NYGC Coco: NYGC Flipped on New Years!

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Timing didn't work put in my favor as I was already getting ready to flip. So I figured I'd do it on new years to join in on the fun. I am currently running 4 different strains, 3 of I have never grown before under a new Spider Farmer G860W which I won in the grower love giveaway. 


Growers Love.

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Currently on day 22 of flowers. Everything is going great except for how often I have to hand water. I'm using new yellow bottom air pots instead of the usual 3 Gallon grow bags I normally grow in. I'm on the fence as to weather or not I have a nitrogen deficiency as I'm not yet familiar with 3 of the strains and the lemon diesel was mostly lime green my last run! I'm loving this light. I'm only running it at 60% as I think I would need CO2 to run it any higher. Let me know what you think. Growers love!

Cannabis Grow 20230121 181352
Cannabis Grow 20230121 181328

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