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My three crossed strains were germinated today because the three parent strains or my Range kush I germinated on Feb 17 haven't popped up yet....  I plan to run with the three crossed strains anyways, hoping to see some nice variety and some of that "F1 vigour" for a nice easy ride.

Nothing is feminized.  Hoping for no more than 4 anyways due to having no soil available until May I guess and only around 5 gallons of soil I think.  Was just hoping to get started slow and steady and try sexing them early in small pots and then back to reveg in a 1 gallon until I get some new soil.

In the 3x3 here just set up into a 19-21c 25-40% ambient area so I raised the light and dimmer to 100% for heat, and lowered the exhaust to minimal.  23-25c 27-45 RH in the tent from the P600.  Still to setup the other P600 and the 4" charcoal filter onto the EC fan, and another 6" flex intake to make two.  I will just be running the 190W of 2 P600 so not to overdrive the puny man 4" exhaust on this tall 3x3 again.  Hopefully that setup will thrive considering the small exhaust and my bowing walls until the solutions arrive.

Low humidity for now is fixed with a wet towel or laundry in the tent at some point, will add a bucket with enough water to last the day.  This thermo pro reader can see the humidity spikes much better than anything else I used, quickly reading any source added.  I will have some challenges learning the new ambient temps and RH through the seasons here so I am looking forward to working with some strong F1 seeds over the others for ease and the new variety they will have.

Not ideal for seedlings at all so I will try to raise the humidity and heat some more now too

Good to be growing again, germinating something completely new, going to keep it light and easy all around to get back into the groove of things around here.  The male parent strain is Ever5st which claims to be skunky mendo purple crossed with OG.  The females are Trudeau, Super Lemon Haze and Purple Chemdog.

The parent strains are actually from the clones of them I grew in the 3x3 recently with a stressed out Cherry Pie I had, and they all received about 6 or so seeds from small budlets at the bottom of the plants, so I don't know if or who the little nanner parent is or if they are S1 due to the light and heat stress etc I was giving them.  Looking forward to variance from that factor as well in these seeds, guessing that Cherry pie or Super Lemon Haze may have parented them since the other two strains never had nanners or seeds in the past.

My grow challenge will be to sex them asap, and get them ready to reveg for 420 to catch up to the gang, and keep one flowering in the 3x3 to finish this journal late I assume, hope that's not a bad buzz in anyway.  Really glad to be back here growing and all the healing and therapy it provides.  Just used ProMix Vegetable and de chlorinated tap water +48 hours.  Microbes and Bokashi to come later, promix has enough already

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Soil Sheppard
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Super Lemon Haze planted on the 17th popped up yesterday (6 days), was looking pale but looks great today.  No sign from the other 6 yet...  3 were planted on the 17th and 3 on the 21st. 

Cannabis Grow 20230223 235429
Cannabis Grow 20230223 235454

Only have 4 pots around with limited soil, gave up on the first 4 I put in on the 17th, so I put my 3 F1 strains into each remaining pot on the 21st and let them fight it out.  The F1 strains were placed off center and I would prefer to try them out at this point. 

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A couple more popped up over the weekend, the first Super Lemon Haze one that popped at the back has deformed first leaves and stopped producing any more it seems.....  I put the new Stupor Lemony Haze F1 next to it, also moved a Trudeau seed on the right over to the Purple Chemdogs on the left that didn't germinate at all.  And that leaves a Doonesbury F1 on the right now.  And up front is the Range Kush (Orange Kush bag seed) that germinated. 

Cannabis Grow 20230227 194712
Cannabis Grow 20230227 194727
Cannabis Grow 20230227 194737
Cannabis Grow 20230227 194744
Cannabis Grow 20230227 194756
Cannabis Grow 20230225 024246

150 PPFD with Photone on android and 19-23c tops night to day.  28 to 50% RH mostly on the low end. 

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Doing well, water when dry and add humidity when possible.  Raised the PPFD to 180.  Temps up a bit to 24.9 some days moving the light closer and pointing the fan down.  Slow but steady folks.

The deformed seedling bounced back after troubles again with the second node leaves shriveled up.  Thought it was a goner and now there's two....

Cannabis Grow 20230307 235428
Cannabis Grow 20230307 235440

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Well just about 3 weeks in for these and were off to quite a slow start.  Starting to water until runoff when dry the last week.  Raised the Photone Android par meter to about 200 ppfd.  For the first "feeding" added a 1/2 dose of liquid fish and 1/2 liquid seaweed finally as they look either hungry or maybe cold roots from a cold night or two around here, although the lights run at night on a 12-1 to keep them warm regardless.  The cover crop is quite heavy also, so another feeding soon and hopefully they start taking off finally.

Perhaps I could of pushed them with more ppfd but the conditions are cool and dry mostly so I kept it slow. 

Cannabis Grow 20230313 204217

I may just kick off into the 420 Spring Autoflower Challenge with these at this rate. 

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Back with an update.  About 4 weeks now and really slow growth, I suspect the cold drafty room and very low humidity (20%-35% avg.) and drafty cool temps from 19-23c avg.  Going to add a bit of Bokashi Pro-Gro tea next watering and keeping the PAR at 200 ppfd with the photone app on andriod.  I mistakenly bumped it up to 220 ppfd somehow and notice a real fading on the S1 of Super Lemon Haze, but not the F1 cross of it and Ever5st, both in the 12 oclock pot.  The other S1 seeds (Trudeau at 9 oclock and Range Kush at 6 oclock) seem to look hungry or maybe stressed as well.  The Doonesbury at 3 oclock looks really healthy which is the other F1 cross of Trudeau with Ever5st.

