad I did because it looks like a perfect situation for powdery mildew. I lollipoped her the best I could and removed several fan leaves. I also did some LST to open her up and try to create some sort of even canopy. The other three plants are very bushy too, so I’ve decided to lollipop, trim and LST them this week. I’ve been trying to avoid removing leaves this grow, but I have to follow my gut and do what’s comfortable for me. I don’t think I’ve ever grown cultivars this squat and bushy so I’m just going to roll with it. I still plan to use my scrog net if possible, but we’ll see what happens.

Cannabis Grow IMG 4624

Purple lemonade tent- I think this strain is  sensitive. The leaves are pretty dark green and they are starting to claw. In response, I will be lowering the amount of calcium nitrate that I’m feeding while increasing fertigation events to try to address the problem. I’ve only been fertigating 3 times per day, and the roots have already started to grow out of the bottom of these one gallon pots. I think I’m allowing them to dry out too much. I thought about transplanting them into 3 gallon pots to reduce the fertilization events, but I think it would cause too much stress at this point. Because these are autoflowers and I’m pretty convinced they’ve already started their stretch. So, I put the scrog in and it’s filling out okay.

Cannabis Grow IMG 4605
Cannabis Grow IMG 4604
Cannabis Grow IMG 4603
Cannabis Grow IMG 4602
Cannabis Grow IMG 4601
Cannabis Grow IMG 4618
Cannabis Grow IMG 4614

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Quick update!

Blueberry Muffin Tent                                                              Avg Temp-82.8F Avg RH- 75.9 Res. Ec. 1.39

Purple Lemonade Tent                                                            Avg. Temp-77.3F Avg RH 73.3% Res. EC .982

Blueberry Muffin tent

Looking a bit mangled lol 😬. It was time to remove the humidifier from the tent so that I could train these ladies. I had good results with the squat plant evening out after some training, so I decided that it was time to selectively defoliate and train the other three. In order for the large plant to fit under the scrog, and be level with the other three plants, I decided to supercrop the main two tops to avoid splitting the main stalk in half. After some aggressive lst I was able to get the net in. I am determined to use this damn scrog whether it fills out or not. I’m praying the the plants respond well and recover quickly because I plan to start dialing my lights down in 1 hour increments until I get to 12/12.

Cannabis Grow IMG 4635
Cannabis Grow IMG 4637
Cannabis Grow IMG 4638
Cannabis Grow IMG 4639

Purple Lemonade tent

These girls are slowly recovering from too much nitrogen, but they still don’t look happy to me. Unfortunately They have started to flower and they aren’t praying the way I would like. I hate going into flower with issues. Because of my limited climate control in this tent, my environment is a bit upside down.  73.3%rh with low temps 77.3F and 24 hours of light. This might be the best I can do. I also believe my low temps with high humidity played a part in the nitrogen toxicity. This was another reason why I lowered the Ec hoping to make it easier for the plants to drink. We’ll just have to see what happens.

Cannabis Grow IMG 4641
Cannabis Grow IMG 4645
Cannabis Grow IMG 4644
Cannabis Grow IMG 4643
Cannabis Grow IMG 4642
Cannabis Grow IMG 4640

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Blueberry Muffin Tent                                                              Avg Temp-81.2F Avg RH- 70.9 Res. Ec. 1.49

Purple Lemonade Tent                                                            Avg. Temp-79.7F Avg RH 73.3% Res. EC .987

Blueberry Muffin
Time to flip! It looks like I will have a decent canopy after all. The plants are doing well with the trellis net but I still don’t love the growth structure. Blueberry muffin has been like one of my bucket list cultivars that I felt like I had to grow and I’m still excited for the terps that will come out of this tent, but it’s been almost a month and I never veg this long. If I did, my plants would be massive. This is probably the first time since I started growing where I’ve actually wanted to plants to stretch more. These plants are so squat and bushy, you can’t even tell that they were lolipopped. I have already removed a bunch of under growth and I’m sure within the next two weeks, I will have to remove more. One trade off that kind of offsets the long veg time is that this cultivar typically flowers in about 45 days. They look good. Praying with no deficiencies.

Cannabis Grow IMG 4693
Cannabis Grow IMG 4694
Cannabis Grow IMG 4696

Purple Lemonade auto 
These three ladies are rocking my 2x4. The growth is so uniform and I feel like this buds are going to get huge. I hope that these girls stop their bolt soon because they are getting close the light. I believe they started flowering about a week and a half ago. So they probably have a week and a half left to stretch. I’ve done everything to these ladies that people tell you not to do to autoflowers. I’ve topped, transplanted, low stress trained and done some selective defoliation. They have just taken everything I’ve thrown at them in stride. I’m very happy with this canopy. Maybe I underestimated FastBuds.

Cannabis Grow IMG 4689
Cannabis Grow IMG 4688
Cannabis Grow IMG 4687
Cannabis Grow IMG 4698
Cannabis Grow IMG 4699
Cannabis Grow IMG 4697


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Blueberry Muffin Tent                                                              Avg Temp-80.2F Avg RH- 65.9% Res. Ec. 1.49

Purple Lemonade Tent                                                            Avg. Temp-72.7F Avg RH 67.1% Res. EC 1.41

Blueberry Muffin tent

These ladies have absolutely exploded since being flipped. I feel like I’ve been tricked. I let these girls veg for 28 days because I wasn’t sure if they would fill out my scrog. Now at day 20, they have gotten massive. I have done selective defoliation and  lollipopped the plants. Reluctantly I will need to go back and do another round of heavy defoliation. Because there is so much foliage, exhausting the air to reduce the RH is dropping my temps way too low. Also, I have way more tops than I anticipated so, I’m good with loosing some potential weight and getting bigger buds. 

