NYGC Coco: Ziggy grows fire. Hopefully.

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Hey all! 

New to the forum, and fairly new to growing. I’m currently running a quick set of autos and 2 photos that I messed up, so I figured I would drop more seeds and see if I could get some better plants and potentially eliminate ones that aren’t growing as robustly 

I’ll be growing from seed in coco using GH powder nutes. I’ve successfully pulled some great weight and bud from previous grows using the same method. 


5x5 and a 3x3


Phantom Photobio 640w LED in the 5x5, HLG 300L 270W in the 3x3


Photos - dropped 4 Elev8 Thundersnow and Apple Candies. Will likely only grow 1-2 of each strain to chop. Also dropped a few bag seeds that are years old from some fire Purple Punch that Hermed  - we’ll see what happens there… 

Autos: dropped 3 Forgotten Cookies from Mephesto Genetics. Only looking to run 1-2 of these to chop. 


Pure Mix Coco and Perlite (70/30 mix)


GH powdered Maxi Line and CalMag

Light Schedule: 24 hours on until flip/ 24 hours on for the entire life of the Autos. Aiming to hit 35-45 DLI for most of the grow. Higher in Flower. 

Looking forward to sharing this journey and hopefully learning a lot! 

Posted : 01/10/2023 5:37 pm HappyCultivator and FatZ.ZZagRR liked
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Last round I screwed up germination so terribly… I lost many really great seeds and felt like an idiot.

This round I’ve settled on the following method:

- seeds into water for 12-24 hours

- seeds then directly into a jiffy pellet that’s been soaking in water.

- place those pellets under a dome on top of a heating pad.

Right now I’m looking at 

3 successful Thundersnow sprouts

4 Apple Candies

2 Purple Punch

2 Forgotten Cookies. 

planning to run them and see how they develop, pick winners and move those into permanent homes when my tents open up a bit…

Cannabis Grow 73ABFE5D 6CD0 438F BFB7 5B1B2899AD5C

Posted : 01/10/2023 6:02 pm HappyCultivator and bloom liked
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Cannabis Grow F724A10F 1B5B 4462 8D79 2EE8294C95B3


here is a quick update, and a reminder that starting from seed is a crap shoot… 


At this point I’ve only provided a tiny bit more water, maybe a 2-3 oz with a splash of calmag, and a tiny bit of Veg Fertilizer. My PPM was within the 400-500 range for the mixture, PH’d to 5.8. 

I’m going to be growing these in solo cups for a little while. I want to identify the strongest growing plants and then only grow 3-4 of these ladies. Hoping to find a few that really stand out… 


Posted : 01/15/2023 2:04 pm HappyCultivator, FatZ.ZZagRR and Cannapuck liked
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Transplant and training day… 


my plan right now is to keep 6 plants. 

2 purple punch

2 thunder snow

2 apple candies


I’m also starting out 2 autos that will be in another tent to finish. 

the plants are all looking a little droopy post training, but they’ll recover quick and start getting exciting. 

Cannabis Grow 6F0C897F 5511 42A7 A23D CFCF981F833F

Posted : 01/31/2023 5:49 pm HappyCultivator liked
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Training continued. 

I bent the girls over today to get the manifolds in place. I’ll be topping them and removing nodes later on/ tomorrow. 

they’ve all recovered well from the initial training that I did. 

this tent is going to 100% turn into a jungle. Trying to run 6 in a 5x5 is always cramped. 

I’ve got about 1-2 more weeks of growth on some autos that are finishing up, and once they do I’ll flip the entire tent to 12/12


exciting times!! 

Cannabis Grow 2D2B48A7 B081 447E B3EA DCF4FD0C0865

Posted : 02/11/2023 1:48 pm
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Starting to recover from their manifold training. I see a few leaf issues, but have dialed in my nutes a little better for the stage they’re at, so hoping to get some solid growth, and I may flip them soon. I didn’t think I’d get 6 plants to grow, and the last 6 plant grow I did in a 5x5 was really difficult during flower, so I may want to keep them smaller by flipping them sooner. 