Was thinking the extra dense cover crop would work good for them in the low humidity right now.  Surprised to see it racing the Cannabis seedlings, they seemed to take advantage of the fish and seaweed I added and becoming a threat to the canopy now.  Normally they lag behind quite a bit but again the conditions are bad I guess.  The air intake of the tent is towards the ceiling avoiding the cold draft and trying to catch the humidity up there, and the floor fan pointing down to pull heat off the light better until I add more or it warms up for spring season.

Maybe the good weather and some improvements to the humidity and day temps will speed them up but for now its try to recover.   

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Cannabis Grow 20230320 230801
Cannabis Grow 20230320 230811
Cannabis Grow 20230320 230824
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At over 5 weeks now I decided to trim the cover crop right back, but it persisted so I did it again more aggressively today to give the Cannabis seedlings some rooting room and nutrients!  Seems you can really overdo the cover crop obviously.  I wont do that again.  Usually I try to give the Cannabis seedling a better head start and use much less cover crop seeds but this new bag was exploding with fresh seeds I used too many of and they germinated quicker than usual.  Along with the better temperatures coming I should be able to catch up and try to get them sexed asap.  I will also hit them with some nutrients, I'll go with Bokashi Pro-Gro for that which includes some EM and things to help the soil and the dead roots left behind.  I'm thinking the Vegetable Pro-Mix soil isn't as hot as I thought either after these results.  It says 3 months of food and microbes. 

Cannabis Grow 20230327 232954
Cannabis Grow 20230329 232300
Cannabis Grow 20230329 232934

I also learned today that from just the rear tent wall imploding / concaving inwards from the negative pressure of the fan, being closer to the plants and the light, will move my PPFD reading (on Photone android app) from 228 to 258 PPFD!  I will measure the others by putting myself into the closed tent and make it a proper study, to give me an idea how much percent the PPFD increases after I close the doors.  I never considered it to be such an increase.  Also my temps are still quite low, average 22 Celcius with some lows at 17.5c and some highs at 25.5c.  Average ambient temps have been 18c to 23c.  It's quite an old building and I keep the windows open for fresh air, which lowers my humidity to 22% some days, but average of 25-30% and rarer spikes of 45-55% when the shower is on or the windows are closed to warm up the house on windy days, which can reach a much more ideal RH of 55-60% for plants, but maybe not for an old house...  Working on more things to help, until the AC goes on and windows close in the summer, but no extra humidifier wanted.  Drying a wet towel in the tent can make for a humid half day under the light, or increase with a bucket and rack if you have room and remember to make a habit while checking on them.......

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Raised the ppfd in photone andriod again to 220 with door open.  Gave a catch up feed again of 1/2 strength fish and seaweed liquid and a 1/2 tsp of the bokashi pro-gro just as a top dress, which also doubles as a mulch to protect the soil from light. Getting some better results with the color already.  If or how fast they recover now from the stunting caused by excess cover crop we will see next.  I could flip them to flower soon to promote a catch up growth spurt and find out the sex.  Best to do that while healthy and a bit larger, to promote a faster transition to revegetation again also.  4 different strains will also cause variances in timing.

The 2 F1 strains (the 2 furthest on the right) aren't adapting any faster recently, but I am really hoping they are female and show off the infamous "F1 vigor"!!!

Cannabis Grow 20230401 001633

Thanks for coming by, grower love fellas


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Well they have picked up finally and are looking healthy.  Now to get them into 1 gallon containers asap once I get my soil ready and then sex them.  They sure took their time and are stunted some may say, but I believe they will adapt into the 1 gallon containers.  Demand isn't big for me anymore since I decided to take a tolerance break, and when I returned to cannabis I received a shocking panic attack, and still cannot tolerate smoking much without my heart racing into the night and disturbing sleep etc.  Hoping a longer break will work on that problem.  If anyone else has been through similar let me know your experience.  I've read up on it being quite common to my surprise.  I also have to move soon again still if not a stay at the hospital for a long while still so I may not be finishing this grow unfortunately, but hoping to find a home for them if things don't go well.

A pic of them thirsty and wilting before recovering quite well and doing great at this point.  Temps are up higher now also which play a role I'm sure.  

Cannabis Grow 20230404 222856
Cannabis Grow 20230404 233138
Cannabis Grow 20230409 003346
Cannabis Grow 20230409 231626
Cannabis Grow 20230411 233757
Cannabis Grow 20230413 000505

Some more bokashi pro gro if not into a nicely fed 1 gallon transplant soon to come if things continue.  I will enter the SAFC if I can.

Thanks for coming by fellas, grower love

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Were coming up on 8 weeks this Wednesday.  Slowest grow I have ever done or maybe even seen in my life here lol, but were about to pick up the pace something fierce!  Fed them Whole Earths #1 and #4 lightly in some new pro mix veg along with some Wallace microbes for their transplant into 1 gallon fabrics and 1 plastic and gave them all 3 liters of water between the 4 pots.  We just had a heat wave and I had to install AC to maintain the room below 30c.   Since I am well behind I will enter the SAFC and start it off sexing these 5 seedlings on a 12-12 light schedule once they recover from transplant by April 20th.  Once I get some stretching and sexing done I will then put them back on a 12-1 schedule again, or maybe 18-6 if it's not too hot.  That will set me back some more but I will equal out on the SAFC timeline I hope.  I have yet to install a second 95w Viparspectra P600 in this 3x3 along with a 6" EC fan and maybe use the 4" for the intake for the next stage, and I may just enter the SAFC in the 3x3 with these 1 gallons.  I usually use a 4x4 and 7 gallon fabric pots but I still may be moving or shutting down at any moment depending on my future life plans but who knows, I will just play it as I go and hope good things and grows are to come, grower love, see you in the SAFC fellas!!!

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