NYGC Water: Journey to the 5 chambers of Shangrow-La

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End week 6

Bubba Kush is in a mad rush to be done, trichs are clouding up even down low and the fall colors are in full swing.  Dance world is getting some lovely purple highlights and the Purple Afghani continues to fall further behind by the day but is getting thick and drinking far more than the others.

Cannabis Grow 2023NYGC 77.4
Cannabis Grow 2023NYGC 77.2
Cannabis Grow 2023NYGC 75.2
Cannabis Grow 2023NYGC 75.1

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End of week 7

Lots of yellow brown and crispy on the Bubba Kush which is very cloudy and amber all over so its getting nutes tapered a bit before being chopped Monday.  Not a fan of how the Dance World is coming along, droopy leaves and mystery spots on the sugars, could just be shitty genes since all the plants I've tried from RQS have been more or less dogshit.  Single cola Purple Afghani still happy as can be and finally starting to darken some pistils.  It's so heavy now that it's starting to lean so it's been strapped back to straight and put in a cup holder to avoid an end of run tip over.  The upskirt fan has been working out really well but time will tell if it keeps the interior safe from budrot.

Cannabis Grow 2023NYGC 84.4
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Cannabis Grow 2023NYGC 84.2
Cannabis Grow 2023NYGC 84.1

Posted : 03/25/2023 12:44 pm

Just before the start of day 86 - After only 50 days of flower -  Bubba Kush exits Shangro-la to dry in the mystic mylar caves near D'n Ng Rum.

It looks pretty good after taking the crunchy fans off but I've got a hunch I know why it was so quick to finish and that's to do with the balls I found in early flower.  Only found 2 but it plumped so quick could have hidden inside and if it got pollenated early maybe just decided it was time to finish up.   There are no blatant seed pods but the shape and density of the flower is such that anything could be inside.   The other 2 don't show any sign they caught stray pollen though so fingers crossed.

Cannabis Grow 2023NYGC 86.1


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End of flower week 8

Dance world is getting the chop just as soon as the Bubba Kush comes out of the dry tent, probably Tuesday.  Lots of crunchy sugars and just the droopiest saddest thing overall but the actual flowers looks good and it smells lovely so who knows, thorough wet trim could reveal a winner or at least a not total loser.

Bubba Kush started the dry week during a heat wave, nearly impossible to keep the dry tent under 72F the first 2 days but the last 3 have been pretty frosty so there's hope for a decent finish.

Single cola Purple Afghani, the only plant to have ZERO purple this run continues to look perky and chonky but the last few days she has started snacking on the lower fans and half of the pistils have gone orange.  Thinking 2 weeks, maybe even 3 after I chop the Dance World on Tuesday which would be a 10.5 to 11.5 week flower period.

Cannabis Grow 2023NYGC 91.2
Cannabis Grow 2023NYGC 91.1
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Posted : 04/01/2023 5:08 pm

Week 9 of flower ends today

My Bubba Kush is still in the dry tent, must have been some dense nugs since my longest dry before this in the same conditions was 9 days and this is 12 and will go at least one more.  I trust my moisture meter at this point, it's been dead on for me pulling at 12% on the packing material setting and I'm still at 13.5%  The problem is the Dance World REALLY wants to come down but all I can do is tell her "tomorrow" over and over and hope she keeps the nanners in her pants.

Single cola Purple Afghani should finish up in a week to 10 days.  Since last week there has been some outbreaks of purple on the fans and some in the bracts as well so that's nice.

Cannabis Grow 2023NYGC 98.5
Cannabis Grow 2023NYGC 98.4
Cannabis Grow 2023NYGC 98.2
Cannabis Grow 2023NYGC 93.1

Posted : 04/08/2023 11:53 am

Day 99 total - 9 weeks of flower - Dance World leaves Shangrow-la to rest in the darkness for a week or so before taking on her final form.

Bubba Kush came out, got dry trimmed and weighed in at 24 grams.  Smells lovely, a bit like a fruity Christmas wreath is how my wife describes it.