Day 12 of flower after lollipop

Cannabis Grow IMG 4796
Cannabis Grow IMG 4797
Cannabis Grow IMG 4798
Cannabis Grow IMG 4799

Day 15 of flower

Cannabis Grow IMG 4812
Cannabis Grow IMG 4809
Cannabis Grow IMG 4811
Cannabis Grow IMG 4784
Cannabis Grow IMG 4783

Day 20 of flower 🙄

Cannabis Grow IMG 4860
Cannabis Grow IMG 4867
Cannabis Grow IMG 4871
Cannabis Grow IMG 4865
Cannabis Grow IMG 4866
Cannabis Grow IMG 4864
Cannabis Grow IMG 4863
Cannabis Grow IMG 4862

As you can see, the plant that has had the best growth is starting to grow into the light. I think I’m going to supercrop the really tall stems after some defoliation. These plants are supposed to flower in 45 days. How the buds grow over the next 3 weeks will be interesting.

Purple Lemonade auto tent

 😪 This tent is an epic fail. It is not my worst grow, but it’s pretty damn close. I believe the low temperatures and high humidity doomed me from the start. To add insult to injury, the plants are determined to grow into the lights. Another mistake that I made was keeping them in 1 gallon pots too long. I thought that I would just grow a few small autoflowers, but these ladies decided that they wanted to get huge. All three plants are showing what I believe to be an extreme calcium deficiency. I’ve increased the calcium in my solution, but I believe the low temperatures is preventing the plants from uptaking it. I have decided that in the future, I cannot run this tent in the winter because I am not able to control the climate. Also, I need to do more research to run genetics that consistently stay small. On the plus side, two of these plants are putting out some pretty purple hues and all three smell like sour lemon candy. I’m going to do my best to flower them out, but it ain’t looking good. Sucks because they looked amazing a few weeks ago.

Cannabis Grow IMG 4858
Cannabis Grow IMG 4857
Cannabis Grow IMG 4854
Cannabis Grow IMG 4859
Cannabis Grow IMG 4849
Cannabis Grow IMG 4848
Cannabis Grow IMG 4850
Cannabis Grow IMG 4781
Cannabis Grow IMG 4776
Cannabis Grow IMG 4768
Cannabis Grow IMG 4766
Cannabis Grow IMG 4764
Cannabis Grow IMG 4804
Cannabis Grow IMG 4806
Cannabis Grow IMG 4805

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Total Days: 79
Flip Days: 51
Harvested: 03/18/2024

Time to wrap this up.

I’m pretty disappointed with this run. Shortly After flipping to flower, both tents went crazy. The blueberry muffin plants that I was worried about being too squat turned into a damn jungle and started growing into the lights. The purple lemonade did the same thing. Neither of the plants got dense like I wanted but instead produced a bunch of larfy biomass. It’s time to go back to the drawing board. Also, I think I need to go back to old methods that worked better for me.

On the plus side, I believe that I will get a large yield from the 4 blueberry muffins, but the bud doesn’t look good at all. Lol. 

live and learn. I’m already excited about popping new seeds and starting from the beginning. I don’t care how small the plants are, I will be flipping to flower about a week after the seedlings are ready to transplant.

Also, shout out to the folks who are disciplined enough to keep up with their journals when it’s going bad. I wasn’t strong enough to continue documenting these undesirable results 😒.

I don’t believe that I was able to achieve the genetic potential of these cultivars. I don’t blame the breeders for my shortcomings as a grower. I may need to pick cultivars that align better with my skill level. 

I’ll include pictures that I took from right before flip until harvest today.

Blueberry Muffin

Cannabis Grow IMG 5074
Cannabis Grow IMG 5072
Cannabis Grow IMG 5073
Cannabis Grow IMG 5069
Cannabis Grow IMG 5064
Cannabis Grow IMG 5063
Cannabis Grow IMG 5065
Cannabis Grow IMG 5066
Cannabis Grow IMG 5067
Cannabis Grow IMG 5068
Cannabis Grow IMG 5023
Cannabis Grow IMG 5031
Cannabis Grow IMG 5052
Cannabis Grow IMG 4973
Cannabis Grow IMG 4972
Cannabis Grow IMG 4965
Cannabis Grow IMG 4935
Cannabis Grow IMG 4916
Cannabis Grow IMG 4954
Cannabis Grow IMG 4945
Cannabis Grow IMG 4862
Cannabis Grow IMG 4863
Cannabis Grow IMG 4864
Cannabis Grow IMG 4861
Cannabis Grow IMG 4860
Cannabis Grow IMG 4822
Cannabis Grow IMG 4818
Cannabis Grow IMG 4817
Cannabis Grow IMG 4819
Cannabis Grow IMG 4810
Cannabis Grow IMG 4809
Cannabis Grow IMG 4812
Cannabis Grow IMG 4786
Cannabis Grow IMG 4783
Cannabis Grow IMG 4799
Cannabis Grow IMG 4785
Cannabis Grow IMG 4784

Purple lemonade auto

Cannabis Grow IMG 4992
Cannabis Grow IMG 4991
Cannabis Grow IMG 4990
Cannabis Grow IMG 4986
Cannabis Grow IMG 4988
Cannabis Grow IMG 4987
Cannabis Grow IMG 4984
Cannabis Grow IMG 4983
Cannabis Grow IMG 4981
Cannabis Grow IMG 4982
Cannabis Grow IMG 4908
Cannabis Grow IMG 4909
Cannabis Grow IMG 4907
Cannabis Grow IMG 4906
Cannabis Grow IMG 4905
Cannabis Grow IMG 4904
Cannabis Grow IMG 4898
Cannabis Grow IMG 4897
Cannabis Grow IMG 4896
Cannabis Grow IMG 4895

Until next time ✌🏾 

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