Luckily my autos are finishing up and may be in the dry tent within a week or so - which means I can get the party started in the 5x5

Cannabis Grow 08695A68 A2F1 4E82 ADEE D56D1DA6B9CD


bonus pics of the two the current Thundersnow and Apple Candies grow that started my search for a better germination approach!

Cannabis Grow F2B64AD2 2F08 40B2 85A2 4E6413BD825E
Cannabis Grow 8AB2CAC3 7059 4B20 99D6 DA67F9A2220F

Posted : 02/13/2023 3:06 pm HappyCultivator liked
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So I messed up my timing… I was expecting to have an open 3x3 tent, but I’m probably 2-3 weeks away from that. And the new grow is going bonkers. 

they’re all spread out to their final spots in the tent. I am likely going to throw some supports in each bucket to hold up branches that get fat and heavy. 

because of my screw up in timing I decided to remove a ton of lower growth today. I am going to feed them lightly for the next week and hope that I’m closer to an open tent than I currently think.

I’m going to really try to focus on top growth almost exclusively with these photos. Im tired of trimming larf, and with home grown you’ve got enough bud to run hash with that! 

also in the photo - 2 forgotten cookies auto’s that need to go into another tent, 3 Pinot noir autos that will be following their sisters!

bonus shots of Thunder snow and Apple candies - which are around 55 days post flip.  I’m growing 2 of each of these in the current grow!

Cannabis Grow 976DB4D4 4D26 4385 BC19 7C29DD07A23B
Cannabis Grow 027F1CA4 ED5E 4DD3 88CC F73DF9D819B2
Cannabis Grow 38AA25C4 4008 4D9B A76B 9FE2EA5AC170

Posted : 02/25/2023 1:50 pm

Here’s a picture of the lollipop trim job.


Cannabis Grow BC0F7BCF A837 4DE5 B682 3C7203D9B39B
Cannabis Grow 5226E308 DA52 4F26 BACA BCFB89AAAEBC
Cannabis Grow A9F0A28A 0465 46F8 8FC0 B45205AE3F7E
Cannabis Grow 0735BD16 ABD9 43C3 BD02 F6032B57B419

Posted : 02/25/2023 4:22 pm

Went away for a week and they… jumped a bit.


I'm going to run out of tent for sure. Flipping tonight. 

Cannabis Grow 8CB78F32 52B0 48D6 AE1B 5E88EA41370E

Posted : 03/06/2023 3:31 pm
  • Flipped.
Posted : 03/06/2023 3:31 pm HappyCultivator liked
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Sometimes in life, when you stand too tall, you get smacked down!


supercropping some tall plants.

Cannabis Grow 21AD8B28 4FB7 4476 9032 27D4063C4A08

Posted : 03/07/2023 4:28 pm

Already recovering from the supercrop.

Cannabis Grow 110039CA 1CC6 4445 A972 453C73243A7B
Cannabis Grow 7AFAD792 6D4B 4FD2 8F53 27906795F234

bonus pic of the adult plant finishing off right now that is convincing me to do whatever I can to work with these monsters… 

Posted : 03/08/2023 3:48 pm HappyCultivator liked

Hey all hoping for some advice! 

these two are looking off. They almost look over and under watered, locked out and underfed… I’m confused. They’re getting the same nutes as the other plants in the same stage of flower, but they just aren’t responding. 

I’ve recently upgraded my PH pen and have corrected a PH issue that I was causing. I also keep my EC within the proper range in my feedings as well. 

Cannabis Grow 250346A0 FA77 4D3B 95FC 0A334124822D
Cannabis Grow 37218B05 DBFD 471C B111 67149D20468E
Cannabis Grow 522AD7B8 7F93 437B 8F50 C0960DACA003

Posted : 03/15/2023 8:06 pm HappyCultivator liked
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And post a few nice big feedings that were within the right PH and EC levels and the girls are looking perky again. 

Also - preflower before 14 days post flip!!

Cannabis Grow 36253DCB BBB4 49AF 9167 5BF14079C72D

Posted : 03/17/2023 6:24 pm HappyCultivator liked

Flower room filling up……

Cannabis Grow 227CAE3F 113B 47A7 9CC8 1F845C1B0E60

Posted : 03/17/2023 6:27 pm HappyCultivator liked
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