Cannabis Grow 2023NYGC 99.3
Cannabis Grow 2023NYGC 99.2


Posted : 04/09/2023 2:05 pm
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Day 105 - End of week 10 flower

This is turning into the run that never ends.  3 drys for 3 plants, the first ran 13 days and the current one looks to run long as well...I could end up with 6 weeks of just drying at a time of year when I'm sick of growing weed and just want to go skate.

Dance World is not even close to dry after 7 days,  guess I just got 2 dense plants in a row which isn't horrible but I'd gotten used to the 7-8 day routine on my last 5 runs.

Purple Afghani was nominated but didn't win for the single cola challenge but I didn't tell her, worried she'd shoot up with botrytis out of spite.  Looks bonkers though, not even mad about the late foxtails cause I want to see just how much weight I can get out of 16 inches.   It's probably for the best that Dance World is running a bit long, couldn't hurt for this one to go another 4-5 days even though it's already 2 weeks beyond expectation.  It's done when it's done.

Cannabis Grow 2023NYGC 104.1

Posted : 04/15/2023 5:19 pm

What day is it? 108?  Not sure, they're running together worse than kindergarten watercolor sets.

10 days of drying for the Dance World and its now become 33 grams in the jars, lot more than I figured from a 14" tall cbd sativa thing that never seemed thrilled about life.   Flowers are really soft and sticky but I didn't get any big blast of smell during trim on this one.

Single cola Purple Afghani got chopped and hung, fingers crossed its as sweet on the inside as out but I'm not gonna worry too much since it way outperformed visually and I'm swimming in weed even after giving a bunch away on Easter.  Looks great outside, 16" tall, just the slightest bit of crispy tips, streaks of purple on the buds, smell is a floral soil sort of mix.  Rootball is what I expect, nearly identical to all the previous plants of this style bucket.  Stuffed tight, all the perlite is bound up well,  dangly roots a touch slimy and dark but nothing like some of the funk I've seen in regular hempys and at no point did I get any bad smells in the rez or roots.  Needs some tweaking cause it's more babysitting than I'd like though. Once this thing is out of the dry this slog will finally end.

Cannabis Grow 2023NYGC 108.7
Cannabis Grow 2023NYGC 108.3
Cannabis Grow 2023NYGC 108.1
Cannabis Grow 2023NYGC 108.4

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2 weeks in the dry tent for the single cola just to chuck the whole thing in the bin after trim.

Nothing looked like mold anywhere but lots of very pale to dark brown dry areas in the interior that I wouldn't smoke mold or not.  Think rather than bud rot I just let it run so long that the interior ambered up, died, dried and thats what that was.  Kind of a bummer but thems the breaks when you're trying to grow a fatty single cola.  Probably could have just kept the stuff that looked fine but I have more weed than I need and no reason to save anything even marginally suspect.  Not gonna give out dodgy weed to street corner people either which is what I do with my spare, pretty sure being homeless sucks enough without getting a lung infection.

So I weighed it up and took a picture at 67 grams and then when I was cleaning up found 2 nugs that got lost in the trim pile for another 1.9 grams.  69 grams of compost.

Cannabis Grow 2023NYGC 122.4
Cannabis Grow 2023NYGC 122.3
Cannabis Grow 2023NYGC 122.2
Cannabis Grow 2023NYGC 122.1

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Trying again to get this to register being harvested and complete

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Took 3 strains to the lab in Albuquerque last week, first time ever getting weed tested.

2 from this grow, the Dance World and Bubba Kush and one from my PTGC last fall.  My PTGC was right on the money with 20% THC and the 3 expected dominant terps but both the Bubba and Dance world were a disappointment.

Bubba only hit 10.5%THC and no CBD at all, it was supposed to have a little like 1.5-2%.  Oddly enough it still hits harder and faster than the 20% THC Black Domina so clearly THC isn't the only factor in that. 

The picture is from the Dance Word which was really a bummer, supposed to be a balanced 1:1 CBD:THC but as you can see it's more like 10-1.  The quest continues to actually get a 1:1 to try

Cannabis Grow danceworld

Posted : 05/21/2023 9:52 am
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